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Kristen Stewart 'Hated Edward' During Breaking Dawn

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Now, to clarify, she hated Edward, NOT Robert Pattinson. We know it's hard for some of you to understand, but they really aren't the same person!

Has everyone else noticed how much better Kristen Stewart is getting at interviews? She's finally got the knack of answering the same questions over and over again without coming off as a completely uninterested and more so, she's even learned to throw a useful soundbite here and there to throw Twi-Hards into a tizzy.

Like, in this latest interview with Parade Magazine. She talks about the wedding, the love scene and the birth, but she also alludes to a scene no one knew to ask about - a fight between Edward and Bella. KStew reveals that in this scene, you can really feel that the pair "hate" each other for the circumstances they are in, meaning Bella being knocked up with a vampire baby!

Check out these HIGHlights from the interview to read more:

On the love scene the world is waiting for.
"The bed stuff was a little bit technical and weird. Every time I was off-camera, I was making goofy faces at Rob to make him laugh. I couldn’t take it seriously. I had fun when we got romantic in the water though. It felt very spontaneous."

On her big walk down the aisle.
"I was so transcendentally weird that day. It was one of the last things that we shot in the movie, and I felt it all coming to an end. I was uber-aware; my nerves were so close to the surface of my skin. I had all of these beats in my head laid out about what I was going to do in those scenes. Like, I knew that there was a moment where you’re supposed to swell and glow. It was intense. The morning we were filming the wedding, I let all the others go to work without me. I stayed in my bedroom by myself and I did not go to set with everyone else. I tried to have the experience of what I would feel before the wedding and what I felt when it happened for real, and I think it came across. I felt good that day."

On Bella and Edward "hating each other."
"They’re in love, but Edward and Bella are at complete odds in this story. For the first time, you actually feel like they kind of hate each other. I played a moment that was so wrong-feeling to me, it so betrayed everything that I’ve played up until this point. I hated Edward. I truly looked at him like, 'You better steer clear and stay away from me.' Bella turns into a feral animal. She’s protective. She’s a mother. It’s stronger than anything she’s ever felt."

On the sure-to-be-shocking birth scene.
"It’s PG-13, but it’s pretty graphic and bloody. If it is too much for somebody who is younger, than discretion should definitely be used by parents. But it should be impactful, it should be scary. You have a story about somebody who has been fighting for what she believes in. Bella is going, ‘I’ll die for my baby, I’ll do anything for it.’ I hope it doesn’t scare people, but on the other hand, I hope it does."

On facing the end.
"It’s weird that we are not waiting to go back and do another one, but at the same time, it feels finished. It’s sad and it’s not sad. You sort of have to put yourself into those moments and realize that you should appreciate that they are going by. It’s just time to move on, but I’m sure I’ll talk about Twilight for the rest of my career."

Those public appearances are getting easier.
"When it comes to acting, I’ve always been pretty solid and together ever since I was 10 years old on a film set. Doing interviews was hard, but now I’m more able to speak freely about things that affect me. I think before I was just a little bit caught up in expressing things that were, like, so important to me with 500 people that I didn’t know listening. And then more so, the millions of people out there who’d see me. It’s not about growing up. I think as you get older you just change."

Our little girl is growing up! We're so proud!

It will be such a change for the Twi-Hards when this is all over for good next year. We wonder how the Potterheads are holding up on their end.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end will get remade in about 20 years.

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Kristen Stewart 'Hated Edward' During Breaking Dawn

  1. 1

    Kristen's mah girl, she's funny and self deprecating.

  2. 2

    Love her. I always thought it was interesting that she has mentioned she's glad she got to bypass high school, and yet twilight chaos actually made her go through high school and all it's humiliations growing up tenfold by growing up in the media! Well, girl is grown up and has graduated and growing into a lovely, funny young woman.

  3. 3

    She gets more gorgeous by the year

  4. 4

    She's beautiful and spunky, love her.

  5. 5

    I want bts takes of kristen making rob laugh in bed, that's hilarious.

  6. 6

    My crush on K.S. just swelled like the Grinch's heart : D !
    I can't blame her for "hating" Edward in BD, I've been hating him throughout the series (almost as much as I've hated Bella). As weird as this sounds, the only reason I could stomach the 'Twilight' movies was because of Rob and Kristen, they're both great!

  7. xoxoj says – reply to this


    Ever since seeing Welcome to the Riley's, I'm actually starting to like her.