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All My Children's Internet Relaunch Gets Slapped In The Face!

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all my children internet

Oh NO! Oh… NOOO!!! Say it aint so! Say it aint so!!!

Long dramatic stare. Tear. Dramatic head turn away from the camera (don't look at this face).

After the series' cancellation, All My Children was supposed to be reincarnated through the internet. But now Prospect Park is thrusting a huge knife in the back of Pine Valley.

PP's TheOnlineNetwork.com has decided they only need one soap opera, and that's… One Life To Live!


Oh! The drama! The embarrassment!! The horror!!!

LOLz! We actually like OLTL a lot too, so that's cool with us. But sucks for any of the leftover AMC actors hoping to hop on the DOT COM train! Boo-Hoo, Choo-Choo!!!

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10 comments to “All My Children's Internet Relaunch Gets Slapped In The Face!”

  1. 1

    That sucks, but One life to Live is a much better show anyway.

  2. 2

    So not cool, even though you may like OLTL that doesnt mean the fans that were devoted to AMC for many many years are alright with it. OLTL lost me over 20 years ago. Because of work and obligations I had to make the choise of following one soap opera and I stayed true to my first soap love AMC, I began watching as a youngster and continued until the last day it was played on TV. I was patiently waiting to watch online, and now I am very dissappointed to discover that will not come to pass. I havent watched one moment of "the chew" because in light of the fact that there are dozens and dozens of cooking shows on TV today, and only a small handful of daytime soap operas I refused to view. I hope there will be some other forum online or Television that will pick up the ball and run with it!

  3. 3

    Oh, wow! As long as Michael Easton is on OLTL I will tune in. But, please not with Natalie.

  4. 4

    Without Susan Lucci, All My Children is nothing. Everybody knows that.

  5. 5

    LOL…. oh hahahahahaha….. fruitcake!

  6. 6

    I only ever watched AMC for the Greenlee/Leo pair, Susan Lucci, and Kendall and since they screwed up Greenlee and Leo at the end meh! I prefer One Life To Live anyways.

  7. 7

    OLTL is way better.. but the crappy thing is that AMC left us with a major cliff hanger for their finale show.. and now fans will never know how it ended. Mehhh

  8. 8

    OLTL crossed over with AMC plenty of times in the past, it wouldn't surprise me if some of the AMC characters ended up in Llanview…

  9. 9

    As a long time viewer of AMC,i lost interest the past few yrs,that show has gone sooooo down hill,so i'm not upset at all!I'm beyond the moon that OLTL is staying,that show has never been better!

  10. 10

    That really sucks because All My Children didn't ended with a cliffhanger and now we'll never know what happened. AMC is a way better show than OLTL.