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Thank Goodness! Brad Pitt Back Peddles On That Whole Retiring Nonsense!

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It's all pish posh polly wash, if you ask us! He should stay in the game for as long as he can. He's never NOT going to be handsome, so why deprive the world of his studliness!

Don't foresake us that way!!!

While in Korea, Brad Pitt took a moment out of his Moneyball press conference to address his previous statement about retiring from acting in three years to step behind the camera. As people didn't take to kindly to that, he clarified that he doesn't have a set date on the crossover, he just wants it to happen rather soon. He explained:

"I wasn’t putting an exact deadline on my expiration date (as an actor) but I just see it coming and I do have an interest in the producing side. I’m interested in a mixed bunch about complex stories that might have difficulty getting made in the current system or getting behind the talent they might be needing."

Um, you know Brad. Your good friend George Clooney wanted to be a director. And so he is - with movies that he STARS in! No reason to pick one job over the other. This is Hollywood!


[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Thank Goodness! Brad Pitt Back Peddles On That Whole Retiring Nonsense!”

  1. 1

    Does this guy have a brain cell in that messed up head of his?

  2. 2

    Is it just me or is anybody else also still getting used to not seeing him covered in a fugly hobo beard?

  3. 3

    I wanna drink every drop of the water as it's coming out of him.

  4. Hun says – reply to this


    Fukee Thialand! I thought it was a go. :/

  5. 5

    Who cares if he quits??? He's not Robert De Niro! Hillbilly and his trashy wife!

  6. 6

    He's not a great actor, he's not great looking and he obvioulsy is not very well educated.

  7. 7

    Of course he's back peddling. Because all those cray mother f@#$%^& made a big deal about it in the fisrt place. The media was like panicked for a minute. He's not Jesus people. Calm down.

  8. 8

    The comment and the retraction are both pathetic attempts for attention on his part. The only time Anyone has listened to ANything he has said recently is when he made inappropriate comments about Jen Anniston, and he back peddeled then too. His last movie underperformed, and he is frankly, loosing relevence.He is pidgeon-holed as a handsome leading man…so If he wishes to maintain that spot he should be wise…shave…get a stylist….WASH HIS GREASY ASSED HAIR…then trim it…thenget to colored and styled, then contact a dermatologist regarding his skin problems….Then call Quintin T. and Thank him for making a sequel to Inglorious Bastards…because that is THE ONLY Way that BP can have a movie success…You're striking out Brad….clean up your image and your act.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    In the quest for a story on paper, it's actually the media who tend to make these types of pronouncements such as retiring, etc., as writers tend to try to box celeb's statements up with some kind of a bow for the reading public.

  10. 10

    Who cares, I don't think he's famous for his acting skills is he?

  11. 11

    The only time he was really HOT, was in 'Troy'.

  12. 12

    Good riddance you smug dickhead.

  13. 13

    WISH HE WOULD REALLY RETIRE. I CAN'T STAND HIM !!! Jolie is a freak too.

  14. 14

    Wow…someones not getting enough attention at home..

  15. 15

    Mario, I can not remember a Movie he was in, other then those Ocean movies and I don't even remember who and what he played in them. I think he might have been nominated for a supporting actor? I can't remember the movie or if it was best actor. It is just the press I remember, same thing with the Ocean movies. So, it is not a great loss to the acting world.

  16. 16

    yes he attacked jen before the movie came out maybe decided this was a bad idea now so now says hes retiring as the movie comes out

    ok ill watch the movie but stop the dramatics ..whorea lina has drained the life out of him..

  17. 17

    if u didnt see legends of the fall he was hot then and interview with a vampire and thelma and louise who could forget that arghhh wow i remember calling my sister and both yelled at the same time did u see that guy ..

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    That would be 'back pedals' as opposed to back peddles.

  19. 19

    attention seeker….. go and retire dude! the comments he made about anniston showed who this guy really is. hillbilly and nanny to 6 kids.

  20. 20

    Back peddles? Can't you people write English? Unless you really mean he's selling something, it's back-pedals.

  21. 21

    He used to be so handsome and now he's such a greasy skank! How did Brad and AJ get voted the most beautiful and powerful couple in Hollywood? Both are trashy and no matter how much supposed humaitarian work they do the truth always shows through.