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This Is Not A Joke: Pamela Anderson To Play Virgin Mary For Christmas TV Show

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 Pamela Anderson To Play Virgin Mary For Christmas TV Show

Oh, Canada.

Pamela Anderson is set to play baby Jesus' Virgin mother in A Russell Peters Christmas Special!!

Yes, the actress known for her role in Baywatch, her home video Tommy Lee, and not for her short-lived TV series Stacked, has been cast as Mary in a manger scene for the Canadian Television sketch show. (Also, hell has frozen over!)

This we're sure Russell Peters knows that his decision to cast Pam will piss a lot of people off, but perhaps those people aren't in his target demographic. This has potential to be highlarious, hopefully they pull it off and it's not just terribly offensive!!

A Russell Peters Christmas Special will also star Michael Bublé, Ted Lange (The Love Boat), SNL Jon Lovitz and Scott Thompson.

[image via Bonita de Mas]

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12 comments to “This Is Not A Joke: Pamela Anderson To Play Virgin Mary For Christmas TV Show”

  1. 1

    The first Virgin Mary to have breast implants! I wonder who is gonna play Baby Jesus Bevis and Butthead!

  2. 2

    i think it is disgusting that they would disrespect the Virgin Mary like that!Nothing against Pamela,and really,if it was a genuine movie and she is playing the role of the Virgin Mary,but in a decent and respectfull manner,thats fine,but to make fun of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ….it makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    Maybe the Virgin Mary's grandmother-and I am near Anderson's age. The Virgin Mary was supposed to be a young teen…… Unless she is playing her at the age of Christ's crucifyig-THEN, she would be closer to the right age!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    That is just sooo wrong.

  6. 6

    Oh wow.. You didn't call the Prophet Mohammad thing on South Park 'HIGHlarious' only offensive. This has the potential to be as bad. Nice to see that you'll have a laugh.

  7. 7

    That is soooooooo far gone!!! what a old slut. Really people?? Society is not bad enough for you? that you have to disgustingly portray a good soul. Now if she was playing the devils virgin then god bless.

  8. 8

    Virgin Mary? Better Mary Madeleine!

  9. 9

    Oh screw off you religious nuts getting your panties in a bunch because a comedy sketch includes the virgin mary (a made up story to begin with). it's COMEDY! Casting Pam Anderson is so over the top ridiculous, it's GENIUS! Have you never seen a Russel Peters show? Get a life you losers

  10. 10

    The Virgin Mary did not have Hep-c or slut tapes, god that thing is nothing more than a wrinkled pig.

  11. 11

    clearly none of you have seen a Russell Peters show or no who he is. its called comedy. this casting will probably end up being perfect.

  12. 12

    I think most people are just so completely desensitized. This person to play the mother of Jesus? Oh come on, it is just comedy! Please. Let's all hide behind, "It is just comedy." Because something is comedy, does not give it a free ride-can we start being responsible??? It would be nice to live in a world were shock value and money didn't rule.