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Regis Reflects On The End With Jerry Seinfeld

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Coincidentally, the man who will take over his chair when Regis leaves the show for good! (But only for a short while.)

This week marks the end of Regis Philbin's 30+ year career hosting Live! and for the occassion, he sat down with Jerry Seinfeld for an interview with Newsweek. Jerry knows a thing or two about leaving network TV on a high note (walked away from Seinfeld at the top of its game in 1998), so the pair shared their thoughts on leaving such dream jobs behind.

Jerry focused primarily on Regis though, asking how Regis has managed to keep his a career in broadcasting viable for nearly six decades. He responded:

"You know, I never knew if I had any talent when I started in this business. My first job was being a page at The Tonight Show. I saw Jack Paar come out one night and sit on the edge of his desk and talk about what he'd done the night before. I thought, 'I can do that!' I used to do that on a street corner in the Bronx with all my buddies."

Seinfeld adds that Philbin is unquestionably "the most successful television performer in the history of the medium," and that Regis is leaving at his "absolute height of power and strength." The legendary talk show host revealed:

"I feel bittersweet about it. But I'm kind of relieved. It's got to come some time. It's not scary, because God knows we've all made enough money to keep us going. But it's going to be a change."

Then, Seinfeld revealed that Regis used to be part of his act when he was first on the air, joking:

"'What kind of show is this? What are these two people doing? They're denting seat cushions up there.' But you were doing a lot, because we loved having you in our home and we want more."

We certainly do, but at the same time, if this is what is best for Reg, than so be it!

You'll be missed, Reg! That is for certain!

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2 comments to “Regis Reflects On The End With Jerry Seinfeld”

  1. 1

    don't think we'll see anyone else with Regis again ….. likeability and longevity and loyalty, mature yet impish, always a gentleman, quick witted, not a mean bone in his body, authentic, genuine and never phoney, great story teller, great cabaret performer, truly loves and respects his audiences, still grateful for his career, doing what he loves and excels at
    I could go on ….but you get the idea
    …will miss him dearly
    he's earned a rest and a chance to enjoy his grandkids and do a few other things that he'd enjoy- like popping up on a sports broadcast- travelling with Joy- sleeping in if he feels like it etc.
    miss Seinfeld to - but at least we have the reruns to laugh at

  2. 2

    Oh, so glad he is going. Insecure, childish, jealous of K. Rippa. Did anyone else notice how he constantly put her down? Boring. He always had to be tuned in to pop culture. He can't sing and is just annoying. I stopped watching the show because I couldn't stand him. Buh bye.