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25 comments to “Ashton Is With Stupid. Pokes Fun At Himself After Twitter Debacle”

  1. 1

    This guy needs some serious mental health help. If a high school kid were acting this way we'd want to see him sent to the counselor and have a therapist sign off on his stability before he could return to classes. Kutcher is really, REALLY needy. Sad. He ought to go away and look within rather than to the crowds for his pathetic need to be understood.

  2. MJB12 says – reply to this


    Dude needs to get a haircut and shave. Seriously. He's looked like a bum for way too long.

  3. 3

    IF he was with 'Stupid', should not Demi Whore be pictured beside that sign … ? I mean, the HAG is as dumb as a door knob !

  4. 4

    Let it go, Ashton. Quit tweeting, chiming, and whatever else, and let it go.

  5. 5

    Ok is this Him or the PR firm he hired

  6. 6

    Just another sick gay molester who preys on the young boys. Probably has a blog and supports wellness too.

  7. 7

    Gonna take much more than that for this abuse victim to forgive his ignorance.
    Buy your sick moron of a wife a sandwich she is also setting a horrid example for young women! All this money and not a brain between them……so sad!!!

  8. 8

    SHAVE THAT disgusting beard off you look like a HOBO!

  9. 9

    So much for Two and a Half Men. It officially sucks! The only funny character is Cryers. Kutcher can't act and is not funny.

  10. 10

    Who cares what he thinks. He is an actor that may or may have not actually graduated from HIGH SCHOOL. Good God. Why do nimrods have any cultural influence at all???? Moving on…

  11. 11

    Ya havta wonder why that HAG of a wife, Demi Whore, is so desperate to hold on to this looser, other than she is a pathetic, plastic-surgery addicted FREAK who can't think for herself, either. Again, WHY are the FUGLY daughters not getting involved, and getting their pathetic mom to a therpist ! wEIRD, HUH ?

  12. 12

    And, Two and a Half Men STINKS now that CHARLIE IS GONE ! Bet it is cancelled inside of a year !

  13. 13

    what's with the sleezy terrorist look? Cut that f'ing hair and shave that nasty beard.

  14. 14

    the saddest thing is that everyone thinks its paterno, when no one is really focusing on who it really is. SANDUSKY. joe paterno does not deserve to be fired.
    as a proud penn state student, i can say that. he did everything he could.
    did you know that the janitor staff knew about sandusky molesting a kid in the shower? but they never said anything
    did you know that the authorities knew about sandusky molesting a kid? but they didn't say anything

    so WHY is joe paterno being penalized?! explain that to me.

    but just so everyone outside of penn state knows. IT WAS NOT JOE PATERNO. IT WAS JERRY SANDUSKY, GOOGLE HIM idiots.

  15. 15

    Have to love Re: Be-Atch – !!!

  16. 16

    Agree, lose the beard and shave, you'll look much better.

  17. 17

    Not sure I believe he hadn't heard about the Penn State story in the days before he tweeted. I think wrote what he thought - and backtracked after the backlash and gravity of his words set in.

  18. 18

    Re: dingadingadurga
    Ok, don't get your Penn State panties in a wad. The post clearly states that it was one of JoePa's assistants that was arrested, not Joe himself. Also, anyone who has a tv, or a brain, or the ability to read, knows the story.

    And really? He did everything he could? This happened in 2002. He told two people. TWO. And yes, I've read the Grand Jury report. Yes, there were other people who witnessed these crimes and did very little, if anything at all. Who did he not tell? THE POLICE. That is a crime. Did he follow up on these allegations? No. The whole damn group of those good ol' boys are morally questionable. No one, from McQueary to Paterno to the other suits in power did a thing to prevent this from happening again.

    And finally, you small minded little prick, you say that "the saddest thing is that everyone thinks its paterno, when no one is really focusing on who it really is. SANDUSKY. joe paterno does not deserve to be fired."…Oh really? 'Cause I kind of thought the saddest thing was these children, eight at least, who are forever scarred. These children who had their youth and their innocence taken away from them. These victims, who have to watch in horror as masses of idiots like you rally around someone who had the opportunity and the obligation to DO SOMETHING and sadly did not.

    Careful who you worship young grasshopper, they're never as good and mighty as they appear.

  19. 19

    Why would you talk about something that you're ignorant of? Oh, I know, your ego is much bigger than your brian!!

  20. 20

    Shut up Kutcher
    Do not care about your silly rants and inaccuracies
    You make me sick sick sick - YICK!

  21. 21

    Bravo Ashton!
    Come on people - let Ashton off the hook already!!

  22. 22

    Re: CougarJuice – Hooray for putting ding-a-ling in their place. Anyone who reads the indictment can see clearly Paterno and was told and the cronies above and they chose to craft their own watered down version from a full on sex act to horseplay or less to save their skin and turn a blind eye to what was WITNESSED in PENN STATES SHOWERS. How else do you excuse the creep still working beside and for Joe Paterno after he had the knowledge of what was going on with the dude and kids? Sorry, he protected PENN STATE and the brand and not the 10 year old being raped in the locker room shower. Give it up people. Where is your sense of outrage that little boys are being fondled and raped by these perverts and being protected from the Catholic Church to Penn State and beyond. Father figure and historic coach my ass. End of story. And once again, Asston Kutcher, too stupid to comment.

  23. 23

    hearandnow.org Read the indictment dingaling

  24. 24

    I can't stand this guy. It's not even the fact that he seems a little slow at times, although I'm sure he's not below average, or the fact that he's a cheater, it's just that he is so annoying. So, so annoying.

  25. 25

    Aston's still a child, look how he is handling his marriage. We cannot give these vanity whores so much power folks, they are just people like anyone else. As for Penn State the university sick, sick, sick. As a fellow Pennsylvanian and a 46 year old gay man who by the way has never abused a child like Brian Fischer says we do, I'm embarrassed and heart broken.
    Did anyone else read what Brian Fischer said about the tragedy ? He blamed the gays.