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Selena Gomez Is Puurrrrfection On Ellen!!!

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Selena Gomez kilt it! As always.

When she went on Ellen Thursday, she performed her hit Love You Like A Love Song and it was absolutely lovely!

Oooh Selenita! We love you so much! You're like the untouched rose in a garden full of wilting, pesticide-sprayed sadness. Never change!!

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34 comments to “Selena Gomez Is Puurrrrfection On Ellen!!!”

  1. 1

    Lmao are you kidding? SHE SUCKED, she can't sing or act. The only reason she's still relevant is because of her lesbian lover.

  2. 2

    I love the sarcastic tittle!…oh wait a second…WHAT?

  3. 3

    How much is this Monchichi paying you to try and make us give a shit? I'm so sick of updates about her- they're insufferably boring.

  4. 4

    Re: Skillah – LMAO! I love that song but not the live version.

  5. 5

    really you gots to be kidding perez shes popular because shes biebers girlfriend she wouldnt be relevent if not shes dull very boring girl no spark look older than her age ok looking what is it that you see that i cant see

  6. 6

    i guess you the only girl that likes her perez i could care less no talent girl i see it how it is

  7. 7


  8. 8

    I like Selena. She's a nice girl.
    But she clearly is losing A TON of weight!! I felt very uncomfortable seeing her in such a tiny skirt with no meat on her too. Let's be honest - if it were Miley Cyrus, you would be calling her slutty for that outfit or teasing her for being anorexic.

  9. 9

    Re: booboo1492 – Right!!! How lame. This chick is borrring! But with Miley Cyrus, younger than this twat, you make fun of? Come on! You are losing your credit. I used to think you had an eye for the next big thing but all you're doing is kissing ass because…she's Latina? She has nothing else that sticks out about her, other than her "Ellen looking" boyfriend. She must feel right at home on Ellen's show.

  10. 10

    I dunno why, but I kinda like her. *shrugs* I think she's cute and has a nice if not special voice. Plus that darn song has been stuck in my head since I saw the video on Pop Up Video the other day.

  11. 11

    Don't get me wrong, I really like Selena. But that doesn't mean I think she can sing because she really can't. Or at least, not live. I really don't think she should have started a singing "career", especially because it all seems to be so fake and forced.

  12. 12

    This is the most boring thing I've ever watched. She stood there with this stupid smile on her face and didn't move at all. I really like this son too. What a disappointing performance…

  13. 13

    Thank goodness she's a beautiful girl…or there wouldn't have been much too look at. (And there is nothing really to listen to).

  14. 14

    Perez, clearly you are tone deaf. Girlfriend CANNOT sing. She should stick to wizardry.

  15. 15

    has anyone ever seen the movie "the commitments" ? "the scene" totally rips them off.

  16. 16

    another pretty girl with no actual talent. Hohum.

  17. 17

    Well….I give her credit that she's singing live……… simple song with no demands…she doesn't really have much of a voice but she's cute?

  18. 18

    Are you kidding me, this is the most NON-DYNAMIC song ever.
    The lyrics are crappy, the vocal range is pitiful. The poor little girl can't even move/walk around because her heels are like a bondage trap.
    Someone please get this girl out of the spotlight before she's another lohan horror story.

  19. 19

    To be honest… her voice isn't that great. She has no projection.

  20. 20

    Kilt it?! What am I reading some 13 yr old's Tumblr now? Next thing you'll be writing your blogs like, "Dis iz da dopest Ladeeee Gaga songz aight!"

  21. 21


  22. 22

    when I heard this song on the radio she kind of sounded like Ashlee Simpson

  23. 23

    butttt… that was terrible. She must pay you real good money to put up something like this on your site. I hope it pays more than the bills Perez and that you can put some aside to retire one day (soon).

  24. 24

    I hate to be a hater here, but she has no vocal range. I can do the same thing and I know my place, i'm not gonna be a superstar despite how cool it would be. Leave the super star jobs to people with serious VOCAL talent not average vocal talent

  25. 25

    Re: Mr. Xpose – Good One! I agree…She's not a very good singer. Her voice is very flat and out of tune. The radio version sounds good because they can change her voice to make it sound good but she sucks live! She sure as hell didn't "kilt it" as you so articulate expressed! By the way take a grammar class dude!

  26. 26

    Re: Skillah – Haha..lesbian lover!! Funny!

  27. 27

    You're joking right Perez? I love that song, and i really honestly don't mind Selena that much, but her "performance" was sooooo boring. All she did was stand at the mic?? I felt like i was watching grass grow. And if we're being honest here, she doesn't sound all that great live. Or atleast not in this performance. IMO

  28. 28

    the echo on the mic sounded ehhh…she seems tired or something…hell at least she sings live and isnt bad like these comments say, would you ppl would be REALLY pissed if she came out lip synching …u know like janet jackson jlow or britney did yet never get criticism on their weak vocals….?

  29. 29

    What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and all is nice. That poem reminds me of Selena. She's just the cutest!

  30. 30

    She is just terrible live… she should just stick to acting and stop singing. The backup vocals were pretty good though ahaha

  31. 31

    Perez you must be kidding me by saying that Selena is like untouched Rose in a garden, LOL, LOL, LOL. Untouched ? Little Bieb's hands had been landed and crawled all over her skinny body. Those two, Selena and her girly looking boyfriend are match each other. Both have no talent and no voice. We don't know and don't want to know what those little woman and her little dude did behind the close door….disgusting!!!!

  32. 32

    She looks so UNCOMFORTABLE!!!! Like she doesnt rly wanna be there cus she knows she aint good. Shes said before shes only doing the singing thing for a fun,for a little bit she rly just wants to act seriously. BUT WHYY is she doing it then its not doing her any favors!! Disney needs to stop pushing her to do albums if her heart clearly isnt in it!

  33. 33

    OMG I Completely agree, I love you Selena, and you are the best singer and actress in the world, and you are so pretty, and ppl who disagree are just so jealous of you, but if i were you i would stop being friends with Demi Lovato cause she is a loser and she kinda sucks, just saying lol! But i still love you selena :)

  34. 34

    Let's be more objective. I appreciate the fact that she didn't lip synching, (that's more than I can say for some people) she gave it an effort. She doesn't have a terrible voice. But I heard when she lost her breath when she was trying to go for the high notes. I wished she moved around more. She is holding on to that mic for her life. Loosen up hun, it shows that you are uncomfortable. She is talented but she is nervous as hell right now.