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Spirit Airlines Screws Its Customers AGAIN! Raises Online Booking Fee

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spirit airlines screws customers again

Oh, Spirit Airlines! You never cease to disappoint us!

To recap, Spirit became the first American airline to charge a fee for carry-on baggage back in 2010. Ugh.

Then, back in June we heard the LAME news that the airline had plans to start charging $5 for boarding passes printed out by Spirit agents EACH WAY.

They had said that they wouldn't charge anything extra if you check in online or print your own boarding pass…but it looks like they're making up for that with new added fees!

That's right, folks! The airline has just announced that they'll start charging NEARLY $34 in fees to buy tickets online!!!!!! WTF!!!!!

Apparently, they used to charge an $8.99 "passenger usage fee" each way…but now they're charging $16.99 for that BS fee EACH WAY!

And yes, they will charge U for a glass of water while on the plane! We've actually heard a case where someone needed a drink for medication, and even THEN the airline put up a fight before handing out a free glass of water. Awful.

Might as well just change their name to SCAM AIRLINES. It's a shorter name than "Spirit," so maybe they can save even more money on paint.

What do U think? Will U still fly Spirit even after these new price hikes???

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8 comments to “Spirit Airlines Screws Its Customers AGAIN! Raises Online Booking Fee”

  1. 1

    Another hard lesson: you get what you pay for. Yeah, their tickets come cheap in comparison to other airlines but you always make up for it on the fees!:(((((((( Anyway, no, I won't be using this airline anymore unless no other option is available. I prefer a reputable major airline with a proven record of good customer service for the most part. They all suck but some actually have customer service unlike Spirit where every penny counts even if that means taking the shirt off your back for it!!!!

  2. 2

    Simple solution. Don't fly Spirit. The End.

  3. 3

    so much for their $9 club-(which has very limited $9 flights-and most are what would be covered by a regional airline)-if this is true, for their $9 flights, by the time you add in the other fees, it would be cheaper to fly a MAJOR company

  4. 4

    What's the issue? European budget airlines do this all of the time, but they're still cheaper than any other carrier. Here's what you do - carry on your luggage and print your own boarding passes. It's not difficult. No one here complains about printing out their boarding passes, but I guess fat ass Mario is too lazy to ask his assistant to do it for him.

  5. 5

    Since Spirit Airlines has proven how ridiculously cheap they are, makes you wonder how they're maintaining their planes. They're surely cutting corners and cheaping out on plane maintenance. Who cares about people's lives when the only thing that matters is money! I will never use this airline, there's always another choice.

  6. 6

    so fly on another airline, whats your problem dumbass

  7. 7

    Yes. Go google "Ryanair charges" and see what that airline is doing. All this and more and it hasn't stopped people from flying it.

  8. 8

    Re: JustHadToComment – Ryanair is freaking cheap and I love flying with them. I can get a return ticket to anywhere in Europe for under £50 - often under £20. Anyone who argues that budget airlines are ripping them off with additional fees should stfu. I could fly BA for £200 or Ryanair for £30 - when I pay £30 I know that I'm carrying on my luggage and any food and drinks I need for the flight. I'm not expecting frills.