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Chatting With… Parker Posey!

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Sooooo fun!

We had the special pleasure of chatting with the amazing Parker Posey, a gay icon and legend of indie films, and it was so lovely! Like we were just catching up with an old friend!

We talked about her recurring role in The Good Wife, her recent forays into television, if she'd do her own show, how the business has changed, why indie film isn't what it used to be, her dog, our dog and much more! Such a blast!

Read an excerpt of our interview…. after the jump.

Watch it in fill (above)!

Perez: Can you tell us a little bit about your character [on The Good Wife]?

Parker Posey: I play Alan Cumming's ex wife, Vanessa Gold. And I was running for state, and I asked Kalinda to vet for me, and she found out that I slept with Osama Bin Laden's cousin when I was in Dubai doing PR there.

Perez: Wait, and have you worked with Alan Cumming before?

Parker Posey: Yeah, I was in "Josie and the Pussycats" with Alan about ten years ago. And yeah, so that was fun to see him. And he's so campy and funny on this show. The show's got a great, a great vibe to it.

Perez: Did you ever work in soaps when you were starting out?

Parker Posey: Yes, I did. I was on –

Perez: I think I might have to show a clip then.


Parker Posey: I did "As the World Turns", and I played Tess Shelby. And at that time I was also doing "Dazed and Confused", and traveling back and forth to Austin, and the producer of the show — I only signed a contract for a year and a half. But a year and four months, the producer of the show said, "You know what Parker, we really, we've loved having you here, but we're wondering if we could, if it was possible to let you go a few months earlier because we'd like to get Holden in a coma before Labor Day."


Perez: In addition to "The Good Wife", you were also were on, you've been on, "Parks and Recreation" recently.

Parker Posey: Yeah, it's been a year of TV for me every year, and hopefully I'll do more. Yeah, I was in "Parks and Rec" with Amy Poehler –

Perez: Is that a show that you can go back to or you'd want to go back to?

Parker Posey: Of course. I had a good time on that that was fun. And then I did, "The Big C", so and "The Good Wife". It's been a year of TV.

Perez: One of the trends in Hollywood these days seems to be making sequels. It's all about sequels.

Parker Posey: I know like –

Perez: You, if you could make a sequel to any of your movies, because you've been in some very iconic films, which one would you want to do? Or are you very against sequels?

Parker Posey: I think [watch above].

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5 comments to “Chatting With… Parker Posey!”

  1. 1

    It's been all down hill for poor Parker since one of my all time favorite movies Party Girl. Not fair. She could have been one of the greats.

  2. 2

    Perez, why do you advocate non violence yet continue be a part of that trashy show "The Bad Girls Club". At the reunions you seem happy as a pig in shit watching all the fights and encouraging the cast by saying they were "running shit" and "oh Snap" when these women verbally abuse each other. PLEASE, stop trying to portray yourself an advocate for non violence, as long as you are a part of that show you WILL NEVER be taken seriously when it comes to your "VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER" stance. A pay cheque is a pay cheque and there is no problem with you being a part of that show, as long as you don't continue being the hypocrite and pretending to be some non violence advocate. And it's a sad day when the wonderfully talented Parker Posey has to resort to speaking to the likes of you for press.

  3. 3

    How can you be a pop culture commentator and not watch TV? I'm always so offended when you say that. It is part of your job to watch to TV rather than being merely "aware" of things…good god, so annoying. Also, people who say they "don't have time" for everything usually have a few expendable habits they needlessly preoccupy themselves with…like writing about Snorina Gomez obsessively for example?

  4. 4

    noooooooooo!! i LOVE her! why on EARTH is associating herself with someone as mean and cruel and fucked up as YOU??! She's too good for this.. you're a BULLY, Perez - you don't deserve people like this supporting you on your fucked up website. Parker!!! WHAT were you THINKING??!!! You're too GOOD for this!

  5. 5

    I named one of my cats after Parker Posey - she was born in 2001. I'm glad that the actress is still acting!