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Jay-Z Wants To Occupy WALL STREETS With New T-Shirt: Don't Expect Any Money, Occupyers

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Jay-Z is joinng the Occupy cause. Sort of.

Rocawear has released a new T-shirt calling attention to the Occupy movement. The new T-shirt, pictured above, has the Occupy Wall Street design but the "W" is crossed of and there is an "S" after Street. The rap mogul believes that the economy and Occupy cause should be adressed.

But just don't expect him to willing give Occupyers the millions he will make from the shirts.

A spokesperson for Rocawear announced that while they support the cause, they don't have any intention to support the cause with money. Somebody's got to eat, right?

However, Def Jam head Russell Simmons is an active member of the Occupy movement and he loves the T-shirt. Simmons tweeted, "Love Jay-Z's t-shirt,…Glad I got mine today."

It's good to see Jay-Z support Occupy. Let's see if his support possibly goes even further.

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30 comments to “Jay-Z Wants To Occupy WALL STREETS With New T-Shirt: Don't Expect Any Money, Occupyers”

  1. 1

    Support? You spelled irony wrong Perez.

  2. free says – reply to this


    How is this supposed to be support? It's called 'profiting', last thing I heard.

  3. 3

    Well I guess I wont be supporting these 1%er fuckin pieces of shit and that is what they are

  4. 4

    MY NAME is Evelyn de Rothschild. My family owns the Federal Reserve in secret with 7 or 8 other families. WE own the 12 major banks in New York that own the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. Here is a list of the true owners of the FED. I hope you enjoy and get VERY VERY angry:


    1. Rothschild family of London and New York
    2. Warburg Family of Germany and New York
    3. Oppenheimer Family of London, Germany and New York
    4. Kuhn & Loeb of Germany and New York (Rothschild front)
    5. Lehman Brothers of New York
    6. Goldman Sachs of New York
    7. Rockefeller Family of New York
    8. JP Morgan Chase of New York (Queen of England is the largest shareholder)
    9. Lazard Brothers of Paris and New York (Rothschild front)
    10. Israel Seif and Moses of Italy (Bank of Italy -> became Bank of America)

  5. REPUB says – reply to this


    The occupy movement is a joke just like the democrat party

  6. ozmed says – reply to this


    Occupy Jay-Z's wallet.

  7. 7

    Rip Off!

  8. 8

    The occupy wall street are nothing but losers. Anyone who supports them are either complete idiots or looking for media hype for themselves. ( Like Obama did)

    Funny how they hate the tea party whose message is lower taxes and smaller government and the OWS message is????Does anyone know?

  9. 9

    OWS Protesters claim to fame (according to the news reports)
    1 .murder
    2. rape
    3. drug use
    4. assault
    5. theft
    6. really bad hygiene
    7. vandalism of public/private property
    8. waste of tax payer dollars (additional police,clean-up crews, ruined parks)
    9. causing local small business to close/layoff workers do to customers avoiding area
    10. anti-semitism
    11. public sex and nudity
    12. just being f***ing annoying to have to hear about constantly!
    Anyone that supports this, needs mental help or voted out of office!!!!

  10. 10

    always nice to see one of the 1% "haves" figure out yet another way of profiting from the backs and near empty wallets 99% of the "have nots"
    anyone buying this shirt is a fool/idiot/moron/sucker!!!!
    can I be more clear?

  11. 11

    'owns' the federal reserve? NOT! Very very rich, YES! There is no arguing that a few financial institutions control most of the wealth. WHY? Because Governments, INCLUDING OURS, have changed financial laws and they either are PAID OFF by lobbyists or they vote having NO IDEA WHAT THEIR VOTE IS GOING TO DO! Nov. 12th, 1999 the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act was signed into law-voiding out part of the Glass Segal act-the BLC act allowed financial institutions to join up into the MEGA FINANCIAL GROUPS they now are. This was CONGRESS AND CLINTON'S doing-were they paid off? or just plain ignorant regard finance and the economy? (happy anniversay GLB act-aka-mega path to financial ruin!)

  12. 12

    Oh-I am glad he is NOT SUPPORT THEM! The OWS group has had financial support and donations from the NY Fed. of teachers, and donations from other Unions-without the union members CONSENT! The OWS should be protesting in front of the Congress and the white house instead of 'camping' in Zucotti Park. Local businesses have had to lay off employees because reg. people will not walk down there. It stinks-some of the OWS refuse to use bathrooms or porter potties. DISGUSTING! PEOPLE DO LIVE IN THAT NEIGHBORHOOD! And, while the TEA PARTY got ripped for allowing others to 'sneak in', the OWS has been attracting Homeless, Crazies, and ex cons who come to not be bothered by cops and the gourment meals they are getting from some restaurants. People have been threatened and hurt down there.

  13. 13

    You paid political trolls make me just as sick as Jay-Z! You people take money to post on sites to try to sway the general public! This practice disgusts me and so do the people that take this dirty money and call it payment for a job!

    Do you really think people are so stupid that we can't see that 90% of your posts are always about politics and lean so far to the right? Come on! This is a celebrity gossip site and all of your comments are only about the political posts AND/OR you take a post that isn't even political and comment in such an inappropriate way. DISGUSTING! Get a REAL job losers!

    As for Jay-Z… what a pathetic way to make money off of something that so many people have put their hearts into. What a low life.

  14. 14

    This is not a free press or open blog. The owner of this blog refuses to allow free speech on this blog - and prefers to monitor what can or cannot be said. I do not understand what I have said that you are even remotely threatened by Mario?

  15. 15

    Re: toddlisatyriem – What on this earth or galaxy are you talking about? Get a grip man.

  16. 16

    money hungry jay z looks for any given opportunity to get money is so stupid im not buying no shirt to give a rich person more money they should donate for a cause i never ever see him to reach for a cause example cancer,heart association, aspca come stop being greedy you problably dont give a hoot ..im just saying….

  17. 17

    Re: smithygirl – you should have said according to FOX news… sorry to see that main street media is wining the public opinion battle, as marginal as they might appear the message is VALID, proof: it spread around the world like wild fire!!! As for the tee shirt, unless he is donating the profits to the cause, don't buy it.

  18. 18

    Uhh, he's not supporting it you idiot. He's exploiting it for his own monetary gain. Celebrities generally exploit the crap out of current things to either get money or attention to stay relevant. Hence all of that Anti bullying crap,etc.

    That occupy wall street thing..While their intentions are good (to stop the rich cooperations from controlling the government resulting in us getting ass rammed) they either have no idea what the actual problems are or they are just causing problems. They are doing more harm than good. Protesting never works, especially when the majority of people think you're idiotic jokes. They are an annoyance and just causing us tax payers, either they start throwing molotov cocktails around or go home

  19. 19

    Re: blankita – Every single one of my points is a FACT! And they have been broadcast on ALL major news channels! And you might want to check out national opinion polling before you misspeak on the public opinion battle. Oh, and this OWS has been going on since September, and I hear yet to hear a cohesive "message" from them!

  20. 20

    Re: smithygirl – a fact? how do you know??? did you witnessed these facts? it is sad how stupid and naive most people are … oh well, just keep doing what you doing look how far it has gotten us… and by US I mean the majority of population on earth, not the lucky few that have it all but just keep wanting more. greed rules the world and it will bring it down, just wait and see.

  21. Pisky says – reply to this


    Re: blankita – It's "Mainstream media" lol not "main street", secondly the liberal message dominates all forms of media, FOX news is only attacked b/c it's the only one in the country to be at all different, nothing smithygirl said was false, get your facts straight.

  22. 22

    The irony of this elitist douche supporting Occupy Wall Street. Will there be any symbols accompanying this t-shirt as usual?

  23. 23

    Re: blankita – Grow a brain! Anyone who has turned on a TV or even waited for an airline flight with a loop of CNN news playing has seen everything I've stated, I don't need to see it with my own eyes nutcase, when the video is being aired on 24/7 newsfeed! Oh, and who wants to part of your "us", a bunch of lazy, whinning, the whole rich world is against me and keeping me down idiots? I'll be with the self responsible, hardworking, pulling myself up by my boot straps before I'd ever be a complainer like you who wants the government to make it fair for me! That's this difference between us, I'd rather work for it and you'd rather complain until some gives it to you! Oh Lord, Kumbaya!

  24. 24

    Re: Pisky – Thank you!

  25. 25

    YOUTUBE: 'Cornel West @ #OWS Disappointed in Obama and End The Fed'

  26. albaz says – reply to this


    Well it doesn't matter anyways because they took the shirts off the site so you can't get them anymore. Way to go on updating your post perez. But I think it's messed up how he was going to profit from the organization and not give them anything in return.

  27. 27

    happy to hear that the shirts were removed from the site - guess he didn't like all the negative publicity that his greed was getting for him

  28. 28

    OWSers are national heros. God bless them for all their hard work. Rock on brothers and sisters of the 99%. The 1% needs to be held responsible for crashing the economy.

  29. 29

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – Have a look at his OTHER shirts. Plenty of symbolism going on….

  30. 30

    Re: smithygirl – You DON'T know me so don't assume, who sounds like a nutcase between us ??? Take a chill pill you sound like you greatly need it, lol.

    ps if it's on tv it must be true LOL