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Prelude Pathétique: Watch And Listen To Lady GaGa's Artistic Vision For Marry The Night Music Video

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Mother Monster wants to share her hospital vision with you!

Lady GaGa offers a sneak preview and prelude to her upcoming music video for Marry The Night.

In Prelude Pathétique, GaGa discusses (through voiceover) the psychological of reality all the while she lies unconscious on a gurney.

Check out the video above and see Lady GaGa glide between reality and imagination.

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60 comments to “Prelude Pathétique: Watch And Listen To Lady GaGa's Artistic Vision For Marry The Night Music Video”

  1. 1

    she's been using ”the google” again.

  2. 2

    this is actually pretty cool, unnecessary, but cool lol

  3. 3

    Fucking GAY!

  4. 4

    By the looks of this, she is/is going to admit to having sex change when she was younger! (forgive me if I posted twice I think one didn't go thru). It's gonna be a big deal! I can't wait. I love will love her forever.

  5. 5

    " I love will love her forever." …lol whoops

  6. 6

    Re: hoochpit – When you use "gay" that is a compliment, hater! gay is creative and original…OR are you just another hater who has done nothing with your own life and feel the need to criticize someone who is creative and different? For people who actually like our buttons pushed and who live in creative hubs like L.A. and NYC, we love GAGA….we appreciate the fact that she is not a dumbed down, bland, boring, bubble gum middle of the road act! She provokes and thank god she does!!! We need to be pushed….thank you Gaga….love ya girl.

  7. 7

    Re: OriginalRecipe – I love her too, but she had no sex change…that is all rumor…true fans know that…she likes to keep people guessing and jokes about it, but we are way beyond that now sweetie…that is such old news..:)

  8. 8

    Nice try but Madonna did that look in 2004 and used the word LOATHE 2 months ago!!!!!
    Poor Gaga, always playing catch up.

  9. 9

    Re: sanfran1 – Just because it's an old rumor doesn't mean it couldn't have been true… I wish it were true. :( I think it would make her success even more credible and amazing…but I can dream on.

  10. 10

    Re: ParisIsBurning – lol "used the word LOATHE" ….why breathe, Madonna has done that too..

  11. 11

    Re: OriginalRecipe – she already showed picks of her as a kid and she was a girl

  12. 12

    wth is "the psychological of reality?" I mean really! lol Mario - or your staff - your typos really crack me up!

  13. 13

    Re: ParisIsBurning – wait, what song did Madonna do this for?

  14. 14

    Re: pie107 – …sometimes little boys literally live their lives as girls! I only knew one example growing up but hear about it quite a bit now. The parents usually give the whole traditional boy thing a good try when the kid is young…. then if that doesn't work they sometimes just give up and let the kid basically chose the gender he wants to be. Usually these kids have harder lives growing up without higher income parents or having to go to public schools….none of which Gaga had to do. Those pictures prove nothing except that Stefani was wearing a dress.

  15. 15

    Re: OriginalRecipe – you all ready have your mind made up and an entire fantasy playing in your head so im not going to waste my breath

  16. 16

    LOL. I don't really like this ho - but that made me chuckle. Kudos

  17. 17

    I love it, her music videos are like small movies, and you can tell she puts a lot of work into them. Her videos are always unique. I cant wait to see the finished product. #Marrythenight !!!!!

  18. 18

    lol, I don't think she looks like a boy… but I feel like this is what she is trying to fuel sometimes. I respect and I like it.

  19. 19

    Re: ParisIsBurning
    Are you just pretending to be that dumb?

  20. 20

    BTW…"the psychological of reality"??? Get yo foolish ass back in that classroom.

  21. 21

    This is art and a beautiful piece

  22. 22

    Re: sanfran1 – Hey dnt forget Chicago! We're a very creative hub and very gay friendly and there's LOTS of gaga love here. Lollapalooza was insane u shouldve seen all the gaga fans inside and outside of the venue hopping the fence and getting chased by cops. Lol

  23. 23

    Pathetic in any language still means the same. This pseudo-performer is way past its expiry date. And "the psychological of reality", lmao. That money Momma doled out for your college education really paid off.

  24. 24

    Re: ParisIsBurning – lol, she'll always be playing catch-up. it's all she knows, well, that, and ”the google” ;-)

  25. 25


  26. 26

    That was rather funny and cute in a weird way lol but still she's basically saying that's she lied about A LOT of things but that it's just 'ok' because to her it's art rather than lies….. if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….it's probably still a liar

  27. 27

    Ok so what is the message here? That in life and in death, she chooses to view things a certain way - she focuses on fashion and other artistic measures - rather than the harshness of reality? She wishes life had only been about these fantastical, trivial matters - rather than the moments of suffering? ("I wish they'd only given me the gummy bears"). It brings to mind the move, "Life is Beautiful." However, when does it become simply living in denial - when do we become too focused on only art/fantasy?

    What do you guys think she is saying here?

  28. 28

    Comments on all things gaga on this site seem to be dropping.. and when they are here they are negative… could that be a sign that people are over her? Me thinks so.

  29. 29

    Wow, without all the "KRAZY", she's rather FUGLY!!!!

  30. 30

    I'm gonna be honest! I hated Lady Gaga's last couple videos and thought she was just losing touch with her fans!! But this video was cool , I can't wait too see the whole video!

  31. 31

    The full prelude is actually 7 minutes and 33 seconds. It's unknown how long the whole music video will be, but my guess is 30 minutes long.

  32. 32

    Re: sanfran1 – Hahahaha! Are you kidding me?!? "We appreciate the fact that she is not a dumbed down, bland, boring, bubble gum middle of the road act". Seriously? Are you for real? That's EXACTLY what that chick is! Hahaha. WOW. Thanks for the laugh, man. After the day I've had, I needed some comic relief. I'm sorry, but if you think that what Gaga does is "high art", and that she's anything other than a completely fake/manufactured fraud, then you need to get out more and discover life outside of the mainstream Top 40.

  33. 33

    I do not mean to hate but I used to adore her music and now I am so annoyed by her whole "love the sound of my own voice" thing. so bored!!

  34. 34

    @OriginalRecipe there are pictured of her as a little girl… it has to be something else… although it would be interesting… if it was something as major as this wed know about it already, a super star cant hide something like this. The media would scrounge it up

  35. 35

    @ParisIsBurning This just proves how badly ppl wana hate and how they compare every little thing. "loathe" is a frekin word in the dictionary. Shit man, Madonna doesnt own it nor did she invent it. If u suggest someone is copying her just because Madonna said it u are just being plain retarded

  36. 36

    umm this is like the stupidest thing ive seen why is she talking like a interview soo overr.

  37. 37

    @mvvvvvvv See i cant accept that. Ur stating your opinion without hating. PPL should try that more often.

  38. 38

    Re: ParisIsBurning – oh maddona is soooo original, she even invented the word loathe and everyone who uses it is just trying to be maddona.

  39. 39

    her lyrics seldom if ever have anything to do with her video themes…as usual silly and pointless and designed simply to shock…..next

  40. 40

    Lady Gaga is a mind control victim/slave of the Illuminati agenda. This video is a heartbreaking insight into the world of mind control abuse, not a statement of art. We need to wake up and realize how corrupt our entertainment industry and government are. Gaga, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Eminem, Rihanna and Katy Perry have all fallen prey to Illuminati control and there are countless others. Research their symbolism, their lyrics–they repeat Babylonian symbology and Baal worship. Pray for them and pray for our lost society. "Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people." Ezekiel 12:2. I write this in the love of Christ and with a sincere hope that people would begin to look deeper.

  41. 41

    It's actually true. She IS part of the Illuminati. And so am I. Im actually one of their top members. Gaga sat next to me in Mind Control 101 and I let her COPY off me paper in Madonna class..

    LOLz. Peeps be so funny.

    This video looks like it's going to be FANTASTIC.

  42. 42

    Irrelevant at its best.

  43. 43

    oh fuck off Gaga. This year signals your demise and everybodies bored stiff of you and your ridiculous videos. Telephone was good but since then youve nosedived and we dont care anymore. Your self indulgence and pretentious posturing are tedious.

  44. 44

    Re: OriginalRecipe – *rolls eyes*, there are too many pictures around of her as a young girl for that old rumour to be true, however she does find it funny so it wouldn't surprise me if she chose to take the piss a bit. I don't think so though, this is her directorial debut, this clip is only part of a 7 minute prelude and not part of the music video itself, which she had better get a move on with or she is going to lose all the momentum she has built up with her short promo tour here in the UK. The gummi bears made me laugh though, fingers crossed for a full release inthe next few days ;o)

  45. 45

    Hey haters, why don't you just grow up, or get a job, or save the world from you pathetic and irrelevant opinion?!? You know, It is really, reaaaaaly sad! I just throw up a little bit in my mouth because of how stupid you are :(

  46. 46

    Re: Mindrinker – "I just throw up a little bit in my mouth because of how stupid you are". Funny. That's exactly the way I feel about those without fully functional/developed brains, that continue to praise her and her "art", and are unable to see through her manufactured, corporate act.

  47. 47

    Re: armchair
    And we're supposed to believe you're so edgy and on the fringe of mainstream culture? Could you be any more cliched in your retorts ("Are you kidding me?" "Are you for real? " "Thanks for the laugh, man" "then you need to get out more" "fake/manufactured " blah blah blah) I don't see anything functional or fully developed in your train of thought, there.

  48. 48

    Re: Baron87 – You can believe whatever you'd like, but while you're jizzing in your jeans over the latest Gaga "masterpiece", I'm waiting on pins & needles for a new Fever Ray album. While you're getting hard over the prospects of the "Born This Way Ball", I'm hoping PlanningToRock brings her show to the US. When you look at Gaga & see "style", I see someone who, 3 yrs ago, wore suspenders over tanktops, and HAD no style until she had those record co. $$$ behind her to hire stylists & creative directors. Does that make me "edgy and on the fringe of mainstream culture"? I dunno. It's all subjective. I get that. Buy what you buy, like what you like. Just don't get all butt-hurt when other people have opinions on the stuff you're into that are different from yours.

  49. 49

    u know what's funny!! that Haters Can't find anything bad to say about her except " GaGa has a Dick" LMFAO ,,,, find something new to say cuz that's soo 2008

  50. 50

    Re: armchair
    Who's getting butt-hurt? You're the one getting defensive. I'm doing fine on my end. And the names that you dropped that you thought were going to go over my head didn't. I can do the same thing you're doing easily, and I'm pretty sure someone who thinks he's even more cool than you seem to think you are thinks your favorite bands suck. I don't have a problem with your opinion–you know what they say about them. But if you're going to be pretentious and put down peoples' intelligence over their taste in music, try to be a little more convincing that you actually possess some higher brain power instead of resorting to tired cliches and weak arguments to get your point across. Because all that stuff you're talking about being fake and marketed–well, guess what? Even the artists you listen to are marketed to people exactly like you. Have a nice day! :)

  51. 51

    I cant wait till this video comes out! She is AMAZEBALLS!

  52. 52

    Re: armchair

    You know what… I don't agree with you about Lady Gaga, but thank you for your argumentation. Keep the good work :)

  53. 53

    Ok I get the gummy bear thing after watching it the second time. Gaga is in a mental institute and she has tried to kill herself with a knife. At least that is my take on it. I'm surprised no one else is interested in trying to find out what this video is about??…rather than just complaining about hating Gaga etc. Well it does refect the fact that not many people take her seriously. Certainly not as seriously as she takes herself :)

  54. 54

    Re: Die4me – and your 2008 ugly

  55. 55

    Re: ceeeee – She is saying …"I am a donut….I am so far up myself, I have sucked my legs in."

  56. bbcb says – reply to this


    What the fuck is this thing?

  57. 57

    Re: residentevil808 – hahahhahaa am sure ur much more uglier cuz ur hiding behind that hideous pic ,,, then imagine how hideous u look LMFAO

  58. 58

    Ya know, I feel like a Gaga post like this would have about three times as many comments a year ago. Just sayin'.

  59. 59

    Re: ParisIsBurning – "used the word loathe" HA! So does every other person knowing the English language. Madonna doesn't own the word. Pretty sure Cher and MJ and a lot of other artists have said "loathe" too. get over it.

  60. china says – reply to this


    i hoped this tour to end up in a crematory. a pity…