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MSNBC And Conrad Murray Get Sued For Documentary

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Conrad Murray takes another hit, plus he's dragging MSNBC, kicking and screaming, with him too.

As reported earlier, Murray has his own documentary and many people are super pissed off and much of it is aimed at MSNBC.

One group that is pissed off the most is Digirad Imaging Solutions who says Murray owes them over $140,000 in unpaid bills. Digirad suspects that Murray may be getting paid so naturally, they want their share before Murray gets a penny.

It seems like the doctor can't catch a break.

[Image via Ramey.]

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8 comments to “MSNBC And Conrad Murray Get Sued For Documentary”

  1. 1

    What's a "Documnetary"?

    Hire an editor!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    He has the right to speak his mind. Equality for all, right Perez? People just need to shut the fuck up finally!!! I'm sick of those that start to whine when something offends them. Whatever happened to "if you don't like it, don't watch it?" It might be distasteful to make money off this, but what's he to do without a medical license so he continue to sell his services to the highest bidder? Hell, man's gotta make a living. Now that he's been convicted in a criminal court just watch the civil suit come. He's gonna have to pay those lawyers too. Sucks to be him really. I say leave him alone already.

  3. 3

    leave him alone, he got convicted, the jackson had a documentary out before MJ was even cold. I want to hear what he has to say and his family needs money. These Jacksons are going to milk Micheal's death till they are dead. Murray was the guy who got caught but every single person in this guys life including Micheal is responsible for his death. Oh and by no means do I believe he was innocent of molesting children. The payoffs were far to great to silence familie. The brave kids who didn't let Micheal buy them out got screwed more ways than one. They should have taken money because the system failed them

  4. 4

    Oh! Really! But did you read that MJs bed he died in is going to be sold??? No one finds that disgusting??? The Jacksons are a FREAKING JOKE!!!!!!! They are prolly scared more shit and freaky stuff will appear on the surface!

  5. 5

    Re: gwen01 – I totally Agree Gwen! Thsi family is disgusting! None of them interfered when they saw waht was going on in Michaels life, I mean, has none of them ever thought it would be strange he has a doctor there to put him to sleep??? Please!!! The whole world new about MJs addcitions, you cant tell me his family didnt. They just closed there eyes because MJ = money. Now that he died they need a scapegoat. Bunch of freaks!

  6. 6

    *****Dr Murray is a typical NARCISSIST .
    I saw those clips…
    Notice how he talks about his "friendship" with Michael….he makes sure everyone knows that THE Michael freaking Jackson..The King of Pop himself thought he was a special guy., he was so grateful for things I did for him………validating his own delusional self importance.
    Go back to Trinidad ASAP and take Casey Anthony with you as your new HO

  7. 7

    Re: Judyg73 – #1…..nobody in the family REALLY knew what MJ was up to because MJ didn't want much to do with them..because they are money leaches….They DID try a few interventions BUT they didn't work out I guess
    #2 the body guards and other staff….I wonder that myself, why everybody sat there watching Dr Murray stay the night and probably watched him bring in stuff…didn't anyone think to say something?..although they would have lost their job.
    #3…I watched the trial, I know ALL the facts and evidence, Dr Murray was no scapegoat …he is full on responsible for MJ being dead.. Dr Murray lied and lied and lied to EVERYBODY…pharmacist, paramedics, ER doctors, police…and now the public. ***it was proven that he had MJ on an IV DRIP and LEFT THE ROOM to talk to his 4 ho's on the phone….meanwhile MJ had died and he didn't notice. The paramedics said MJ was cold already..so he had been dead for a while. The toxicology proved this….I will NEVER feel sorry for Dr Murray…EVER……and yeah a lot of MJ's family sucks…and MJ IS DEAD so he did pay for his part of it all.

  8. 8

    Conrad Murray is a convicted felon; he is convicted for taking someone's life. Who CARES what this man has to say? If you people cared about the truth of what happened when MJ died, you would have watched the TRIAL, where all the answers needed were provided. The trial was covered gavel to gavel on HLN, In Session, etc so there's NO EXCUSE! I did watch the trial, and the evidence presented against this man Conrad Murray was disgusting. Murray refused to testify under oath, when he knew he would be cross examined, but you people want to hear what he has to say without benefit of cross examination, and knowing most of it is lies JUST LIKE THE LIES HE TOLD POLICE AND PARAMEDICS! No one with a heart or a conscience or sense of decency CARES what this piece of scum has to say. OJ Simpson, who wasn't even convicted, could not get a spot on TV to promote his book but Conrad Murray, a convicted felon, gets his fifteen minutes? No thanks! And puh-leeze, I am tired of hearing the alleged greed of the Jackson family as a convenient excuse every time something like this comes up. So what, people disagree with some of the Jackson family's actions, but then that makes it okay to endorse Conrad Murray, whose negligence led DIRECTLY-NOT INDIRECTLY-to MJ's death? Wake up, people, there's a reason why this man was convicted! If you want to line his damned pockets and give MSNBC ratings for this despicable act of exploiation, go ahead. You are the ones who have to live with yourselves.