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New York Mayor Has Wall Street Protesters Evicted By The Police

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But Occupy Wall Street is not over yet!

Early this morning, New York City Mayor Bloomberg has the police sweep into Lower Manhattan and finally clear out the hundreds or so protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement that have been camping out for nearly eight weeks to protest income inequality.

Decked out in riot gear, police and the park’s owners told protesters at 1 a.m. to pack up and get out. The group can return, however, as the big issue seems to be the masses of people sleeping in a public space for this long stretch of time.

Yeah, tell that to the kids of Occupy Twilight!

Mayor Bloomberg addressed the issue this morning, saying:

“The First Amendment protects speech. It doesn’t protect the use of tents and sleeping bags to take over public space.”

The park is closed today, so that city officials can survey the damage done by the protestors and restore some order to the space. They will be allowed to return, however, but without tents, sleeping bags or tarps, and must follow park rules, according to Bloomberg.

Is this the beginning of the end? Could this bring this movement to a halt? Similar action certainly did in Oakland and Portland. Is the hub of this whole operation next?

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