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Battle Of The E! Network Stars: Joel McHale Vs. Kris Jenner!

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We hate to say this, but we'd watch our ass if we were you, Joel McHale. Momma Kardashian has enough money to buy you, sell you back, buy you again, whack you off and put your body in place where no man in 100 years will find it.

But so far it just sounds like she's happy just complaining about you, so thumbs up for that!

Joel McHale was on Conan last week and as per usual, the topic of the Kardashians came up, specifically Kim Kardashian and her recent, devastating news. Joel revealed to Conan that he doesn't have the best relationship with his fellow E! stars, particulary matriarch Kris Jenner, who has taken to calling up the network heads every time Joel makes a joke about her kids. In the interview, he explains:

"Kim's mom would call E! much like an old lady neighbor going like, 'Your son's baseball landed in my window again', and they don't like it when we bring it up."

To see what "it" he is talking about exactly, check out the video (above) for the HIGHlarious interview.

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29 comments to “Battle Of The E! Network Stars: Joel McHale Vs. Kris Jenner!”

  1. 1

    Kris Jenner always talks about how her family has a sense of humor. I guess no humor can be spread at E!

  2. 2

    Joel is hilarious and he needs to continue making fun of the Kardashians. They're losers and E! needs to get their heads out of the K-Klan's arses and let Joel continue to bash them. The only show I watch on E! is The Soup. It's the only decent show on that network and a lot of people have that opinion.

  3. 3

    She's just like any madam watching out for her merchandise. Kris Jenner needs to learn how to shut her trap. She's a stage mother from hell who never got anywhere herself despite all her whoring around. And so, she was DETERMINED to make her daughter's whoring pay off.

  4. 4

    Is Kris Jenner trying to convince us that the KarTRASHians are classy?

  5. 5

    Joel is perfect. What a guy!

  6. 6

    The Soup is the only show worth watching on E!. If E! did try to censor him, it would get out and backfire on E! and the Ks.

  7. 7

    That was really funny. Kris J shouldn't get mad about what Joel says. It's all the truth. She must not like hearing the truth about her family because she lives in a fantasy life of lie upon lie upon lie. It's all scripted or made up. She doesn't know the difference between what is real and what is a lie because so many things that come out of her and her daughters mouths are lies. If you tell the truth you don't have to have a good memory.

  8. 8

    love Joel & the Soup
    that bobblehead looks more like Bill Hader on SNL

    KarTRASHians love it why didn't I think of that lol

  9. 9

    It's called the First Amendment, and Mama K and her family put themselves out their for everyone's scrutiny. Just because you're a part of the Kastrashian family now P, doesn't mean that everyone can be bought. Way to go Joel.

  10. 10

    Perez or whoever wrote this piece. Let me fill you in on something. The phrase "whack you off" has nothing to do with what you think it does. "whack you off" means she just gave him a happy ending with her hand!!!!!

  11. 11


  12. h93lo says – reply to this


    he's so blunt! i love it

  13. 13

    Joel is funny! :]

  14. 14

    The Kardashian kids adored their father and were heartbroken by the divorce. When did Kris Jenner tell them the real reason for the divorce and what was their reaction? And now there are all these rumors about who really is Khloe's father. I feel so bad for her. How could Kris Jenner do all that to her children!!

  15. 15

    Momma Kardashian has enough money to buy you, sell you back, buy you again, whack you off and put your body in place where no man in 100 years will find it.———I don't put it past this pimpmama…all on film of course with a paid sponsor.

  16. 16

    He is cute! =)

  17. 17

    Re: Lavransdatter – because she is soleless..she sold her children and she backstabbed the brown family for a book. SHe is the queen slut and her daughters are the workerbee sluts. Bruce is just an idiot who cannot protect the two daughters he has. Before I even heard of the Kardashians and saw Bruce, I was shocked and believe the Enquirer when they said he was "going through a sex change." He looked like a woman.

  18. 18

    Joel is genius! Kim is a porn star…you put out a sex tape and make money off of it then your considered a porn star. And Joel can't talk about it? That's like not being able to point out that Sasha Grey is a porn star. Stupid. Kardashians need to disappear.

  19. 19

    even though you didn't mean to be, Perez, that was elfin hilarious, Kris Jenner is going to whack off Joel McHale!?!!! she wishes…..

  20. 20

    I bet pimpmom is trying her best to get Joel fired! she's a nasty evil lil wench

  21. 21

    At least Joel EARNED his fame without a sex tape. He seems to be the only person on that network with half a brain left who doesn't fall the Kardashian's bullshit. As long he keeps that up i might continue being a fan of his.

  22. 22

    you hate to say it perez? duhhh maybe he dont need to watch what he says since he's not an ass kissing scared queen like you

  23. 23

    whack you off and , and this is a bad thing???

  24. 24

    Joel is so funny! What a great interview, you can tell how respectful he is of conan.
    Thanks for posting!

  25. 25

    Dont ever change Joel! Love your show. Love Chels as well but she stays clear of being as honest as she would like to. But she thinks it! Love my soup.

  26. 26

    omg this guy is dam funny. maybe i should start watching the soup

  27. 27


  28. 28

    HAHA. love how him and Chelsea are honest about them.

  29. 29

    I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Its exactly how the people feel about the Kardashians. They are circus animals. Put on TV for the dog and pony show of the people. They are a joke and they dont even know it. They think the people care. But the more horrible their lives the happier the public is. Its sick.