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Goldie Hawn's Ex Hubby Calls Her A "Sex-Crazed Egomaniac" In Memoir…Goes After Daughter Kate Hudson Too

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Goldie Hawn: America's sweetheart for decades or egomaniacal nympho?

Goldie's ex husband and father of Oliver and Kate Hudson, Bill Hudson, has released a memoir and it does not bode well for Goldie.

In his memoir, Hudson slams Goldie's innocent image, calling her "sex crazed" and "egocentric."

Hudson goes on to say that Hawn has snorted coke and cheated on her husband before Hudson with him. He also says that she insisted on having a open marriage with him and would date others while married to Hudson.

While first dating Goldie, Hudson claims that the actress would want sex EVERYWHERE. He even goes on to say that when Goldie first met him, they smoked pot for hours and had an all day sex marathon lasting 12 hours.

The memoir, Two Versions: The Other Side Of Fame And Family, also goes after Kate as well. Hudson calls his daughter "a spoiled brat" and claims Goldie turned his children against him.

Hudson says the following about his daughter:

I love Kate but I think she has been contrived and destructive with me and with her brothers and sisters.

She’s had a life of privilege from both parents. And the only thing that she really has to talk about is emotional devastation that she’s exaggerating…Kate has used the story of her being abandoned by me because she needed tragedy in her life. She grew up in Hollywood with private planes.

Nobody was going to sympathise unless she had some tragedy

Wow, talk about a bitter dad.

Hudson also says that Goldie's longtime beau, Kurt Russell, slowly replaced him as a father figure. Kate and Oliver have also said that Kurt is their "real father."

What do U think?

Is this memoir believable? Or a cry for attention?

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38 comments to “Goldie Hawn's Ex Hubby Calls Her A "Sex-Crazed Egomaniac" In Memoir…Goes After Daughter Kate Hudson Too”

  1. 1

    Kate doesn't seem like she has her life quite together so I'm sure Goldie's lifestyle contributed to that. Don't know much about her dad so really can't judge him. It's basically a case of "he said" vs "she said".

  2. 2

    Goldie did drugs in the 60's and 70's …I would be more shocked if she didnt….and this jackass is whining about 12 hours sex marathons??!!! really….I dont see how any of this will tarnish her image, he just comes off as a whining jerk who will publically bash his own children for profit…..no wonder she dumped his ass

  3. 3

    Goldie can do what she likes and he can drop dead. As for Kate, I'm not surprised to hear it but the same could be said for lots of Hollywood kids. Big deal.

  4. 4

    Bill Hudson is a money loving, creepy, self absorbed old shit. He has gone to every tabloid that will listen to him (and pay him) in order to cry about how bad he has it financially and how much money he doesn't have and how no body loves him.

  5. 5

    I wonder who forced him into an open marriage. Sex marathons, smoking pot ! And that was a problem why? Oh the victimized soul.

  6. 6

    How fitting that the egomaniac has aged so very poorly. Could be the cigarette smoking. Her daughter s*cks for not talking to her father. No sympathy here.

  7. 7

    Kate's life sounds like every other Hollywood brat, Gwyneth Paltrow immediately comes to mind. I couldn't careless about these hacks..their issues have no bearing on my life.

  8. 8

    lol I've never heard of a husband complaining about his wife being a sex maniac.
    The Hudson Brother that is Kate's dad, never really made it. A huge case of deadbead dad and sour grapes.

  9. 9

    when he says kate adds tragedy to her life in order to get simpathy, i totally believe in that. a lot of celebrities add a loooooot of tragedy, or anything they can ,in order to get simpathy from the public. it's disgusting. you can never, ever, believe in what they say. this whole justin bieber baby drama incidente, i really believe the whole thing is a hoax.

  10. 10

    Kate is very much her mothers daughter
    Low morals,sleep around with any dick available, not a lot of talant and not a lot of looks

  11. 11

    What a hypocrite! He 'slams' her as sex-crazed nympho then goes on to say they had sex for 12 hrs straight. THEY did. HE did. So what, he's not a sex-crazed nympho? Men can want that and women can't? Peh! Yay for Goldie! He sounds like a bitter old man who wants money and the only way anyone will read his book is if he talks about the few famous people in his life. Kate's smart to keep away from him. He's not trustworthy at all. Creep!

  12. 12

    Goldie seems "sloppy" and "used". Open marriages are very common in Hollywood.

  13. 13

    What i dont get was why he went after Kate? Did he expect to write all this crap and for her to call him up all these years later and apologies…yeah I dont see that happening

  14. 14

    I never did like Kate Hudson…first, she is one major WHORE…sleeps with anything that wears pants. And, she 'tries' for that 'sweet=heart' image, when she is really a spoilt little Bev Hills Bitch. Only got into acting because of Connextions. Should be working at the cash register @ VONS, Sherman Oaks ! Really - a distastefull little TART !

  15. 15

    Well, she always striked me as the 'wh*re' one, just got to look at her face. Everything says "tigress". One thing tho is wanting a lot of sex and another being a nympho, with a nympho theres just no stop and one person isnt even enough, so I could believe that she wanted an open relationship because of it. Who knows.
    I dont like her anyway, I dont like her daughter and I dont like this doode either, ha!-

  16. 16

    Goldie is probably a party and a lot of fun 'if you are not attached to her'. I believe this man, and take note at the EXTRAORDINARY Hollywood nepotism that existed then and does now. These people and their children just do whatever they want. See Jaime Lee Curtis, Carrie Fisher as well. Laughing out loud. And that Kate Hudson girl, what a shitty actress. You could almost tell her mother set up a flying red carpet to get that role in the rolling stone movie that made her a house hold name. [Yes, read between the lines…]

  17. 17

    Kate is a snot-nosed little Tramp who has seen more ceilings than MichaelAngelo…truly a disgusting poster girl for S.T.D.s. She and that HoHan girl are responsible for 75% of the S.T.D.s of SOCAL !

  18. 18

    Goldie Hawn will always be known for dancing in the cage on Laugh-In. her best work. Also Foul Play with Chevy Chase.

  19. 19

    Both Goldie and Kate are just typical Hollywood whores.
    Have hated Goldie since the Woodstock scum took over…just like the OccuPoopers.
    Compared to Cher (and Sonny) and how fucked up their little Chastity turned out, Goldie could have done a lot worse.
    Chastity has to be the saddest person on earth "trying to find herself". Heartbreaking.
    It's easier to raise healthy children, than to fix broken adults.

  20. 20

    This was 30+ years ago, and nothing he's saying is odd for that time period. Just sour grapes on his part, and he's looking to make a buck.

  21. 21

    Goldie snorted coke….well, that explains a lot ! ! Reason why Kate is such a mess - !

  22. 22

    i beleive him kate is a clingy mess

  23. 23

    I believe it and I don't care.

  24. 24

    Re: pie107

    He is a bit hurt that his daughter has not talked to him in decades. JMHO

  25. 25

    Well him writing a book like this kind of just proves Kate's point more. Bill Hudson, is a deadbeat dad! Any man who would sell out his own daughter for a few bucks is scum! His actions now prove how Kate might have suffered "some tragedy" at his hands.

    As for Goldie, maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. But why is he bitching about it thirty years later? Why is he still bitter after all this time? I wish Bill good luck in his running for "World's Best Father". His competition is Joe Jackson and Michael Lohan!

  26. 26

    And what has Bill Hudson been doing sexually these past 30-40 years? Does he make an accounting of his sexual escapades and drives in his own memoir? Or is he only obsessed with his ex?

    As for his comments about his daughter, Kate Hudson is a piece of work. Father knows best. She's a complete turn off on so many levels. She's a attitude-filled misery in public so I can only imagine how horrible she must be in private.

  27. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Yup ““““ sounds bitter to me!
    What dude complains about pot and long hours of sex with his wife““ every where?
    Dude needs his head examined!!

  28. 28

    I really wouldn't take the word over someone who is obviously bitter over being the only person of the 'family' who isn't fammous, oh, and not to mention takes digs at his own daughter.

  29. 29

    Dismissing his daughter's feelings shows what a prick he is. And how is Goldie Hawn supposed to defend herself against his claims?

  30. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Nothing is more devastating to a parent/child relationship than to have your parent bash you in media. I'm sure she grew up in the lap of luxury, but it sure wasn't because of his help since he abandoned his first family to start another…and now he's looking for a payday from his rich daughter. He should be ashamed, but people like this never have shame. Loser!!

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's obviously not past it, and it's been decades. If they smoked pot all day and they both had sex everywhere, wouldn't that also make HIM sex crazed, and egomaniacal judging from the lack of discretion, caring or diplimacy in this book? This sounds like a lot of people in the sixties and seventies. His implying that having money in any way erased his daughter's pain over their situation tells me everything I need to know about why things continue to be strained between them. I hear no perspective or kindness emanating from anything said here; plus I'm imagining this book bumps the scandal content to increase sales and profits for Hudson's own pocket.

  32. 32

    Her ex and Kates father is a a piece of shit.. all he wants is money and attention off his ex family.. if he really wanted to get to know his daughter or loved them at all he wouldn't say or publish this bullshit.. what a shitty human being..

  33. 33

    If he got her by her cheating he has absolutely nothing to complain about and nobody to blame but himself. I was involved with a married woman who ended up moving in with me. Of course she eventually ended up cheating on me. No regrets and no feeling sorry for a situation of my own making.

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    If he needs money, the Hudson Bros. had great harmonies, and could still gig around the circuit and pull some very good coin. The country fans have long memories and are loyal.

  35. 35

    Nothing Bill Hudson says is going to affect Goldie, Kurt, Kate, or Oliver! They are just fine, Bill has the problem!

  36. 36

    This is kinda like "The pot calling the kettle black". All of them need therapy.

  37. @v@ says – reply to this


    The Hudson brothers were real lookers, and very musical. As for Goldie, from Bill's sexual description, I can see why Kurt might keep her. Lol.

  38. 38

    A bitter ex. He thinks he is going toi make money off of Goldie and his kids again. ? I guess he will because people like to believe the worst lol. I think that he did infact desert those kids as he never paid child support because his 15 minutes of fame only lasted 10 minutes. He knew before he married her what her way of thinking was and he went for it and the $$$$ she was bringing in. Kurt Russell helped raise those kids and it seems like he and Goldie did an ok job. They are not living off their parents ,both have jobs and Kate was married for a long time before they divorced. Just because she had another kid doesn't mean her life is not together, She and her ex get along great. This bitter man has lost his other wives too so that says a lot about him. Cindy dumped him too. He won;t work and lets the women support him and sooner or later that gets real damn old. Well Kate should sue him for the support her owes her. BUT kate and goldie are going to brush this book off along with his comments. True or not they don't care.