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Kristin Cavallari Insists She DIDN'T Have A Fling With Scott Disick!

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kristin cavallari talks scott disick fling

Do U believe her, Kourtney?

Earlier today, we heard reports that Scott Disick had a fling with Kristin Cavallari before Kourtney Kardashian got preggers…which was technically NOT cheating since they weren't back together at that point.

We had also heard that Kourtney HATES Kristin, and has supposedly referred to her as "the whore bag."

Now, Kristin has opened up about the claims…and she's saying she did NOT hook up with Scott:

"First of all, it’s 100 percent not true. I just think, what convenient timing for them with their show premiering next week and with everything that’s going on for Kim [Kardashian], I feel like they’re trying to take the heat off her."

"When there’s a big story like that, they always call you and ask if you want to comment and clearly none of them denied it, so it’s very… it’s really disrespectful to me and I’m in a committed relationship. It’s disrespectful to me and Jay [Cutler] and I think it just says a lot about their character."

"People can say whatever they want, it’s crazy, it blows my mind. Everyone says don’t worry about it, something like this, it really makes me mad."

Well, if there wasn't REALLY a feud between Kourtney and Kristin before, it certainly sounds like there's one brewing now!

What do U think? Is Kristin Cavallari telling the truth???

[Image via WENN.]

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43 comments to “Kristin Cavallari Insists She DIDN'T Have A Fling With Scott Disick!”

  1. 1

    Probably. She does make some very good points, I'll tell you that much. They just want to take the heat off of Kim.

  2. 2

    TOTALLY BELEIVE KRISTIN. and i never liked this chick but it makes sense. THE Kardashians are KRAZY PPL.

  3. 3

    This nonsense is the Kardashian marketing team stirring up BS to get people interested in the Trashy-Family's show….

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Re: iloverickymartin – No!! Just more tabloid lies.

  6. 6

    I'm totally going to sign that petition. They draw no lines in the sand do they?

  7. 7

    Scott and Kourtney are not married. He is a single man. Kourtney is total trash having a baby with a man who is not her legal husband. Kardshian single mother trash.

  8. 8

    take this three kardashian bitches off the air already i believe kristin 100 percent she doesnt take bullshit from nobody its clearly they want to make her the villain when we know whos the villain kim she destroy humphries now there next victim is kristin all for publicity get life girls

  9. 9

    to tell you the truth scott is ladys man i wonder how many skirts he raised and stupid kourtney horney knows about it she knows scott hes a player and to tell you the truth her baby does not look nothing like scott and he must know that he looks like a lil man already sorry hes not cute why buzz about the kid so much the clothes makes him

  10. 10

    It's so obvious Kardashian PR team is trying to distract us with such lies. How convenient for this story to come out now. Still not buying it.

  11. 11

    Re: boston61 – A woman can have a child with her partner without being married. It doesn't mean that either of them are single and are allowed to cheat. Not that I'm defending K-Klan scum, but she's not trash BECAUSE she's a single mother.

  12. 12

    I totally believe Kristin. I agree with a lot of what she's saying.

  13. 13

    Re: boston61 – So all women who are single mothers are trash? Is that what you're saying? I AM a single mother, never been married, and I know for a fact that I am not trash. I work hard, and take care of my child. Single mothers are NOT trash!

  14. 14

    Well, since it's NOT cheating if they did, but they say it's a lie, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU POSTING THIS!!! What's next, a headline that reads "Lady Gaga did not die". No shit idiot.

  15. 15

    I doubt Kristin is lying, but even if she is, who cares both of them are in relationships now. The Kardashians are fame whores, typical of this family to put their personal problems on stage for the world to see. Kristin is right, nice timing!

  16. 16

    I totally believe Kristin… I think she is telling the truth.

  17. AnneM says – reply to this


    Say what you will about Kristen, but I believe her. No way Kristen would date Pretty Boy" Disick.

  18. bwhit says – reply to this


    I totally believe her! They are planting stories to drum up press (as if they don't have enough already!). Kourtney is just trying to prove someone other than her would sleep with that creep Scott! Jay Cutler should kick Scott's ass.

  19. 19

    Real nice Kourtney. That is so Bible of you. Kristen is a much prettier reality star than you are and you are just a jealous future has been. Everyone is starting to figure out how messed up of a family you really are. Lying and stealing in order to make a buck. What happened to an honest living? Start saving your pennies now. Cause this is the end of your career.

  20. 20

    Wait, Jay and Kristin are back together?? Where was that story??

  21. 21

    Didn't Spiedi try to spread rumors about Kristen a few years ago? It must be a "Reality Show" tactic when the ratings dive at warp speeds.

  22. 22

    i believe her even though she's still a slutty hoe. But up against the KarKrashians she looks like Snow white and their PR machine would totally use this(and her) to get publicity for the show.

  23. 23

    yeah why hasnt Scott denied it? They get their opinions out quickly enough before but now they wanna keep quiet about an alleged affair? Yep, definitely fuelling the rumours by their silence.

  24. 24

    She is a Hollywood high class gold digger, she would never mess around with a broke ass dude like him. Nice try to keep your names in the tabloids Lardassians.

  25. 25

    A whorebag? Kourtney that tile was already claimed by your sister Kim! Krisitn may be a lot of things - smart, beuatiful, outspoken, funny - but she is not a whoreag. Not too metnion she is so outta Scott's league!!!! At least she had the class to not go through with her wedding when things were rough between her and Jay. She rather be embarrassed by the magazines that showed her in her weddng gown then go through a sham ceremony now that takes guts! Obviously she takes marriage seriously enough to work it out and be sure it is a good fit before she takes the vows. Kim could learn a lot from her!!!!

  26. 26

    team kristen/ f the kardashian clan getting sick of them

  27. 27

    ….the kardashians are just looking for drama for their show….the least known kardahsian (Kourtney that would be you) just wants some attention…..

  28. 28

    Kardashians a whores. I'm sure Kim gave Scott a blowjob and her clams. No dogs will go by her untouched. Run Scott, run. Biggest down grade move he did by leaving Cavallari. That ugly baby of Kourtney does not look like Scott. He should ask for paternity test. Petition theatres not to show Tyler P's movie. Boycut movies,lost the lustre of entertainment but all about talentless whores and greed. Whorebag Kim helps us roll our missions to block movie industries. We made Netflix broke, next is the theatres. Have you seen the lines at the $1 film rentals at Redbox? Even Kardashians are censored from Redbox. Kardashians going down with the people who support them.

  29. 29

    Yeah, I heard her say this last night. Kourtney isn't bigger than Kim in Popularity, so this makes no sense. But Kristin knows how thing work on the inside, so I'm believing her right now.

  30. 30

    Kristin!!!! Sue them! Don't let them get away with that chit.

  31. 31

    I would believe ANYONE over any stupid Kardashian anytime. They are all lying whores!

  32. 32

    wow how pathetic is it when someone makes kristin cavallari look innocent? lol bunch of desperate losers…it probably isn't true even though it seems characteristic of kristin

  33. 33

    Hate Kristin but she's telling the truth.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    JUST SOME MORE OF THOSE EMPTY GYPSY LIES!!!!! these people are PATHETIC. ANYTHING to get their name out there. like WTF DO U EVEN DO? start drama make porn get surgery why are people obsessed with these skeezes

  36. 36

    Yes, I believe Kristen. With Kim posting OLD pics (on her blog) of her with sick children at a hosptial - trying to gain sympathy & Khloe now giving away a gift every week to her idiot followers, NOTHING surprises me with this stupid family. Only idiots follow them

  37. 37

    Why is Kristin Cav famous? She makes me kind of sick sometimes..

  38. 38

    What a convenient way for Kristin to get press, lol.

  39. 39

    I was team LC, so I don't like Kristen, but totally believe her on this one. So sick of those Trashians. Nice, trash someone else thinking we will not talk about the BIG ELEPHANT in the room…..72 day marriage really????? You spent millions that you got paid for…..and you can only do it of 72 days????? And makes me want to puke seeing the photos Kim has leaked out of her visiting sick cancer kids…….yeah….not going to work.

  40. 40

    When will child protective services move in and take Kylie and Kendall from that home. Khloe and Kourtney gave each other bikini waxes on national tv. The show is constantly talking explicit sex acts. This is a sick perverted environment to raise kids. Are these kids denied to watch their sisters giving each other wax jobs on tv? Or what about the scenes with KK in beds with a new man every season. Or Lamar and Khloe in bed all the time on tv. CPS needs to take a role. Is this a good environment for kids?

  41. 41

    No one cares what anyone did over 3 years ago. This is old boring news designed to take the heat of KK.

  42. 42

    good on her for speaking up. just more kkk lies. pathetic people so fame obsessed. oh and k visiting the kids hospital - so fake, try hard, nothing will fix this families reputation, they just keep showing how dumb they are. bad example for young people. ban them pleeease

  43. 43

    Re: boston61 – yeah lets just blame kourtney. not the man who also sperminated her, idiot. big deal she didnt get married. considering that most marriages end in divorce who gives a shit. she takes better care of her child than half the married parents out there. dumbass