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Courtney Love Blows Up And Storms Off Stage After Kurt Cobain Picture Reignites Bad Memories

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It's been nearly 20 years since Kurt Cobain tragically passed and his widow proves she's still feeling the pain.

Courtney Love traveled down to São Paulo , Brazil to perform with her band, Hole, and a picture of the late Cobain sparked some unwanted memories.

Love stormed off stage but not before giving the fan holding the picture the bird and saying the following:

I don't need to see a picture of Kurt, asshole, and I'm gonna have you fucking removed if you keep holding it up. I'm not Kurt. I have to live with his fucking shit, and his ghost, and his kid, every day

Love then told the fan to go see the Foo Fighters, band of former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. After a chant of "Foo Fighters are gay" Love came back and flashed her ta-tas to the Brazilians later in the show.

Check out the video above to see the full tirade caught on tape.

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51 comments to “Courtney Love Blows Up And Storms Off Stage After Kurt Cobain Picture Reignites Bad Memories”

  1. 1

    His kid??? And she wonders why Francis hates her. What a pathetic nasty whore. And she should be glad, whithout Kurt's fans, she would be nothing. Hole was shit punk/grunge band before she trapped Kurt, and while it still sucks ass, Kurt's fans keep it going. What a nasty fucking whore. The best thing that ever happened to her is she drove him to kill himself. She would have nothing without that.

  2. 2

    dumb bitch must be off her meds. So the whole concert has to suffer cause it sparks up 'bad memories'? get over it!

  3. 3

    Nothing wrong with Kurt's ghost he was pure.

  4. 4

    quite how she has got fans to walk out on is beyond me. Over the hill has been famous ONLY because of her dead husband. Shows all the grace of a run over piece of turd. Anyone who would pay to this this crap deserves what they got.

  5. 5

    Horrbile what she said about her daughter, but I am sure it was not meant like that…. but on the other hand, living with a drug addict - and Kurt was one - that is depressed as well and, that must be hard. I can somehow understand that she does not want to deal with that.

  6. 6

    Re: anemov – Dude, Kurt was very far from being pure!!

  7. Jai says – reply to this


    Courtney Love has well publicised mental health issues. She needs help not ridicule.

  8. 8

    Of course she's haunted by Kurt's ghost, that strung-out crack-whore killed him!

  9. 9

    See, all she needed was a NICE FAT LINE backstage and she forgets the entire ordeal……

  10. 10

    Well of course she is pissed off. I'm sure OJ would feel the same way if someone held up a picture of his dead wife at his concert.

  11. 11

    Coutrney's daughter just bought a Hollywood Hills multi-million-dollar vacation mansion; she is not in need of any food-scraps…..Franny-Bean actually has never worked a day in her life and never will with her $50 million dollar trust & monthly royalty checks…..

  12. 12

    This druggie wishes she was the Foo Fighters.

  13. 13

    she is such trash

  14. 14

    OH PLEASE! She was just cracked out of her mind….look at these pics of her and then try to tell me shes sober..YEAH RIGHT! Oh and thats nice of her manager to get the fans to chant "Foo fighters are GAY." Aren't you pissed at Bret Ratner right now for that EXACT REASON?

  15. 15

    Gawd, she one ugly crack-whore! Plastic surgery needs to advance technically a hundred more years to fix her face, and that's still not a guarantee!

  16. 16

    it might be painfull to her to have Cobain's picture rubbed at her face in every concert. she doesn't look mad, she looks sad when she says that… i totally understand her.

  17. 17

    Re: anemov – sureRe: anemov – sre he was, and i'm cinderella.

  18. 18

    I belive , she flips out about things like that beacuse she delt with his death by getting high , she put a band aid on a huge wound ,… she needs SERIOUS Therapy to deal with it , most people get upset when they see someone they loved and losts pictures , however they dont FLIP OUT LIKE THAT !!! …. I honestly feel very very sorry for her , she lost someone she cared about, suddenly and without warrning , …The Fact that Their daughter looks EXCATLY like her father , her fathers eyes , smile , everything … it must be shocking at times to catch her child at a moment when she looks excatly like kurt! , I'm not saying shes right to flip out on fans , but in a way its kinda become her trade mark , it gets her noticed . I mean look. it's on here , all thies people are commenting about it , bad publicity , is better then none to celebertys , Look what hapend to Britteny when she was ill .. every day there where hundrends of posts on hundreds of sites , it kept her in the news and if Courtney keeps doing this , she will ALWAYS be in blogs and news .. so maybe shes acctualy very smart in doing s**t like this

  19. 19

    Ok that emo fuck did not "tragically die" he killed himself and left "his kid" with that space cadet. He was a POS, no wonder he wants to forget him.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Always a class act.

  22. 22

    I think you can be "bad ass" and act like a lady.. the living proof of that is P!nk. all those"F**** you's" are not making the same effect anymore..Courtney, (as ifshe would read this lol) it would be charming if you would talk like a lady but show the world your badass side with your clothes..like ,wear stillettos with some stud on it and a simple black dress and a nice chignon. that would be attractive! but this ? is a mess..

  23. 23

    sounds like the best show ever!!

  24. 24

    drugs = ending up classless like courtney love. very sad, esp for her daughter. no matter how much money she has for doing nothing, her life must be rough

  25. 25

  26. 26

    she's nothing but a marginally talented poseur that's WAY past her expiration date -

  27. 27

    Dave Grohl is mah boo, fuck that strung out coke whore.

  28. 28

    She could always pull a Cobain and blow her brains out. Probably would do her kid a favor

  29. 29

    i understand her - hole is (was?) a great band & the concerts should be visited by her fans, not kurts. & surely the memory is painfull - he left her & the baby - & she always said that she is angry about him … she has the right to feel that way. i like people who speak out their minds! stay strong girl - you got a talent of your own & you are still alive!

  30. sanaa says – reply to this


    She is amazingly talented but such a neverending mess

  31. 31

    Re: hanna von welt – i agree with you, Perez and these other Clove haters dont know the full story. Dave Grohl made a big stink abt the money issue and publicly made her look like the money grubbing one when he was the one that BITCHED abt it, not Krist who knew Kurt longer. Kurt WHEN ALIVE had things changed so HE could have the bigger royalty % out of the 3, that pissed Dave off. Even Kurt idolizers cant deny KURT did that BEFORE his death. During Holes concerts after his death ppl would taunt her as obviously they still are, if she goes off so fucking what, dont watch the vid or judge if you havent been left with a fatherless child, greedy bandmembers and MILLIONS OF HATEFUL FANS WHO PUT KURT ON DEMI-GOD STATUS…Clove is talented and her band is still good…u fools can suck ass!

  32. 32

    Hole was never a great band. Fans, if ya'll are actually going to sit there and tell me that they would have made it big without Courtney fucking Kurt, can I join that delusional world ya live in?

  33. 33

    What a stupid drugged out whore! FUCK YOU COURTNEY LOVE you white trash whiny little bitch!!

  34. 34

    She's infinitely more entertaining than the Rihanna/Swift/Perry combo of the day.

  35. 35

    Re: BrainySFfan – Pink.Bad ass in a Marcel Marceau kind of way.

  36. 36

    Nobody in the Foo Fighters are gay so that moron was insulting gay people. Why didn't Courtney say something about that? Courtney used to have a gay woman as her drummer! Kurt Cobain's best friend in high school was gay! The days of describing something as 'gay' when it is in fact not homosexual are over. Perez, I'm surprised you didn't mention that in this article. Come on dude, you usually notice this stuff.

  37. 37

    "His kid"? So she's not "my" or even "our"? Her daughter should never have been raised by this woman. What a toxic environment.

  38. 38

    Re: sanaa
    "She is amazingly talented but such a neverending mess" ….
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Yep, pretty much what I was thinking as well ..

  39. 39

    Love was known to be hooking up with men to ride their coat tails into fame before she ever hooked up with Kurt. She was a drug addict and fame whore before she ever met Kurt. Hole would never have found it's couple years of fame without her connection to Kurt. He was suffering from his own depression and addictions too and trying to balance out fame with his beliefs about life. He was not pure, he was a troubled soul. No one could ever convince me that Courtney's deep, deep desire for fame and the spotlight didn't help to drive Kurt further into his black hole seeing fame was not what he was really after. The way she refers to Frances is unbelievable. God Bless Frances for having to live without her father and having to live with one crazy ass, drug addict as a mother. He haunts her for a reason and it stems from guilt. She might not have pulled the trigger, but…

  40. 40

    nearly 20 years since Kurt Cobain tragically passed" hr did not "tragically pass" he blew his fucking head off

  41. 41

    Re: anemov – he was pure, a pure suicidal junkie

  42. 42

    Re: hanna von welt – what the fuck are you smoking?

  43. 43

    Awe she's such a lovely, polite girl! :rolls eyes:

  44. 44

    God if only kurt was around for francis…..this bitch is so delusional! I don't blame francis for hating her…. not one bit

  45. 45

    Re: Jai – What are you her MUM? She's a dumb bitch and needs shut her hole!! Get it? Hole? hahaha

  46. 46

    love me sum courtney!! live through this is one of the most brilliant albums of all time, imho!!

  47. 47

    Re: Trancelike – Exactly!!

  48. 48

    Re: Jennyb25 – You're lame.

  49. 49

    Holes album Live Through This otherwise the only one that has actually sold and got critical acclaim was written by Kurt. They both admitted it it was only after he died that the story changed. Lyrically compare Live Through This to the others and it is obviously Kurt.

  50. 50

    And for you fools who claim that Courtney was a mom after Kurt died wrong again. Frances was constantly taken away raised by others and when she was with Courtney she was raised by a nanny. "His kid" was nothing more than a meal ticket to her she lost custody a year before Frances turned 18 and now they have no contact.

  51. 51

    Was she wasted or is she really that much of a bitch when she's sober? Either way, the way she talked about her daughter was disgusting. No wonder Frances took out a restraining order against her mother. Who would want to live with a mother who behaved like her? What a sick, destructive mess Courtney is. So unprofessional too. So what if one fan pissed her off? You just ignore them and grow a thick skin if you want to be in show business. There were tons of other fans who paid to see her show. (Why, I can't imagine, except people love a train wreck. She can't sing!) Narcissists never think of anyone's feelings except their own.