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NeNe Leakes Wants The Kardashians To Stay Where They Belong … On TV

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We don't know if all of you are aware of this, but this is a petition going around the Internet this week. There are some folks who really are quite sick of hearing/seeing the Kardashians on television and the petition is get rid of them once and for all from the tube. We're not sure how many signatures they have as of yet, but someone who won't be signing it is The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes.

The reality star is sticking by her TV comrade and told VH1’s Big Morning Buzz yesterday that she thought it was silly for people to try and oust the Kardashian clan. NeNe says:

“I like the Kardashians. I’m a fan. I watch their show. And I think it’s just crazy that a petition is going around. It’s not going to stop anything. Those Kardashians will be back.”

Girl has a point. You could get 10,000 signatures, but those numbers won't even compare to the viewership the new season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York will rake in. Say what you want, but America is still entirely fascinated by these girls, especially Kim. The haters are outnumbered. There is really nothing to be done.

Besides maybe watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta instead.

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27 comments to “NeNe Leakes Wants The Kardashians To Stay Where They Belong … On TV”

  1. 1

    I believe that there are over 100,000 signitures on the petition to date. My question is, how do we know that this petition is legit and wasn't started by Kris J or a publicist etc. using an alias. The new show is starting soon, the bad feelings towards KK are still hanging around so they have to do something to keep up. All of the lies and made up crap on their show has put me to the point where I don't like them anymore and I won't watch their shows anymore and I don't believe one single word out of their mouths. It's sad because they all have millions of dollars of all of our hard working money and they flaunt it like crazy and then disrespect us the way they did. Another K will be coming their way and it's called KARMA.

  2. 2

    haters not haters youll see no matter what she will now or later be forgotten regarless anybody says quote me on that nene leaks nobodys likes her just like kim their in the same boat sinking youll see paris was relevant to anymore samething would happen when people get tired its a cut…

  3. 3

    we the people decide perez not you or people in the media we so dont come putting numbers around stating this amount of viewers like heidi says sometimes your in and sometimes your out they a bunch of loosers bad acting and all she at first they were ok but now their the dirt on this earth money hungry greed bitches sellouts theyre heads got to big .now they know what to do and set things up for their advantage. bad acting

  4. 4

    I have never watched HW of Atlanta so i don't know who that hood-looking-rat is, but she is one stupid fucking bitch for saying such ridiculous things. of course trash don't mind trash. Look at her.

  5. 5

    E! plays their shows back-to-back so if you watch it on a re-run, it doesn't count towards the ratings. The ratings are only calculated when it first comes on each Sunday. Nene needs to watch out because she's got a big target on her back. Head over to GOPETITION and sign it. It's at 142,087 right now - friday morning 8:45 est

  6. 6

    Yeah, kim k. and this nasty ass missing link looking chick. of course she has kim's back, she makes her money the same fame whore way.

  7. 7

    The petition has over 100,000 sigs not 10,000. You are never right on your posts, it's just pathetic. Anyway, petitions don't do shit when they are aimed at the network. Ratings are the only thing that matters. The only way to get something off the air is to petition the ADVERTISERS. Those are the only ones with power. If a petition was started and 100,000 people say I will never shop at sears again if they don't pull their ads from this trainwreck of a family's shows, that might get noticed, but not the network, they just care for the cash. Like homo perez.

  8. 8

    Somehow my last post wasn't shown..So what I was saying is, you're not OK with a freaking joke Family Guy or South Park makes or anyone who says anything that is remotely offensive to the LGBT community,but you have no problems with the rats who're poisoning our morals and values all over media. The effect these people have on our morals and next generation is far much worse than gay-bashing because it is aimed at a much larger demographic group and it rots our mind from the basic foundation. There is hence no place for you to judge anyone or anything, because your morals have already sunk into the gutters, as have theirs.

  9. 9

    fuck reality tv. all "reality" tv. thats all.

  10. 10

    I'll sign one to get rid of NeNe Leakes, what a bitch she is. Kardashians are famous for nothing but maybe Kim's sex tape and the family's good looks. I wouldnt miss them.

  11. 11

    Re: hoochpit – you are right!! Only thing is to go after advertisers… I used to like watching the Kardashians just for entertainment but I never got into buying their products or ne thing like that… and with all this drama goin on i'm frankly sick of them and i think alot of other ppl are… It'll be interesting to see how many viewers they get when the show premieres

  12. 12

    Hmmmm, looks like my post wont get printed as mario is drinking the Kool-Aide, MARIO U ARE NOT BEING TRUTHFUL SO i HAVE NO RESPECT.WHEN THEY HAVE FOLLOWERS THAT SAY KARDASSHIAN IS MY GOD, THATS UNBELIEVABLE. Jesus Christ is my god and savour.It is so sad that this very rich oiled machine will win and people will be broken along the way.Ok, well we move on my predictions, major loss in the brand,only the loser cult followers will purchase. Bottom line with so much power none of it was uplifting, buy buy buy, that is so sickening.

  13. 13

    Kim kardashian and her family are fake ass fame whores i use to love their show but now i see that they are fake people who are money hungry they dont have talent to even be on TV i feel bad for kris humprey but KIm K marriage was a shame its so obvious she didnt even want the man last name because of business she knew what she was doing from the beginning THEY NEED TO BE OFF THE AIR SHES THE WORSE ROLL MODEL EVER!!! ESPECIALLY KRIS JENNER!!!!

  14. 14

    Watch out Nene…mama pimp jenner is going to go after you

  15. 15

    why is Perez sucking the kardashian's dicks so hard!?1 I mean he is constantly taking up for these bitches , yesterday he even posted a picture of Kim visiting a sick child in the hospital. Talk about good timing that selfish bitch would never do anything if there was'nt something in it for her,I just wish Perez would get Kim's dick out of his mouth it makes me wonder if he has'nt made some kind of deal with these devils?

  16. 16

    Where is this petition so I can sign it?

  17. 17

    Re: CarlaH
    its GOPETITION , just put that in the bar

  18. 18

    I never watched the Kardashions nor bought a product of theirs. I always blamed Ryan Seacrest for that mess of a family. Ryan needs the sh!t kicked out of him.

  19. 19

    Ryan Seacrest gave the porn star and her family a reality show. HE's the a@@hole. People should be attacking him as well!!

  20. 20

    I don't see much of a difference really between the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, and The Real Housewives shows. If these people think the Kardashians are bad role models or examples or what have you, then the other shows should go as well. I guess the Kardashians just gave more reasons for people to hate them. Personally, I think Jersey Shore is much worse than the Kardashians.

  21. 21

    Quit watching the show and buying any products using their images. That's the ONLY wa to make a statement to these people which they understand.

  22. 505nm says – reply to this



  23. 23

    I kind off agree with Perez much as everyone hates them the show still has high rating and is number one reality show in Australia. If it was true that nobody watched it in the US it wouldn't even be on tv anymore, lot of tv shows start with a few episodes and fail because nobody can watch it. But the Kardashian”s have been around for a while so they must have some hidden fan base that nobody is admitting to being part of.

  24. 24

    Kim is a talentless fake bimbo. Fans like the guy in Florida got his "Fix a Flat" butt similar to Kims is being arrested. I don't watch housewives of any cities, one could get blood rising of stress watching those hateful meaningless shows. Of course brainless Nene are the type of idiots supporting Kardashians but honey that won't last. Anyone can pay for good plastic surgeries to have fake everything like Kim. Not everyone would sell their sex tape eating out and have their family the Kardashians so proud of it. Now when you look at the Kardashians they drape themselves with the fake bodies and clothings and so what. Empty heads is nothing inspiring. The sex tape and the divorce showed the greedy whores Kardashians are and they do nothing impressive. Down they go.

  25. 25

    Of coarse NeNe Leakes is going to stick up for her, she is one of them. Do you honestly think a reality tv bimbo is going to say yes, sign the petition, in all honestly NeNe needs to be removed, her loud scratcy voice yelling and fighting continualy, she is repulsive. Take a stand American, take a stand for the morals of our teens. TV doesnt care, the Kardashians dont care, they want the money! Finaly a woman got fed up with it and did something. I am sick of what entertainment has become. Snookie, drunk on her ass with her dress pulled up around her neck, rolling around on a dirty floor! OMG and she is praised for doing this? Your kids look up to her! Get them off the AIR. The Kardashians worship themselves above God, it was Kims dream to be a goddess and take the world. Remove her and the rest of the family. Sign the Petition today!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26

    It was 107,000 signatures on 11/17. This is a percentage not the total number os people that want her off the air. The is an indication that a large percentage do not want the Kardashians. People fell for the propaganda, the fantasy. Now they know they were fools, they resent the hyprocracy. Kim hated doing nudies, but she kept doing them. She hated sex scenes, but they kept on doing them. The pubic hair waxing by Khloe and Kourtney on one of their shows was sick and not a good sick. Perverted. They need to go. The naked shots of Scott Disick by the hot tub. The bed scenes with Khloe and Lamar talking about the status of her public hair. A very public place indeed. This isn't good for our kids or our families.

  27. 27

    NeNe would stick up for Kim because if this petition goes through with the public winning and the show goes off the air then all the other reality shows will be in danger by being dismissed by petitioners quite easily…I'd be shaken too