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AZIS Has Come Back Again! Time To Hop On It!!

| Filed under: Music MinuteWacky, Tacky & TrueAzis

Oh thank goodness, AZIS! We haven't been experiencing your glory for months! And that is way too long!

So much more fire in his passion this time! Yes! Yes! We love it!!

And, as always, the glistening skin of other men is never a horrible thing!!!

Presssss plaaaAAyy on his spectacula spectacular Hop music video (above)!!

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19 comments to “AZIS Has Come Back Again! Time To Hop On It!!”

  1. 1

    He's embarrasing. Ew.

  2. 2

    Good god, if you ever wonder why flamboyant gay dudes get picked on in school and in life, this guy is the poster child as to why. What the fuck is wrong with some of you fuckers.

  3. 3

    Hes deff embracing his sexuality, his love for men, and .. is he wearing heels? … I am not hatin, Im pretty sure every gay boy thought about it at some point in his life. Hes living what every gay boy out there is thinking… GO AZIS !!

  4. 4

    Wow, he's lost a ton of weight and has gotten into shape…

  5. 5

    I love my gays - love 'em!! But I do not love Azis :-(

  6. 6

    I feel like I need my soul scrubbed clean after watching that… sorry, not hot! I would have preferred watching 3 minutes of the background dudes just lounging around.

  7. 7

    He's doing his thing and isn't hurting anyone. And he's really werkin' those heels - impressive. Go Azis.

  8. 8

    Catchy. And when did he lose all this weight? He looks good.

  9. 9

    That felt like a bad Beyonce video with her rocking Hulk Hogan facial hair. Just odd.

  10. 10

    I really want a TRANSLATION! Please please please! Where is he from anyway? God, those eyes are so piercing!

  11. 11

    I liked it :)

  12. 12

    just plain disgusting.

  13. 13

    Re: LauratheLuscious
    He is bulgarian. And the translation of the chorus is:
    Hop, and it comes in me a little bit, move slowly and slowly and put it all in me right now… the rhythm of love! :D

  14. 14

    Well actually, I am from Bulgaria and this song is very popular right now at the pop folk clubs. And there is a whole story behind the video and how it is connected to Russia. A couple of months ago, a live comedian in Russia made fun of one of Azis's music videos "Mrazish" and he truly made Azis look like a fool. There were many shows in Bulgaria on which Azis appeared and he was saying "I don't care, it means I am popular", but he also made some rude remarks about Russia. And about a month ago this video came out which openly makes fun of Russia and is about Russia and Azis is publicly like showing them the middle finger. But personally I love the song, it does have a great rhythm and the lyrics are very sexual ;d translation- Hop, let it come inside more and more, a little slower and slower and put it in me right now- the rhytmn of love :D

  15. 15

    And you are probably wondering why I brought up Russia but this scandal is very popular in Bulgaria right now. In the begining of the video there's russian music and the hammer and sickle are the symbols of Russia. Also on the drum in which Azis is standing and dancing, there's a sign wich reads "Rossia" which also means Russia. :D

  16. 16

    El Kreepo, you can eat crap and like it, but keep it for yourself, don't say it's " spectacular". same rules apply to this trainwreck video you posted here. nothing more ridiculous and pathetic then ugly people being too confident, like the guy in the video… disgusting! I just want to throw up!!

  17. 17

    I am actually disgusted ;/ to be fair Cher Lloyd's new album advert in the beginning seems like decent music after this ;s

  18. 18

    when I saw the video I was wondering what exactly I was watching. That said the song is really catching and I like it.

  19. 19

    He is bulgarian gay guy :) and the video has been created after Russian comments regarding his career. I will try to find you the translation ;)