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Kristen Wiig Has An Answer For Global Warming

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Ahh, this is tooo good!

We love you, Kristen Wiig. So much! So so much!!!

Watch her as she presents some solutions to Earth's global warming problem in this HIGHlarious Funny or Die video!

Our favorite is the first one. 1, 2, 3…..

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4 comments to “Kristen Wiig Has An Answer For Global Warming”

  1. 1

    too bad it doesnt exist you liberal bully. tell me…if we all stop using any energy at all, no cars, no electricity, shit in a hole….exactly how much will the temperature change in the next 10 years? and if china and india have no plan to change anything and will just pass us by as the job center of the world and have all the manufacturing capacity, how would that work? it wouldnt, but what do you care…big govt is a religion and youre a believer!!!

  2. 2

    I know it's a joke, but, it makes as much sense as any other imbecilic liberal non-answer to anything.
    She should get the Occu-tards together and have them hold their breath for 20 minutes at a time.
    That would cut down on the "carbons", shut them up with their endless inane insane blather and provide a permanent cure for the Occu-tard crowding problem.

  3. 3

    YOUTUBE: 'Maurice Strong: The man behind the global warming scam' (Edmund de Rothschild)

  4. 4

    this is old .. this was part of the Bill Clinton video. obviously this was an extra outtake video.