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View Hosts Clash On Sexual Harassment

| Filed under: TV NewsWhoopi Goldberg

Can you believe the ladies of The View are disagreeing?? LOL.

So, with the Herman Cain drama that's been going on, the host got on the hot topic of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Whoopi seems to think that if you have a problem with raunchy jokes, you can simply walk away from the problem by saying something to the effect of "I gtg, I got my period."

The other ladies — mainly Joy and Sherri — completely disagree. They say when women (or people) walk away or tell HR they get a bad reputation.

What do U think?

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19 comments to “View Hosts Clash On Sexual Harassment”

  1. 1

    it's not rape, rape….

  2. 2

    Sherri, shut up!!!

  3. 3

    what would whoopis oogly boogly ass know about sexual harassment? no ones gonna harass her ape looking self. i wish the view would replace her and sherri!

  4. 4

    Re: chagoriver – Please explain what "it's not rape, rape…" What does that mean?

  5. 5

    Ok then… When a person is raped, that person is raped. Bottom line. They were raped, I cannot and will not comprehend what… it's not a rape, rape, means. Either you were raped, or you were not! I hope that you are not insinuating that there is some kind wild fucking idea, you have that you have that you can be only "A LITTLE RAPED", cuz that is bullshit. I do not knkow why I bother with some of these idiots.

  6. 6

    Re: No Not – i think @chagoriver was being sarcastic. Re: chagoriver – its not rape rape is an idiotic excuse that some people use to lesson the horrific crime of the perpetraitor. essentially what it means is that the victim wasn't forcilby raped or that somehow because of the victim's dressing or profession, she had it coming to her and therefore it wasnt rape in a traditonal sense that a man holds them down. for exampe a man forcing his wife to have sex with him would be considered as not "rape rape" b/c she supposed to have sex with him. or if a prostitute decides to back out and then the man forces himself on her, then it is not considered rape rape. disgusting but true. its pretty much victim balming in a sense

  7. 7

    whoopi is an idiot. basically what she is saying is that if u feel uncomfortable with a joke, dirty and unprofessional as it may be, it is your problem not theirs and u need to learn to deal with it. its basically majority versus minority. what id the founding fathers had though of this idea? then blacks, jews, non whites would have never gotten their rights because its the majority who is correct. a workplace is a place to be professional and act in a diginified manner not a bar to crack jokes about the stripper on the pole. one should not be made uncomfortable in his/her workplace and unliek whoopi most of us regular people dont have the influence to shut down our coworkers or boss without either getting reprimended or being an outcast. we also dont have millions to sit back on if we do decide that we cant take the level of harrassment. and while dirty jokes may be funny, they generally have a deragotory history bhind and the constant use of dirty jokes becomes unbearable. and those who complain are considered prude as whoopi implied with her its you not them solution. u want 2 make jokes? go ahead but do it on ur own time with ur own friends who will laugh and not feel uncomfortable with it

  8. 8

    I have worked for years in a male dominated field. Yes, there are jokes that I may not like. I do agree with Whoopie walk away. Or better yet speak up to the person telling the joke and let them know you find it offensive. I have done that on occassion and they stop. Everything is becoming so PC it is going overboard. Rape is RAPE. No question there. There is no half rape.

  9. 9

    Of course Whoopi would say that. Roman Polanski raping a teenager(s) wasn't that bad, because it wasn't "rape-rape", and Mel Gibson is an awesome guy. What is sexual harassment compared to that?

  10. 10

    Re: No Not – Chagoriver was being sarcastic. It's a reference to Whoopi's statement about Roman Polanski's rape of a teenage girl.

  11. 11

    Oddly I am going to have to agree with Sheri and Elizabeth on this one. From my experience, I had a male boss, I'll call him Dr. Isoleucine, who use to say inappropriate things about/to people (male or female). When he would start in on me about my physical appearance or referred to me as his "token minority" to other doctors I told him in a non-confrontational way that is was neither appropriate nor relevant to my job. His response was that "I need to lighten up , that he was only joking", and only made things worse. A joke is something at each person can "toss" at each other, it is not when a superior says things to you and you have no way of defending yourself without concern of reprisals. I did go to HR and campus omsbudman..neither of which was effective.

    Threatening a lawsuit is the worse thing you can do.. because as we have seen with Penn State universities protect their cash cows. People need to realize that universities are no longer institutions of higher learning. they are corporations. The university I worked for protected him, even though he has had several similar complaints, I since found out about.

    On a side note the reason why Dr. Isoleucine was such an a-hole to work for was he was a raging closeted homosexual suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, had society allowed him to be openly gay..he most likely would not have married a woman (beard) and might have been a little less angry with minorities and women.

  12. 12

  13. 13

    I worked at a place where several of the males thought it was "amusing" to gather round to discuss sexual subjects just to see how long it would take to clear the room. They would high five one another and congratulate themselves on "provoking" us, then the rest of the day they would stop by our desks just to "remention" it. The bosses did not think this was a problem at all, even tho I did talk to both of them about the situation. When I took some time off for medical leave, I returned to learn that these men told everyone I had been operated on to get bigger boobs. I left shortly after that but not without wanting to file a lawsuit

  14. 14

    whoopi needs to have a hard life lesson. In fact all actors need hard life lessons maybe then they would not seem as if they are so superior to everyone else. Notice whoppi always has to be center of attention. Please axe her ass off.

  15. 15

    Re: Novel1
    See it is people like you that bitch and complain but never do anything about it. What you should have done is filed a lawsuit. It sounds like this was something that has been happening for a while, you had plenty of time to gather evidence but walked away……….idiot

  16. 16

    that's totally true. if you say anything to the HR you're the trouble maker and you're the one getting in trouble. everyone knows we employees can not complain about ANYTHING at their workplace or they might start a very long case of persecution by the company! wanna work, u better keep your mouth shut, in order to keep the job! seriously! I'm against it but, either do that or suffer the consequences…

  17. 17

    It's sad to see but Whoopi is completely out of touch. How dare she be so self righteous about what everyone should do. Sure, if I was making bank, had a long healthy showbiz career and was post menopausal, I might feel like "balls to the wall, I am who I am, deal!". Unfortanately, not everyone has this experience and there are many individuals who don't have the chance or the voice to just walk away or speak up. THAT'S THE PROBLEM!!! And saying to ignore THE PROBLEM won't fix it!! I have no problem telling people that I think things are offensive, even to my boss. We need to be compassionate to those who don't have the same voice. Not everyone has as many chances as she has had and some people are simply too shy. THAT is reality and not this tripe.

  18. 18

    Whoopi was right. If you do not like what they are fucking saying..THEN WALK AWAY.
    You have the right to CHOOSE rather you want to sit there and listen to it or not.
    When you're a girl and you see a group of guys talking just go up say hi and leave. chances are highly likely they are talking about stuff you're not interested in. You

    don't need attention from men 24/7. Don't go up and talk with them. People are going

    to say stuff you don't like..DEAL WITH IT.

  19. 19

    Re: Redd_one

    You are the idiot. Unless you have been in a situation like some of us have mentioned you are in no place to judge. To file a lawsuit you have to get statements from people who witnessed the abuse. Not many people are going to open up about what they have witnessed for fear of retribution. The only way you can get such statements is to subpoena them.. which costs money and then tack on lawyer fees, which can range from 200-500/hr, the bill adds up. Chances are the person filing the complaint doesn't make enough money to cover precourt costs. Before you can eve consider filing a lawsuit the person has to show that they made an attempt to come to some type of resolution, via HR which is a department on the company. HR's job is to make sure the company does not look bad. The best thing you can do is to leave the company and hope that you can get a letter of rec that can help you salvage your career/job. Sadly during these hard economic times there is a lot of abuse going on but very few are willing to change jobs because it may be harder to get another job. This is why unions are so important to have… the worker needs some type of representation.it's only fair since the company will automatically protect the boss.