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Every GLEE-tail: Getting Out Of Dodge(ball)

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The trending topic amongst Gleeks last night? SLAP!

When Ryan Murphy said that he was going to bring Glee “back to basics” at the start of this season, we’ll confess: we were skeptical. There’s so much new stuff going on – new characters, senior year, etc – that we feared juggling it all would veer the show off in yet another new direction. (Pun not intended) But last night … last night reminded us why this show quickly became a fan favorite and why it STILL should be on everyone’s radar.


Hands down, one of our favorite episodes of the series. Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty:

The show has tackled the topic of bullying before, but never quite like this. A major storyline throughout this episode focused on the rivalry between Santana and Finn. Always one to speak her brutally honest mind, Santana pushes Finn over the edge with a hateful rant and he calls her out on insulting other people’s insecurities so she doesn’t have to face her own, namely hiding her relationship with Brittany. As it so happens, a niece of one of Sue Sylvester’s congressional opponents overhears the exchange and Santana is outted in the sleaze’s campaign to hurt Sue.

When Glee first came on the air, it became popular not only because of the music, but because the writing reflected a well-composed balance of comedic and serious milestones in the life of a teen. The majority of this episode was quite light-hearted. There’s a Hall and Oats number with horrid 80s clothes, a lovely scene between Rachel Berry and Shelby, & at one point, Kurt is dressed up like Leonard Whiting. (Look it up!) But throughout, Santana’s pivotal plot was being exceptionally woven into each of the subsequent storylines – Sue’s campaign, the Glee club rivalries, even the class elections – all leading up to Santana’s devastating moment and Finn’s bitch-slapped face. And no matter if you blame Finn or not for what happened, no one deserves to have that moment taken away from them. The young fans who watch this show, particularly ones dealing with coming to terms with who they were born to be, will hopefully take something good away from this episode.

A real win for newbie writer Michael Hitchcock. Clearly, he’s as big a Gleek as we are and we’re thrilled he’s on board. Big kudos to him. And the same to Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera. We're glad to see these players get a HUGE story to play in the coming episodes.

But Santana wasn’t the only girl outted last night. Quinn’s schemes to steal back her baby from Shelby finally came to light as the heat between her and Puck started to pick up. Puck confesses the truth about Q and her ulterior motives to Shelby , who in turn refuses to let Quinn get closer to her daughter. She throws her out of her home, insisting that Quinn figure out her mess of a life for her own good. We’re glad she said it – cause we sure as hell were tired of saying it ourselves! Be gone skanky Q! We want our old fabulous Fabray back!

Overall, this episode wasn’t a stand alone like last week’s, but it’s setting up events to come in the rest of the season that are really going to be monumental. We like where this is going. We really, really, really do.

Few Sides Notes:

A) Forget "Hot For Teacher" … we’re hot for Darren! A+++ to whoever choreographed all the crotch-grabbing!

B) Puck does not know how to play the piano. Who are any of you trying to fool with that?

C) We never thought about it before, but yeah, Adele does sound like Banana Cream Pie when she sings!

D) Bet those “angry white people” wish they hadn’t paid to elect Sue Sylvester now.

D) Topless Tuesdays?! Only if Mike Chang joins you, Brittany! (Yum!!!)

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13 comments to “Every GLEE-tail: Getting Out Of Dodge(ball)”

  1. 1

    "And no matter if you blame Finn or not for what happened, no one deserves to have that moment taken away from them."

    Ummmm Perez… how many celebrities have you taken that moment away from and outed to the whole world?

    Remember outing Clay Aiken, Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris just to name a few?

    Agree with most of the Glee opinion, but this point seems very hypocritical!

  2. 2

    so… do you mention "violence is never the answer" only when it's convenient for you? because you're make a point of mentioning it in almost any post with a fight… but not this one. is it cuz it's something YOU would hit someone oveR?

  3. 3

    I am responding here to the Penn State thing since you have the "comments off." Please, please, please do not refer to the rape/molestation tragedy as a "sex scandal." Sex has nothing to do with it and confusing rape and sex is ignorant and dangerous. Please have more tact.

  4. 4

    Puck may not be able to play piano but Mark definitely does.

  5. 5

    "And no matter if you blame Finn or not for what happened, no one deserves to have that moment taken away from them."
    Remember when Santana BULLIED Kurt about his sexuality before he came out? Yea, Santana's a bitch. It was the first time anyone stood up to her and she deserved it. A television commercial outing her is harsh, sure, but someone finally gave her a taste of how she treats everyone else and she couldn't handle it. And "Always one to speak her brutally honest mind"? The entire episode she was taking jabs at Finn's weight and body. That's not honest considering the kid isn't fat in the least. Bullying like that leads to major self esteem issues and possibly eating disorders. And she led the Troubletones in attacking Rory with dodgeballs till his nose bled. Girl is straight up horrible and I don't feel bad for her, but you do to the point where you don't even say "violence is never the answer" because her being gay makes up for all the terrible things she's done to everyone.

  6. 6

    Regarding Dodge ball. Why wouldn't anyone want to play dodge ball. I am a girl and had a blast playing it when I was young. The balls didn't hurt that much. It has nothing to do with bullying. It was a fun game. Next, people will be saying we should get rid of Red Rover because only the cool people get picked. Bullying is totally different and I am against that 100%. People should focus on REAL bullying instead of this.

  7. 7

    ScarlettColepepper - isn't it amazing that Perez doesn't let you comment on everything. He decides what he thinks you should comment on.

  8. 8

    you should really make a post on kurt's speech, it was by far the best part of the whole episode

  9. 9

    Perez, this is a great commentary, but I agree that it sounds hypocritical of you to criticize Finn for outing Santana.

  10. 10

    I don't really think it's unbelievable that Puck plays the piano. He does play guitar. Maybe he learned as a child. And Mark Salling does play the piano.

  11. 11

    Re: MsOverstreet – I couldn't agree more. I know it was bad to forced out some one but come on, Santana has been a mega bitch to Finn and Rory for the last few episodes. I'm not a fan of Santana but I hated her in this episode. I don't feel that she deserves to be outed but she had it coming. When you shit on some one for so long, they will reach the breaking point and snap which is what Finn did.

  12. 12

    Santana is a B*tch.
    There is no denying it. And Finn's reaction although not ideal, was to be eventually expected. Neither are really to blame. The real issue is the Shitty politician who created that add. I think the real message of this part of the show was that "poo slinging" in politics is destructive. Sure Finn said it out loud in the halls, but as he said, everyone at school kind of already knew. But to put something like that in a political add, is just ridiculously unethical and irresponsible. An innocent bystander, a high school student, is going to suffer because the adults couldn't remain civil with each other during an election. So that someone can go up in the polls. There is the real problem.

  13. 13

    I have to clarify my previous comment - Santana didn't deserve to be outed. No one does. But she definitely got what was coming to her. Finn didn't intend to out her, which is why I don't think he's as much of an ass as everyone thinks. Doesn't everyone practically know already? She didn't try to hide it very well if she was out on a public date with Brittany.