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Simon Cowell Scraps Lady GaGa & Madonna Night On X Factor, Rihanna To Perform

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Maybe some other time???

Plans to have a Lady GaGa-Madonna night on X Factor next week have been scrapped, according the show's lead judge and creator, Simon Cowell. He confirmed that he originally thought the theme would attract a lot of eyeballs to the show, but ultimately, he wanted to do something more accessible for his performers.

He explained:

“I changed my mind. What I like about Wednesday’s show was the idea of someone, particularly Astro, using the whole stage without props. And I thought doing Lady Gaga and Madonna could get a bit too choreography-led and also too restrictive for someone like Astro. Rock music gives you a better chance to use the whole stage like we did on the auditions: just you and a huge platform behind you and make it like it’s your first concert.”

Oh yeah. In case you haven't guessed, that's the new theme: rock music. Not a bad theme by any means, but still not as exciting as watching a night of the Queens of Pop!

But here is the good news. Next week's musical guest will actually be one of the ladies who helped pick the top contestants. Paula Abdul revealed that Rihanna will be returning to the show to perform!

Yes!!!! Love In A Hopeless Place, puh-lease!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Simon Cowell Scraps Lady GaGa & Madonna Night On X Factor, Rihanna To Perform”

  1. 1

    I glad he's not doing it can you picture Leroy or Josh singing gaga or madonna! BAD!

  2. 2

    Rihanna over Madonna and definitely over Lady Caca ANY DAY.

  3. 3

    I always forget about this show, so I guess it doesn't really matter to me either way, but I cannot wait for the voice to come back on air…when does that happen?!

  4. 4

    boo! lady gaga has some good balads, like speechless and browneyes sheeven has a rap song paper gangster which astro probably would have done a really good job at. leroy just sucks by the way…

  5. 5

    This sounds a bit spurious anyway as the UK X-Factor is having a Gaga/Queen song choice week for tomorrow's show and Gaga is performing herself as well, doesn't sound likely that the US show would copy the UK so closely, there was probably never any chance of having a Gaga/Madonna theme in the US show, Cowell is a class one bullshitter ;o)

  6. china says – reply to this


    tranny caca has nothing to do with good music. that`s why.

  7. 7

    good simon madonna is so into herself like her music dont like her attitude specially when you have a brother who she leaves homeless yes she help him with the vine but i would never ever will leave my relative on the streets i would anything for them starsare only in the skys. at the end of the day would you leave your own to be hungry or on the streets?
    think about

  8. 8

    who cares flop factor , FOR SURE ISN T GOOD THAT MAGDE GOES TO FLOP FACTOR , isnt so good so much promo to her new single , SUPER BOWL IS ENOUGH

  9. 9

    Simon is on US and UK XFACTOR? no wonder he compared Drew's dress to Gaga. but to say she designed it, when Idol Forum claims that Adam Lambert's former stylist Dawn Ritz designed it? What is the truth? Maybe it was designed for Gaga and Drew got to wear the dress……

  10. 10

    Re: jaimel – I'm pretty sure, by the naive comment you just posted, that you have never had an alcoholic or drug addicted sibling or family member…When you do, then form an opinion. The man is a vagrant, homeless bum. Why should Madonna, who has never been addicted to drugs or alcohol and works her ass off to be where she is today, give a free handout to ANYONE? If she gave him money for a house, who can say he wouldn't sell it and just do drugs and possibly kill himself in the process?

  11. 11

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind
    Bitch please! Are you going to keep pretending you're so knowledgeable about Madonna's private affairs? How do YOU know Madonna never had any addictions? Even if she hasn't, you aren't qualified to speak on her behalf and call someone ignorant when you obviously don't shit about the situation at hand either. Being a fucking loser Madonna Stan doesn't count, either. Your moniker is apropos, btw, because good taste obviously skipped you.

  12. 12

    Re: luver73 – Yes! It is true. Dawn Ritz did design the dress, she formally worked with Adam Lambert and the dress was made for Drew.