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16 comments to “For The Last Time, Chris Brown DOES NOT Want To Talk About Rihanna … On Twitter!”

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    Even wasn't talking about his fans or anyone on his wall anyone who ACTUALLY READ the comments could tell. He said CELEBRITIES!!! He's probably talking about Drake or Jay Z they publicly said how much they don't like him

  3. 3

    I don't blame him. That beating gave her career a real boost too.

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    he beat the life back into her career. That said, he's an immature jerk who obviously cant control himself. Hence the continuing rants and outbursts…

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    who fucking cares, this dude is a fucking loser.

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    Only problem with the beating, he didn't finish the job then get caught

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    The English language is clapping right now at that rant.

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    Nice English…sad.

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    Chris Brown is a fucking idiot. And so is raypearson. You should both shut the fuck up and crawl back into your holes

  10. Hitch says – reply to this


    Chris Brown is a champion… See where he is now: between the best artists in the world, a great tour, great singles, a lot of nominations, movies and performances… Now try to see where people like Peres and all the other haters who can't confess that they are falled in love with Breezy are: Stil talking about something that happened three years ago… Really sad…

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    Re: plumcocco – um, err, oh yeah, kiss my ass, thanks very much

  12. 12

    Rihanna was doing fine careerwise before the CB incident, and she's doing fine afterward. I can't believe people can't let go what happened between two people they don't even know. I don't condone abuse, but if they moved past it, who the hell am I to give a shit?

  13. 13

    Does he expect people to forget 2-3 years after it happened, especially when her(rihanna's) new single might be linked to this whole relationship?


  14. 14

    Chris I tought I already sprayed you with sum B*** BE GONE SPRAY… I see you still love that dirty whined girl RHI RHI. caught your article yesterday abut the whole sitation and it SUCKED!! You have no maturity, no morals, and no care for your health TEAMBREEZY!!

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    Spoken like a true antisocial. What an utterly disturbed and unintelligent individual, and his fans and supporters quite obviously reflects those "qualities".

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    Chris Brown is here to stay for all you haters!:) LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE HIM!!!! His music is awesome! He's always gonna have some dumb CREEP talking shit about him-_- lol!..