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Another Birthday Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese!

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Just when you thought things had turned around for Mr. Charles E. Cheese!

A child's birthday party turned ugly in Michigan when his grandmother was beaten by another parent. The 60-year-old woman was jumped after she approached another party and asked that she watch her children, who were disrupting their own party. Things turned violent quickly as this other adult attacked the elderly woman, choking her and beating her, all in front of the kids.

The grandmother's son-in-law was the only one arrested in the ordeal, as he seemed to be the only one who was unruly by the time the police arrived.

Watch the video to see for yourself the damage that was done to this woman and her grandson. (above)

No self-respecting family should ever take their kids to Chuck E Cheese ever. EVER! They're just a ball pit of violence, despair and broken dreams!

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11 comments to “Another Birthday Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese!”

  1. 1

    Again, as I've said before, Chuck E. Cheese is ghetto. I'm sure if pictures were posted, it would look like a gangsta get together. Sad, but this has turned into something of a waffle/chicken house setting.

  2. 2

    Broken dreams? Like, DRAMATIC MUCH??

  3. 3

    this happened to me years ago at my daughters b-day havent gone back since the situation was two other birthdays were going on and they got into it the cops came and everyone left, when I complained the next day all they said was it was an unforeseen situation and they couldn't do anything no coupons some refund nothing we spent alot of money that day

  4. 4

    So, a couple of sociopaths get into a fight and you condem the ENTIRE CHAIN?! God you're an ass. So based on your same logic and not having contradictory double standards, you should of course come out AGAINST , occupy wall street, the kardumbians, lindsay, cris brown etc etc, Oh WAIT never mind they PAY you TOO much money,

  5. 5

    "ball pit of violence, despair and broken dreams!" Sounds just like your social life. Where you and Momma going for your next date?

  6. 6

    Where I live in AZ we have "Peter Piper Pizza" which is just like Chuck. I took my son there on Saturday for his birthday and my kids had a fun time. That night I was reading my local paper online and discovered that an employee there had been arrested earlier in the month for almost molesting a 5 yr old boy in the bathroom. My heart sunk after that.

  7. 7

    …they should punish the assholes by making them eat the pizza !……….

  8. 8

    I take personal offense to this entire story. Yes, fights sometimes break out at CEC. But fights break out everywhere! It is not the company's fault that these trashy people chose to fight at CEC. And the fact that this blog chooses to single the company out as being at fault for incidents like this makes me sick. I have worked at CEC for over 10 years and yes, in my time I have seen a fight or two. But that speaks to the calibur of those PEOPLE, not this COMPANY.

  9. 9

    People may think we are a bad place, but I will never apologize for the smiles I get to put on children's faces everyday. My store has tons of regular customers that come back again and again, because we are a great place to bring your kids. We are clean, fun, and SAFE. If anything does occur, we IMMEDIATELY take action, and call the police. My store has a no tolerance policy for swearing, yelling, or violence of any kind.

    I advise you to think twice before judging an entire company over small incidents like this. It is more or less discrimination, and I know you're supposed to be against that.

  10. 10

    Re: gloryofcristi – peace out,, peerex is a brainless asshole

  11. 11

    Why is it Chuck E.Cheeses fault you big dumb gay idiot? That CHAIN has no control over the people that come in there, how on earth can an entire chain or a specific restaurant for the horrible people that come in there..No one has control over that. The second something starts im sure Chuck E. Cheese employees immediately called the police..Seriously, not only are you annoying perez but you're irrational and dumb as as hell.