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Casey Anthony's Prosecutor Releases Tell All Book, Calls Anthony Defense A "Crock of Crap"

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Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton has a lot to say about the verdict and Casey Anthony's defense team.

322 pages worth.

The retired prosecutor has released his new book, Imperfect Justice, Prosecuting Casey Anthony, documenting the case from Ashton's point of view and he calls the Anthony defense a "crock of crap."

The book details the stories she told health care professionals and her testimonials in court. Ashton says that all of Anthony's stories were lies and her lawyer, Jose Baez, empodied the form of a liar.

Ashton went on to say the following:

I have seen my share of liars, but never one quite like this…In many ways, I think the defense came to mirror the client they represented

Ashton then called Baez "smarmy" and said he felt numb when the verdict was released.

Ashton has dedicated the book to Caylee Anthony as reminder of the events leading up to the trial.

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4 comments to “Casey Anthony's Prosecutor Releases Tell All Book, Calls Anthony Defense A "Crock of Crap"”

  1. 1

    Smarmy. I like that word. Mario is smarmy. He is in bed with the Trashcans. Notice how he edits all the posts about them. SMARMY SMARMY SMARMY.

  2. 2

    Sounds like a sore loser to me. The defense was great because the prosecution went in with nothing concrete. Sounds to me like he's just trying to make excuses for his own crock of crap.

  3. 3

    Perez, this is supposed to be an entertainment site. What about that case is ENTERTAINMENT? You're not the Huffington Post, will you please leave the reporting on this trial/book deal to them? Please stick to the fun stuff, because you just posting about it is now earning you money. Blood money off of that poor child. PLEASE stop.

  4. 4

    Re: getbentex – REALLY??? No concrete evidence? YEa everyday people who love their children do not report them missing and lies about everything under the sun without any kind of assistance towards locating their child. May not be "concrete" evidence to some but to me it is obvious that Ms. Casey was involved and the ring leader in the murder of this beautiful child!!