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Tyler Perry Fans Do NOT Want To See Kim Kardashian In His Next Movie!

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tyler perry fans hate kim k

Wonder if they'll start a petition like the Nickelback-hatin' people of Detroit…

Last month, we learned that Kim Kardashian had signed on to co-star in Tyler Perry's upcoming movie The Marriage Counselor.

Now, many Tyler Perry fans are lashing out at the filmmaker, and some are even threatening to boycott the movie if he doesn't fire Kim!

Apparently, fans believe that Kim K does NOT stand for Perry's Christian values…and they don't appreciate her "exploitation of black males."

Here's what an angry fan had to say about Kim K in the movie:

"Mr. Perry as much as we the middle class black folks love u!!! I have made my mind up on your next movie. Me and my wife and children will NOT be supporting you on this one. You are way to classy to have this un-talented lady name Kim Kardashian in your film, She only uses our black brothers for money,sex!!!!! What kind of role model is she and again sir WHY??? All the black actresses out there needing owrk and you choose this negitive person how sad. And what a slap in our face as black people. But I guess cause you have your MILLIONS now you don't care how we thepeople feel after we are the ones who helped you make these millions. WOW…do the RIGHT thing pull her from the movie PLEASE Mr.Perry"

Despite the outrage among many of his fans, Tyler has made it clear that he still plans to keep Kim in the movie. Guess we'll see how/if that decision affects him at the box office!

What do U think? Should Tyler Perry drop Kim Kardashian from The Marriage Counselor???

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