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Sources Say Ashton And Demi's Split Was A Long Time Coming!

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ashton kutcher demi moore fighting before divorce

Well, one thing is for certain!

Divorce has been looming on the horizon for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher for quite some time!

Although the couple just announced that they would be splitting after six years of marriage, in light of Ashton's infideities, sources close to the pair have revealed that the relationship has been less than ideal for them for quite some time!

The insiders explain:

"Ashton is unhappy; [Demi]'s unhappy. It just got to a point where they had to end it. The fighting could get pretty intense. Whatever counseling they did was fine for a quick fix but could not get to the heart of the problem."

Well, it seems to us like the heart of the problem was Ashton betraying his wife's trust, so yeah - of course counseling wasn't going to work!


[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Sources Say Ashton And Demi's Split Was A Long Time Coming!”

  1. 1

    anoxexic heroin chic skank, and no talent what ever he is. two wastes of skin

  2. 2

    You are being pretty judgemental Perez. An infidelity may mark the end of the marriage, but it is just a symptom of a deeper problem. Most of the time, infidelity happens because the marriage is already in decline. Sometimes it can be fixed, sometimes it can't. The one who commits adultery is making a mistake, but that doesn't mean that the other party is an innocent victim.

  3. 3

    Re: raypearson – Just an fyi, CALLING a woman a "skank" is sexist and offensive….And what have you done with your life raypearson, that would include any success? OR do you just troll on these sights letting your anger out? Who cares about these two, anyway…their biz…they had an open marriage…she liked the ladies from time-to-time….who cares….Anyone who knows and is in certain circles has information that confirms this…good for her….I would dump him too.

  4. 4

    Kutcher was a womanizer before he met Demi. He cheated on her during their marriage. He'll continue to sleep with a bunch of women after they divorce.

  5. 5

    When will woman learn that the ONLY time a man will stay faithful to your ass is IF
    They are BROKE and your NOT…
    They're DICK can NO longer get hard AND
    If they have a contagious disease that will NEVER go away like HERPES and since your dumb-ass is DUMB enough to take him he knows deep down that your probably the ONLY ONE
    So if you don't fall in any of those category it's probably just a matter of time before your mans dick falls out of his pants and accidently into a warm hole or 2….

  6. 6

    It is always sad when a relationship ends. Even though they really did have an open marriage, he could not resist breaking the few rules they did have. Hope they can get on with their lives. Glad there are no children involved.

  7. 7

    He needs to work on his career, eventually he will settle with a true partnerwho will provide him a child and an honest woman. Demi's raspy voice and shallow life is annoying. Those children of hers are crying for help but oh no, she is so hung up in her world. Happy for Bruce he finally got over Demi and the pain, moved on andnow has a gorgeous baby and beautiful bride.

  8. 8

    So this is proof to all those "cougars" out there who came to be from this faux-relationship, THIS SHIT DOESN'T WORK. Find a man your own age and start shaming men into dating women their own age. That way both of you can stop sleeping around about the same time, instead of one of you having the energy, time, and immaturity to get yourself into trouble.

  9. 9

    A long time coming? A long time coming?!?
    They were only married for 6 years! If they separated after the wedding reception it still wouldn't be a "long time coming"!

  10. 10

    Demi thought her eating other clams was okay yet when hubby ate clam outside of marriage it became an issue. Her stupid excuse of a religion and open marriage is not healthy for a marriage or her family. And because she has money she thinks these acts are okay as long as she is the one in control. Ashton is the sane one in this relationship, get the hell out there soon and be happy like Bruce.

  11. 11

    Re: rosebud99 – Well said.

  12. 12

    Relationsips don't fall apart because of an affair, the affair usually happens after the relationship starts to fall apart….Re: raypearson – I agree it was a sexist and inappropriate comment…..Strangely when it's used to describe anglina…I agree with it , but this time not so much…Re: RAY2RAY – Toooo funnyRe: AlchyAnonMS – I think that this is more about hollywood relationships under scrutiny don't work..If he wasn't famous noone would care about whose clams he was chomping on…they would quietly go the way of swingers everywhere….

  13. 13

    why cant he be a man about it instead of making himself a liar, cheat, dishonest and cruel. He could of left her before having an affair. When you marry and then cheat on your spouse you make yourself worthless and disrespectful. Man up, break up the marriage if it doesnt work out for both of you. He is now a coward in my book, I will not watch any shows he is on. what a loser

  14. 14

    she has no hips

  15. 15

    Regardless of the hundreds of thousands that Demi spent of plastic surgery, it was not enough to maintain a real marriage. There is a difference between love and lust. Demi thought she could ignite her career by marrying a 25 year old man. She also fooled herself into thinking she could mature Ashton. Kutcher is not a man. He is an immature punk. Best wishes to both of them, apart.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    A long time coming? It usually is by this point. I wish her and Ashton well. Freedom!, lol.

  17. 17

    Their split was 'a long tine coming …' ? ! Well, just like Demi's old, smelly, grey cooter was ' a long time coming' after Ashy had done his dirt-ee deed ! Hence the Break-Up ! Young, hot, always ready-to-go stud + Old Gradma = sexualiy incompatibible ! He could get it up, she couldn't pruduce the cooze !

  18. 18

    Demi Whore is old and ugly and plastic …..WHY would he want to wake up next to that old smelly thang every morn … ?

  19. 19

    Thought it was reported that they had an open marriage. And doesn't Demi go both ways. Soooo how did Ashton betray her trust?? If it was me it would be 3 ways all the time.

  20. 20

    Perez, thanks for the report, but when it comes to their problems STFU, you just don't know and you just sound like a judgy know it all.

  21. 21

    She caught him with one of the FUGLY daughters … ?aNYTHING GOES IN hOLLYwEIRD !

  22. 22

    Demi Whore will be @ REHAB inside of a week………then a few weeks from now, she will be on all the 'chat' shows, explaining how Kabballah saved her life ! I can't wait .

  23. 23

    And he will admit to having a 'sex addiction', and will be in REHAB as an outpatient ….

  24. 24

    An open marriage NEVER works when one of the partners of the actual marriage is old, smelly, ugly, and so full of Bo-tox that she could crap plastic after eating Mexican !

  25. 25

    Ashton is a sadistic woman hater.

  26. 26

    Not betrayal. A generation gap. Duh.

  27. 27

    She got old, he strayed. Who's really surprised?

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – How do you know that? Just spreading rumours?

  29. 29

    A long time coming? Oh puhleeeeze this marriage had an expiration date on it from the get go! With an age difference like that it was not built to last. Just a joke to beign with. Cheating was the easy way out for Asthton and he took it.Plain and simple she is old as dir tand bottom line his career is golden ( who knows why because he cant act for shit) so he has no need for her anymore.

  30. 30

    Maybe it's just me, but I find Ashton hairy, unwashed, and generally undisciplined and gross. Feel terrible for Demi. She's a very pretty lady — where is all the hate for her appearance coming from?

  31. 31

    Oh Big effing deal on both of them.

  32. 32

    I read sonewhere that he was tired of her treating him mlike a kid, bossing him around and correcting him inpublic. He had a better relationship with her kids and Bruce has no room to talk because he cheated on her too lol

  33. 33

    Ashton is so fucking beautiful!!!