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Snooki's Secret: "I'm Smart!"

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Snooki's Secret: "I'm Smart!"


Snooki must be the BEST actress in the whole world!

"I know and that's my secret. No one knows that I'm smart," Snooki told me. "I am going to start filming a spin-off with Jenni [Farley] soon and I want to have my own business and have my own brand."

That's true… she has made a butt-load (technical term) off her reality show! Snook has cashed in with two bestselling books and a fragrance, while less some of her less intelligent cast mates.. cough, cough, The Situation.. is reportedly broke as a joke.

Either way, she's laughing all the way.

"Now I am a strong woman! The new season starts Jan. 5, and we are back in Seaside and back in the normalness — not all the drama like in Italy. I would rather be home at the Jersey Shore,"

She added, never forgetting to plug her show. Hmm… maybe she is smarter than we thought!

Watch Snooki in first clip of Jersey Shore season 5 HERE and judge for yourself!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Snooki's Secret: "I'm Smart!"”

  1. 1

    No comment!!

  2. 2

    oh dear. Another useless bimbo who thinks she's smart because she has businessmen around her telling her she can make extra cash from selling all kinds of crap to lowclass trailertrash who'll buy any crap! They both act like they mastermind this stuff themselves. Yeah right. Businesswoman you aint. Just an opportunist!

  3. 3

    That has got to be the best Peruvian tranny $14.98 street hooker outfit ever !! She could fly down to Lima in the outfit and clean up wearing that, make thousandS in a few days. They will love her down there, and she can kick Peruvian tranny arse I bet.

  4. 4

    Super yites to this outfit.

  5. 5

    Oh gawd… I really have to see it to believe it and haven't seen it from her yet. It's one thing to have…I guess one could say…a charismatic personality and attract media attention, which is how she can have her brand or "businesses" or what have you…but I don't know if "smart" is really the right word. She looks horrid here! Anyways, I don't really respect what she promotes.

  6. 6

    paris hilton…another dumb useless bitch who claims to be a smart businesswoman. Smart enough to listen to the greedy suits around you and put your name to any ole tacky shit!

  7. 7

    Best selling books. Who the fuck are you kidding. The midgets books go directly into the discount bin 30 days after release. That fragrance you talk about is the remains of the left over fish from the South Side Seaport in lower Manhatten. Oh and smart people never ever talk about their intelligence, those who claim such are always the idiots who took the short bus to class which pretty much sums up this fugly midget.

  8. 8

    Whatever! She watched Jessica and Paris do it first, then she thought she would do it. Unfortunately, she isn't nearly as cute as the other two.

  9. 9

    Since she said this, One of her shows, the first 10 minutes she has to spell and add. I would watch that, nothing else she would do though.

  10. 10

    Re: ShoeWhore – Now I know why i was wondering where he 5 man gang bang Pan Flute was….

  11. 11

    Compared to the other morons with whom Nicole surrounds herself, yes, she is probably smart. Intelligence is relative, though, so she shouldn't plan on schmoozing with Bill Gates any time soon. Being marketable doesn't necessarily indicate high intelligence. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dim-witted people in this country–younger and older–who believe intelligence and and level of income are always in direct proportion to each other. The truth is that some people are rich because they are brilliant, and some people are rich because of inherited money and/or working in a lucrative field. There are lots of businessmen and businesswomen who can't hold an intellectual candle to their significantly-lower-paid scientist peers, for example. Snooki…you were far more tolerable when you just boasted about being good at tanning and shopping….

  12. 12

    Snooki epitomizes the phrase: "Ignorance is bliss."

  13. 13

    What she did was surround herself with people who are WAY less intelligent ( eye roll ) then she is so by default she is smart. The only other cast member to be making bank is Paulie D. He's making a butt load of his own from that tour and charged 40k a gig now. Not bad. So yes she is doing pretty good. The Nastyuation is broke cuz he really is dumb as a donkey.

  14. 14

    right she can join menza

    she prob doesnt even know what that is

    i think now that kim is on the downward spiral there is a slot for snooki to become the queen of reality shes darn site more cuter and more interesting

  15. 15

    I had posted a thoughtful comment. Maybe it was making too much sense that my comment was never posted.

  16. 16

    This is one conceited money hungry pig. Her "products ' are directed at the low IQ sector.Her merchandise will eventually wind up in flea markets. Then maybe this no talent bitch will fade from the limelight.

  17. 17

    Whatever midget, keep telling yourself that.

  18. 18

    Re: perez posse member 777 – I hope you put a z in there on purpose. Either way, Mensa is overrated. Can't stand it.

  19. 19

    Smart? I don't think she's dumb, few are, but there are also few people that are highly intelligent. So if she meant the latter, then I would find that improbable, if not impossible. If average intelligence is considered smart, then yes, she's smart. Now, if Jenny, Vinny and Pauly proclaimed to be smart, as in smart-smart, then I wouldn't find that as unlikely. Highly intelligent? Doubt it. Intelligent? Possibly.

  20. 20

    So apparently she is so stupid that she actually believes she is smart….. this skank is about as smart as tree. The sad part is she is not smart enough to realize people watch there show to laugh at them all, they are all losers !!!

  21. 21

    she isn't gonna have her own business because she's SMART…ugh these celebrities are fooling themselves. money is power!