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Witch Doctor Orders Swallowing Of Beating Heart!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueIf You Are Easily Offended.....

Ewww! This is just–ewwwwww! EWWWW!!!!!!

WARNING: Do NOT watch this if you have an uneasy stomach!

To overcome her fears, a woman goes to a witch doctor who instructs her to swallow the beating heart of a freshly sacrificed chicken!

Does she do it? Will she overcome her fear of groskiness?? Or will she forever be haunted by the bwak bwak??

Find out by pressing play!

P.S. We don't want to spoil the ending for you, but we can guarantee you will definitely see the beating heart in the witch doctor's hand!!! EWWW!!!!!!

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7 comments to “Witch Doctor Orders Swallowing Of Beating Heart!”

  1. 1

    Really….r u kidding?!

  2. 2

    Is the Witch Doctor a celebrity? Or is it the chicken?

  3. 3

    Why do you post this fucked-up crap? What do your friends at PETA say?

  4. rory! says – reply to this


    Poor chicken!

  5. 5

    My chickens laid 6 eggs today. I'm going to go make an omelette.

  6. 6

    omg and my moms bringing home chik fil a i cant eat now

  7. 7

    I don't know the background of what was going on with that chick… like if she was REALLY sick or something or just looking to learn from a new culture.. but if it was the latter, I think that was completely disrespectful not to do as the witch doctor asked.