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Joy Behar Leaving HLN Show At End Of The Year!

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joy behar leaving hln

Wow, this is a surprise!

Joy Behar, who currently gives good talk on The View and her HLN Joy Behar Show, will leave CNN's sister network at the end of the year.

Joy, who may be dealing with some stress juggling everything, is going to use her free time after leaving "to explore new opportunities."

Since The Joy Behar Show is such a success, we're thinking she's ready to climb that sassy ladder!!!

Good luck to you, girl! And if people have a problem with it, so what! Who cares?

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Joy Behar Leaving HLN Show At End Of The Year!”

  1. 1

    i really like her show shes straight up to the point shell do great i see her show is really good specially the segment with bernie madoff when the father in law came to tell the story ..

  2. 2

    I always pronounce her name as "Bay-hard", lol. Like to pursue or challenge with barking or to express by barking or howling! She has such a loud, annoying voice how does anyone listen to her?

  3. buck says – reply to this


    She is part of the 1%, come on everyone..let get her!!!

  4. 4

    she is leaving because she has the lowest ratings of all cable…hilarious! Its not stress! her show is just to bias and one sided, so she gets no ratings. Instead of firing her she decides to leave on her own acord. Its less embarrasing for her. Besides, she is one of the 1%, so she is okay.

  5. 5

    Good riddance kunt, your horrible anyway.

  6. 6

    she's a skank…remember her about a generation ago on WABC???
    fuck her in her skanky ass…

  7. 7

    She really needs a nose job. Skip the botox and get your nose fixed, ya ugly dog!

  8. 8

    Laving ??????????????
    She was given the boot, but CNN had enough class to let her say she wanted to leave
    Her ratings are terrible,Keith Olbermann has more viewers
    and he's on a channel that no one can get

    Bette is still waiting for you to return her wigs

  9. 9

    I wish you the best Joy - but - I will miss your HLN show.

  10. 10

    No one in their right mind would leave a "HIT" show so it leads me to believe that she was CANNED and they just gave her the option to not renew her contract!!

  11. 11

    I've seen her show a few times, but not on a regular basis. As for the daytime show she's on, I absolutely hate that show. All those idiots yell over one another, I can't hear what the fuk they're saying, so I had to dump them!

  12. 12

    I can't stand her biased talk. If she would now just leave the View all would be great.

  13. 13

    Wasn't this bitches choice to go….CNN did not renew the show…..wouldn't say her show is a success look at the ratings dumbass!!!