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American Hiker Who Was Imprisoned In Iran Is Getting Married!

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Such wonderful news!

Back in 2009, American hikers Joshua Fattal, Shane Bauer, and Shane's fiance Sarah Shourd were sent to prison by Iranian police on charges of trespassing and suspicion of being American spies.

Then in 2010, Sarah was released, but both Shane and Joshua were kept in prison until September 2011, when they were freed thanks to the effort of Amnesty International, the prisoners' families, other human rights organizations, and Sean Penn.

Now Shane and Sarah have announced that they're getting married (above), and we are so happy to hear it!

Their strength through this lengthy, horrific situation is incredibly inspiring to us!

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12 comments to “American Hiker Who Was Imprisoned In Iran Is Getting Married!”

  1. 1

    These two deserve a lifetime of happiness after all they went through.

  2. 2

    So I'm gonna just say it; who the hell decides that taking a 'hike' anywhere near or around Iraq/Iran is a good idea? How stupid do you need to be to know, hey,maybe save the hiking for home turf ? Sorry, just seems really like American arrogance at it's best…my sympathy is with their families , but I have a hard time feeling bad for them as individuals. Just stupid.

  3. 3

    yes someone already said it..this is awful what they went thru really horrible but who in their right mind GOES HIKING IN IRAQ!! cmon that is just mental…maybe they could honeymood in afghanistan …

  4. 4

    dumb ass americans seriously
    they deserve each other

  5. 5

    They knew exactly what they were doing.
    Everyone's looking for attention, some just make more idiotic decisions to get it than others.

  6. 6

    These two dilettantes should be boiled in oil! How much did it cost the American taxpayer in for diplomatic efforts because they needed to work out their personal liberation by causing an international incident? The only fools worse than these three are the two that did the same thing in Korea while "collecting rocks." Idiots all!

  7. 7

    First of all they were spies. Americans traveling in that region who happen to speak Arabic? And second, Sean Penn had nothing to do with their release. They were freed on $1 million dollars "bail" posted by Oman.
    But I am glad that they are free!

  8. 8

    Dumb asses

  9. txmrs says – reply to this


    Do you ever watch the REAL news? This is old news. They have been engaged since before she was released a year earlier. Her engagement ring was a string until he was released and gave her a real one.

  10. 10

    Hiking in Iran - yes that is a brilliant plan! They got what the deserved and they should have to pay back every cent it took to get them freed IDIOTS lets hope they dont make babies!

  11. 11

    a couple of dummies. where in the hell did that lady get an accent btw? weirdo.

  12. 12

    OH,you mean the 3 are getting married, as Jos Fattal seems to be tied tho Shourd's apron strings. Shane said THEY plan to return to the Middle East, hehe!!! good luck with that visa this time around.