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Kris Humphries Ex Reveals He Used Kim Kardashian To Gain Fame!

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Looks like Kim Kardashian got rid of a major headache by choosing to divorce Kris Humphries. And by major headache, we mean a fame whore!

Kris’ ex-girlfriend of TWO years is coming out and talking to the press about who Kris really is and how he was using Kim for fame!

Bianka Kamper tells InTouch magazine:

“He would call the Kardashians garbage. He would never watch the show with me. He always bad-mouthed it and said it was trashy. He would ask, ‘Why are you watching that?’

He would say, ‘When you’re ready to watch something that’s a lot more educational and not a load of garbage, I’m in the other room.”

Bianka adds that Kris would call Kim “fake” and said she made her money and got famous by “making a sex tape.”

She says “Kris was a penny-pincher. He would do anything he could to save money, and he definitely did not buy expensive clothes.”

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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84 comments to “Kris Humphries Ex Reveals He Used Kim Kardashian To Gain Fame!”

  1. 1

    And there it is, a few days pass, and you post a bullshit post trying to make Fatasian look good. Because everyone knows, if you want to find out the truth about someone, ask someone who is an ex-girlfriend, they always tell the truth because women who lose a man are always gracious and hope for the best for him in the future. Your a fucking idiot.

  2. 2

    KK products are sold at Sears, online, and at Sephora.
    We'll see if this get printed…

  3. 3

    and KK is associated with Shoedazzle….not every product has their name on it.

  4. 4

    My guess is Kris Jenner is paying randoms to say this, they will do anything to extend their 15 minutes!!!

  5. 5

    Yes, I totally believe a bitter ex girlfriend. Like this fake whore is really going to get a real man to be with her, nobody wants an attention whoring slut as a wife

  6. 6

    Of course the ex-girlfriend is bad-mouthing him. You're so pro-Kardashian it's appalling.

  7. 7

    Well now isnt she a class act selling out her ex for a few minutes in the spotlight! Talk about a famewhore - talking smack about your ex for money pretty much wins you that title. And just what is so bad about being frugal and not buying expensive clothing. Maybe Kris has a brain and realizes an NBA career doesnt last a lifetime. This girl sounds liek a complete bitter bitch.

  8. 8

    That would be awesome if he did say those things… but this just sounds like a load of bull stirred up to make Kim look good…

  9. 9

    sound like Bianka is a bit jealous, trying to get her 5 min in the magazines
    whats wrong with not buying expensive clothes and trying to save money? what an idiot

  10. 10

    Did he say all of these things before he met her? If so, then its not that big of a deal. People always rip on celebrities and then once they meet them, decide that they like them.

  11. 11

    All this is is a ploy to make people feel bad for Kim. It's ridiculous. This bitter ex-girlfriend is a laugh and a half and I seriously woudn't put it past any of the KK's to be slipping her some serious fundage to make this comment.

  12. 12

    Re: The Santa Kim item that you wont let anyone comment on . .. If she really has had a visit planned for so long as she is claiming then why say "I'd love to go back this December again and visit everyone" instead of "cant see to see everyone again" She really is a terrible liar and its pathetic that she will use a picture of a sick child for attention.

  13. 13

    Come on Perez - do you really believe this shit or are you simply on the Kardashian payroll? Your positive spin on Kim is laughable. Do you really believe that he is a bigger fame whore than she is? Do you really believe that Kim went to a children's hospital out of the goodness of her heart? You have sold your soul to the devil Perez, and the result will be the steady decline of your websites, and the steady decline of any respect anyone ever had for you.

  14. 14

    NOT TRUE. This is the Kardashian's trying to take the heat off Kim by trashing Kris. Kris was used.

  15. 15

    Did Kardashian money "jog" her memory? This is the Kardashians lying once again.

  16. 16

    Being paid by a rag to share dirt on an old flame…who's using who for fame?

  17. 17

    He would be my hero If he could string sentences together like that. You are apart of the KarTrashian machine Perez, Kris H. asking to watch s/thing more educational, um yeah. That could happen. lolololols Nice pic of Kim in the children's hospital w/ her camera crew i hope there was someone behind her to wash down the poor kids as she ran away after the flashes were gone.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    I'm not buying this at all, his ex just sounds jealous, he dumped her and hooked up with a media famewh0re. This chick is just looking for a little attention. I'm calling BS on this one!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    And…how does anyone know if there is truth to this? This proves nothing. Kris may have hated the Kardashians before he got together with Kim, sure. Sounds like a story. A bitter ex-girlfriend/person trying to get her name in the limelight as well doesn't sound like a very reliable source haha. Could be true, could be not true.

  22. 22

    Re: Babycakes!!! – I agree…who can believe anything she says so why should we believe she's "not doing it for good press." It just seems that way. Still a good deed though but so easy to see right through her.

  23. 23

    it seems to me that the famewhore is another EX

  24. 24

    Omg, you are a flip flop. The transvo is making money just as KK had and is. KH breaks up with the pug face and of course she will say anything. Lmoarotf. If she sat around on her ass every week to watch KUWTK, I would not want her as a baby mama either. KK pretended not to be as on TV, with Kris. Ban kardashians and this twit if he really believes this is not another ex scorned. And to think i likes ur site.

  25. 25

    Re: hoochpit – Lol, exactly.

  26. 26

    Since you closed the comment section for the article about "kim paying a visit to children's hospital" or whatever and posed this one about a bitter bitchy ex bad-mouth Kris, I guess you're bought back by Mama Kris Jenny???

  27. 27

    I believe this girl 100%. But that really doesn't say shit. Remember, it was KIM who went after him, not the other way around. Who would say no to all that booty. He is half black after all. And how many people talk shit about celebs and change their minds after meeting them?. Nothing she say's is out of the usual. He saves his money and he felt the same way 90% of people feels about Kim, so?

  28. 28

    His head is too big

  29. 29

    How is this sad Perez? because he is actually normal? Because he doesn't spend millions on clothes? Because he knows that Kardashians are trash? It was wrong for him to marry her but I don't think he did it for fame, maybe in the beginning but he wasn't the one wanting the divorce. I wouldn't be surprised if the Kardashian trash talked him into this lavish wedding to make money!

  30. 30

    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Agree…everything KK makes a cent on will go down in sales. Just watch. PH 4 pack of perfumes now sale for 9.99 at marshals. All their clothes at sears are fraud. They don't design one item. Scammers.

  31. 31

    Famewhore? Possibly but that's what the K empire is all about. If they wanted such genuine sincere companionship in their lives why would they lobby ball teams about who's single and wants to be on a TV show? That family is a mobile Fame Brothel.

  32. 32

    Takes a famewhore to know a famewhore!! Why is she saying this stuff now? Oh wait….Kim needs some "good" publicity right now. I wonder how many zeros were on that check??

  33. d.f. says – reply to this


    perez, you suck cock. especially cock that helps you advance. that says it all.

  34. 34

    Perez Hilton: Judge, Jury and Executioner. No evidence required….. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad.

  35. 35

    All I gotta say to this is LOL ..is a load of crap!!! is funny how you say "so sad at the end of the post..hahahaha

  36. 36

    LOL you cannot take an ex seriously. 9 times out of ten they are bitter and scorned. Women are even worse at that. That said, Even if he did use her for fame..so what, Kim used him to extend her 15 minutes and for monetary gain. She exploited the sanctity of marriage and turned it into a joke solely to make money off of. She…exploited…marriage…to…make…a…profit. End of story. Nothing else needs to be said. Even if her claims were true, he was saying that crap before he even met her. So I mean, its completely possible he hated that before but then when he met her he started to like her. Kinda like how we don't find someone attractive at first but then once we get to know that person we start finding ourselves attracted to them..Same thing, they are trying really hard to make Kris look bad..I'm sure comments are censored on sites the Kardashian clan pay,etc..LOL

  37. 37

    Actually what Kris' ex says is fine with me. The show is trash. Kris isn't but seems his ex wants her 15 seconds and roaches like you Perez will give it to her.

    You getting kickbacks from the KarTrashians to help them get their image back? This story is bullshit.

  38. Dan85 says – reply to this


    you just hear any second hand information and your just run with it.

  39. 39

    Re: hoochpit – Perez did the KarTrashians pay you to post this lame ass story from his jealous ex??

  40. 40

    If he used her for fame why has he been in MN and she has been in front of the camera? For now the sympathy is on his side, I am sure when the show starts and Kim has put stories out there he was "verbally abusive" he will be hated. So why isn't he cashing in now? He has to know they are coming for him. He NEVER asked for the ring back and but a gossip site put that out there to have "news" …He didn't comment. How is this for fame?

  41. 41

    Perez Hilton + Kardashian $$$$ = So sad! It's refreshing to see how easily your fat ass can be bought and sold. Perez is nothing more than a fat gay prostitute. So sad.

  42. 42

    Time and space is what Kim needs , hopefully it's not true that Kris was using Kim.

  43. 43

    Kris, very impressive. Mama pimp is hard at work…what your next move?

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well there goes HER chance for a fond reconciliation.
    Do ya think that just maybe she might have an axe to grind?
    Follow the money, in my opinion.

  45. 45

    aww there trying to bring humphries into a devil with no soul good try fcker i know this ex must be hungry for money somebody paid the bitch to say that i wont fall for it kris is a nice guy leave him alone he seem in more pain than kim shes a trash

  46. 46

    Re: Demode – LOL, so true~~

  47. 47

    takes one to know one.

  48. yeez says – reply to this


    So the fact he didn't want to waste his money on expensive clothes is a negative? Athletes' careers don't last forever and saving/investing money well means your home doesn't go into foreclosure in 10 years.

  49. 49

    She is just another fame whore trying to get her 24 hours fame. INTERESTING the way that Kris is the only one who seems to be able to keep his mouth shut in this entire mess!

  50. 50

    There are no bigger fame whores than the Kardashians.I agree that the E Network and Kris Jenner have probably paid this chick to say these things if they were even said,I wouldn't put it pass them to make up a story to try and save their empire.

  51. 51

    KH does have grounds to pull the plug on KKTNY. He would not sign E. Contract. The show was no based on Kim and Kim. A good lawyer can bankrupt the K Klan and should for manipulating the public. KK lied when she said she wanted what KH wanted. America will see what they K Klamp wants you to see.

    I would be happy to reccomend a good attorney for KH. Huge name with class. Lisa Bloom could benefit suing this trash. These Kardashians are slime buckets for trying to save E's smut princess.

    Perez, are'nt men suppose to have a code? Low blow sucker. Its so obvious your NOT a journalist.

  52. 52

    Wait, Humphries is being vilified for seeking fame…? Irony or hypocrisy?

  53. 53

    Bet she made 'bank' from the K's for posting this comment…

  54. 54


  55. 55

    It's not like the Kardashians AREN'T trashy and fake as fuck. Someone tell me what the hell they're famous for again?

  56. 56

    P-Hill, BS! This story even if true in no way supports your headline. I say Krap to the latest Kartrashian story. So blatantly biased!

  57. 57

    I'm so shocked. Kris is an asshole who only used Kim for money while pretending to care for her, but in reality couldn't even stand her nor her family? Wow. Never saw that coming. I didn't know that pink was Paris Hilton's favorite color either, totally thought it was grey.

  58. 58

    This girl total this story back when Kim and Kris went public with their relationship. The picture they had of her she even looked like Kim. I believe her…because it sounds like Kris if you ever saw any of his interviews you can pickup this traits. I never believed he loved Kim and I always thought it was about money and fame. He was always in the camera and you could tell he loved it.

  59. 59

    he faked his interest in her because he thinks there are better things to watch that their pointless lives on TV? He seems pretty smart to me.

  60. 60

    He didn't know she was married once before…how do u not know that and you're about to propose?

  61. 61

    …becauses exes NEVER make up stories to make the other one look bad…

  62. 62

    This sounds like it's motivated from Kris Jenner trying to do all she can to save her Kardashian brand! Ugh, so disgusting. Come on! Isn't Kim K a fame whore too? Did'nt Kim date celebs and love the attention that came with it? Oh and isn't releasing a sex tape fame whoring?! Sounds like Mama Kardashian hooked up the ex girlfriend (a fame wore herself) with some cash to bash Kris Hump. We ain't buying this BS we can see that Kris Hump was a down to earth guy who naively thought he could make a marriage work with a fame whoring narccissist Kim. A person with no talent and a desperate fame whore gets a reality show. I'm so disgusted with the Kardashians. Sorry I used to be a fan. Never again. Who gets married for money? Talk about spitting on marriage. I'm so surprised Perez that you continure to support her. Bring back J-LO!

  63. 63

    Wow. That's a load of nonsense. Kris would never watch something educational.

  64. 64

    Oh what the fuck ever.. now his dumbass ex speaks?? this is just more damage control.. i bet that dumbass family paid this hoe to say this shit so everyone can believe that Hoe Kim.. that or she just wants to get back at him.. why the fuck with this whore know? why would he tell her? To me it looked like he was trying to stay away from there b.s. over the top fame-whoring ways.. that family is a load of shit and is trying anything to make him look bad and kim a saint.. which is IMPOSSIBLE..

  65. 65

    thats doesnt mean anything he was a normal guy who didnt want to watch the bs got sucked into kks gaping vag and spat out covered in stench

  66. 66

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  67. 67

    This Story Is Obviousli For Public Sympathy For Kim As The Story From The Ex Gf Was In Media & Mags In Uk Before They Married So Its Old News !!!

  68. 68

    I don't care, and I feel good!

  69. 69

    it is so obvious perez is on the kkk PR payroll and the ex-girlfriend also. disgusting kkk family will say do anything to try to get their reputation back but intelligent people can see how toxic they are.

  70. 70

    bwahhahaaaa, Humphries is the fame whore? Please.
    WTF are the Kardashians???
    At least he's a sports celebrity so presumably he has some talent.

  71. 71

    Bianka Kamper: WHO??? Nerver heard of the backstabber…. I doubt Kris said any of that to her. Bianka is trying to get media attention.

  72. 72

    this is his ex gf of course shes gonna say a bunch of stuff to put him down, kim kardashian divorced after 72 days so i think we all know who the "fame whore" is here

  73. 73

    I personally can not stand Kim or Kris Humpries and she does not sound like a bitter ex (saracsm) and if he did say the show was trashy he was 100% correct , just because he does not like the show does not make him a user it just means he has a brain and Kim got famous for making a sex tape another truth.They used each other in my opinion l think they both had a part in scamming everyone for the sake of entertainment and money. And perez if you are so disgusted by Kims 72 day marriage because Gays can not get married then why not take a stand and stop promoting this Bitch on your website seems to me you are just as big a hypocrite

  74. 74

    Perez is looking more like a Publicist for the Kardashian clan..careful not to loosr your edge, bad look

  75. 75

    the idea that a fat, disgusting, irrelevant fame-whore blogger would call the ex-hubby of the QUEEN of all fame whores a "fame whore" is hilarious. Perez and Barbara - you are disgusting pond scum. BARF

  76. 76

    Hmm, my opinion of him just got better.

  77. Jbo says – reply to this


    EVERY boyfriend says crap like that to their girlfriends, when he was really spanking it to the thought of Kim and thinking of Kim when he was sexing his GF. Guys lie when to keep their girlfriend's from going psycho.

    I'm a girl- FYI :)

  78. 78

    she probably tried to get back with him and got denied.

  79. 79

    According the poles most people support Kris Humphries. He wanted to move to Minnesota. He wanted Kim to quit her job and live with him there. Sounds like a real fame whore to me. (NOT!!!) Everyone isn't stupid. They can see who is real and who isn't. I am afraid there is goind to be a huge backlack when the new Kardashian propaganda show comes out. People are going to be more furious than ever. Kris wanted to live in his little apartment in New York. Kim K and her greedy sisters are the ones who cared about the money and the big house. Kris H just wanted to make sure Kim didn't spend it all and they didn't have to live off his dad!!! Lets not slam this guy anymore. It just makes the public sick!

  80. 80

    The harder the Kardashain KGB attacks Kris H. The more we hate them. You have done enough damage Kris Jenner. You are the worse manager in the entire world. You can only gain fame for your clients if they take off their clothes. This makes you the worse mother in the entire world. Congratulations Mother of Sin.

  81. 81

    Interesting…but what most here are missing is that he actually Knew about the sextape..even thouh he claimed not to…..Guess half of 19million and good sex and fame will encourage a person to sell his soul….at least we know that he has a price!

  82. 82

    My mum guessed tS as we watched the wedding and I ought so also!!! I bet you it's all him but everyone wants to blame her because they need to bitch about in whatever she does. Sad.

  83. 83

    Kardashian PR machine still trying to spin this around. Unbelievable!! They need to stop..it's starting to come across as desperate.

  84. 84

    Poor sad pathetic Bianka. She had to get her 15 minutes of fame. Go back to your bad breath name and leave Kris H alone. You just sound like a pathetic ex longing for what she doesn't have and jealous too.