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So Unbelievably Horrible And Wrong: Police Officer Pepper-Sprays Non-Violent Occupy UC Davis Protestors.

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We can't even begin to tell how absolutely disgusting and infuriating it is to see this kind of flagrant abuse of power.

Watch this truly disturbing video (above) from University of California Davis yesterday, which features police not only tearing down the tents of students partaking in the Occupy movement, but also Police Lt. John Pike walking down a line of students seated on the ground in an act of NONVIOLENT civil disobedience and - we can't even believe this actually happened - SPRAYING THEM DIRECTLY IN THE FACE WITH PEPPER SPRAY, which left at least one woman hospitalized with chemical burns.


There's no other way to describe this as anything other than police brutality.

And our country is far worse off than we could have ever imagined if this sort of behavior is allowed and ENCOURAGED by our government.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those young people who bravely and unrelentingly faced this abuse, and everyone who stood by, documented it, and said what we wish we had been there to say ourselves:


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215 comments to “So Unbelievably Horrible And Wrong: Police Officer Pepper-Sprays Non-Violent Occupy UC Davis Protestors.”

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  1. 1

    Thank you for sharing this, it is important for people to see what is happening on college campuses right now.

  2. 2

    its amazing what people are capable of doing when you give them a uniform..

  3. Rohan says – reply to this


    Your thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who stood by and documented it? You really are an idiot!

  4. 4

    I was hoping they would use stun guns on them or at least shoot em up with some rubber bullets. Shucks!

  5. 5

    Wow. What the f*ck.

  6. 6

    Occutards. They have no legitimate purpose in their lives.
    What do you expect from a KarTRASHian Nation?
    Lindsay Ho-han and the other scum that appeal to so many.
    These people are nothings protesting about nothing. Just to have something to do.
    All there so-called "actions" are purely masturbatory.
    Mario just puts it on here with his pathetic attempt at inflammatory comments for more clicks that will make him money.
    Mario is as phony as the Occutards.

  7. 7

    You can protest but you cannot block the sidewalk or obstruct traffic. They were given fair warning to move and chose not to.

  8. 8

    Re: filthypigs – Your an idiot!

  9. 9

    Katehi must resign.

  10. 10

    You know there is also footage of police beating students at UC Berkeley. Who were peaceful and defenseless if you have not put up that video you should its on youtube and I think people need to also see that video

  11. 11

    I disagree. What you didn't see was the beginning of the video, where police repeatedly told the protesters to move, as the police had been given orders to disband the protest. The protesters refused to obey and were resisting arrest. The police repeatedly told them to disband, and tried to calmly & physically remove them, the protesters continued to resist arrest (that's a crime). The officers told them repeatedly that they would be pepper sprayed for their refusal to comply yet the protesters continued to snub their noses at the law. The police had no alternative but to pepper spray them and I support the police's actions. It's against the law to disobey a direct order from an officer as well as resisting arrest. These students were in clear violation of the law and left the officers no choice. Well done by the police force.

  12. 12

    SHAME ON YOU POLICE!!! OMG, this is our time, lets revolt young people!

  13. 13

    he's already been outed on democratic underground

  14. 6one9 says – reply to this


    They had a 3 minute warning to “get up or be pepper sprayed! They chose to stay!!
    Did anything get accomplished here???????? FUCK NO!! Think things will change? FUCK NO!
    Live with IT“ bitches!!
    A FACT!!!
    Just like the FEDS closing down all the medical marijuana clinics that WE fucking voted to be opened !! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah “““““` LIVE WITH IT!!!

  15. 15

    The protesters are certainly allowed to engage in a nonviolent protest. They are NOT allowed to block public walkways or streets, which it appears they were doing here.

  16. 16

    shame of these people…….you can't find a job hanging out in a park getting high with your friends…

    these people were blocking a public sidewalk and were asked to leave…they were warned that they would be sprayed…..they got what they deserved….

  17. 17

    Re: electromouth – yeah it's called there job….these people were creating a mob…..very dangerous……

  18. 18

    Shame on UC Davis and the local police. Democracy is dead people. As a former law enforcement employee, that was a non-violent and peaceful demonstration. NO cause for use of a chemical agent.

  19. 19

    Re: DDub88 – this wasn't a campus……moron.

  20. 20

    LOL! That got them up and rolling around. And shut that screaming hysterical bitch the fuck up. Fucking douche bag fleabaggers.

  21. 21

    Re: filthypigs – so you can start violence….asshole…

  22. 22

    Re: baby g – I think you meant 'you're' not your

  23. 23

    Re: dirk van steyl – and do what……live on unemployment and make no effort to find a job…..your a loser.

  24. 24

    Re: DDub88 – Yes this is whats happening on college campuses. Parents send their kids to college, and they are so dumb when the pepper spray comes out they sit there.

  25. 25

    I actually got emotional watching this. It was like I was watching the civil rights protests and race riots of the 1960s. I cannot believe this is a video of AMERICA in 2011. Those cops had NO REASON to do that. The kids were just sitting there. Pepper spray right in the face is torture. I hope the young woman who had to be hospitalized sues the city.

  26. 26

    Key word "disobedience". The police officers are doing their job. If someone chooses to break a law, they must be ready to suffer the consequences. If they did not leave peacefully then it is the job of the police to clear them in the least harmful way. Shame on you Perez for promoting hatred of those who serve and protect! Your words can do harm!!

  27. 27

    Re: x0lala0x – Really, Spelling checks?

  28. 28

    That is the most painful video I have ever seen. What is the crazy nutbag who's filming its problem? Jesus Christ….

    How is that police brutality? They used pepper spray and MAYBE went slightly overboard on the guy who they arrested, but barely. They didn't hit him, or do anything that is going to cause any damage.

    Kids these days think they can do WHATEVER the f*** they want and get away with it. They get pepper sprayed and that's brutality? Give me a f***ing break. America is pathetic. 90% of them don't even know why they're there. Just a bunch of clueless hippies.

    All they had to do was move off the walk way. Is that not reasonable? What were they accomplishing blocking the pathway. They were just egging the police on then called it police brutality when they KNEW WHAT WAS COMING happened. /facepalm, no words.

    I normally am right on board hating on the police in brutality videos. But this is in no way brutality.

  29. 29

    That's your CORPORATE-OWNED America. There won't be any tolerance of the freedoms and rights of the people…if it gets in their way. Sad state of being an America today. (But do continue to give your money and jobs to those who will see you silenced).

  30. 30

    I celebrate every time I read about a dirty thug cop being killed…I REALLY REALLY DO; I celebrated when that dirty Vallejo cop was gunned down…..

    The NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION is going to be way better than the last one!

  31. 31

    Re: baby g – If you're going to call someone an idiot then SPELL IT CORRECTLY, you stupid fuck!!! It's "you're" not "your".

  32. 32

    I don't see where the police did anything wrong. If these students were in foreign country they would habe been brutally shot and then you would have something to complain about. I believe the officers conducted themselves in a controlled and professional manner. They sprayed them because they would not budge. They sprayed them just enough to get them moved. I heard someone saying this is America, yes it is but it still does not allow you to do whatever you want. The police has to be able to protect innocent people and enforce laws. Like I said if they were not in America, they would all probably be shot and what you would be seeing is a bloody mess.

  33. 33

    Re: Meggie246524 – The FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS trumps ridiculous police orders!

  34. 34

    [re=5938906]Re: Meggie246524[/re "The police were TOLD to disband the protesters". Yes. That would be the problem. Get those who would have them disband out there doing their own dirty work - or showing their faces. I wonder just how many people needed to "walk" down that sidewalk versus those corporate interests which simply want to shut the people up - and out?

  35. 35

    Re: tiredofstoopidppl – go fuck yourself!hows that.

  36. 36

    My parents always taught me that if i'm kicked down to pick myself up and make something of myself. These kids are just following a trend. If anyone was to ask them to explain their cause they wouldn't know what to say. Instead of all this attention whoring, they should just put their money in a credit union.

  37. 37

    This wasn't the least bit distubring to watch. These people disobeyed a direct warning and were told what would happen to them if they didn't move. Sorry they were too stupid to listen. Stupidity seems to be the common theme amongst this generation.

  38. 38

    Some of these comments are absolutely flooring. How is this possibly okay? What those police did is sickening and a complete abuse of power.

  39. 39

    There's no other way to describe this as anything other than police brutality. what the fuck are you talking about? pepper spray, not a night stick or a dog (chi 1968) pepper spray is not brutal, it's a da

  40. 40

    There's no other way to describe this as anything other than police brutality. what the fuck are you talking about? pepper spray, not a night stick or a dog (chi 1968) pepper spray is not brutal, it's a dam flavoring for your salad. Seriously i've eaten peppers with a higher scovill rating than pepper spray

  41. 41


  42. 42

    This is absolutely sickening, I don't care if they were *god forbid* blocking the sidewalk, THEY WERE PEACEFULLY PROTESTING!!! What year is this? Why are authorities such as these cops-who by the way are supposed to be protecting us-punishing people for standing up for what they believe in? SHAME ON YOU, POLICE OFFICERS!!! SHAME. ON. YOU!!!!!!

  43. 43

    Re: KikiDee66 – read the rest of the story bitch, this scum sucker PEEREX publishes just enough to make matters worse

  44. 44

    Hilarious, I was hoping they would have at least got the big mouthed girl yelling "Protect your eyes" and then the guy that WAS resisting arrest, they all shouted, "He's not resisting." LMAO, over privileged hipsters trying to make a statement about something they know nothing about. I'm sure mommy and daddy are really proud of the money they're wasting on you to NOT get an education. Our future is bleak.

  45. 45

    RE Kim K's saggy ass. It's so funny watching you comment and call people morons with you bad grammar. When you say "its there job" "there" is in reference to a location not a possessive phrase. "it's their job" is what you must have been going for. When you said to that one person "your a loser" that was wrong also. Does he own a lose? it is his "a loser?" What you wanted to say was you're a loser which would mean "you are a loser."

  46. 46

    whoever says pepper spray isnt a big deal has never been pepper sprayed.

  47. 47

    Ok well anyone who sees these students as disruptive and that they deserve that treatment for BLOCKING A SIDEWALK well you are ridiculous and there is nothing that I can say to you that will change your ignorant and closed minds. There have always been people like you who are against people fighting for their rights, but thankfully that did not stop the wonderful people who had to break some laws to give us the rights we have now. These students are courageous and these cops are monsters. Go arrest some actual crimminals.

  48. Rohan says – reply to this


    Mario put a commercial first lol! You are so transparent making money off other people's misery!

  49. 49

    When police go overboard like this it usually helps sustain a movement. They never figure this out though. This cop triumphantly holding up his can just pepper-sprayed himself into some form of notorious infamy.

  50. 50

    I'm sorry but I disagree. The police officers gave them multiple warnings and tried to get them out of the sidewalk several times before having to resort to the pepper spray.

    I live in NYC's financial district and these protesters can truly be a pain in the ass. What exactly are they protesting? It started with banks and big businesses but now the protest is all over the place. Sitting down on the sidewalk (or occupying the subway like they did last week in NY) doesn't do anything towards their "goal". It is a huge inconvenience to people who need to go about their business. If anything, I am extremely thankful for the NYPD and all the hard work and hours they have dedicated to keeping the situation under control for the past two months in NY. They are allowing people to protest peacefully, as long as they don't break the law, and occupying the subway/sleeping in a privately owned park for 2 months/sitting on the sidewalk just to block it isn't legal. The first amendment doesn't protect people's right to protest any way they like, it protects people's right to protest peacefully, and legally.

  51. 51

    At what point does it become difficult to watch?

  52. 52

    Re: filthypigs – how horrible. the answer to violence is never more violence.. shame on you. these police officers have families, just like all of us, and to suggest violence against them is a horrible response to this video.

  53. 53

    They needed to pepper spray the lady taping this. She is soooooo annoying!!!
    The cops gave these protesters clear notice that if they didn't move, this would happen.
    I'm sick of these protesters.

  54. 54

    Re: Meggie246524
    I so agree and can not believe the ignorant people replying in "horror" about the said "abuse".. watch the whole video not the snippets added here…You don't respect the law and you pay the price… period. They were all warned many times..And what are they protesting… forgive their student loans??? What about those of us in a worse economic time that worked 3 minimum wage jobs to repay our student loan debt ?? Get over it and do something productive for society.

    Perez- This reporting is irresponsible at best..not objective and all for the shock factor…sad!!!

  55. 55

    Can't stand the worthless human debris, rapists, infested with lung infections and scabies and lice! Talking about the Occupy losers who have NO LIFE! They are just pissed off because mommy and daddy paid for them to go to college, they picked stupid worthless majors with which they cannot get jobs, so now that mom and dad are saying "time to start paying rent or get out" they are acting like spoiled babies and protesting, acting like losers. JUST GO AWAY ALREADY! They probably all voted for Obama and will vote for him again in 2012, and that's why the economy sucks.

  56. 56

    This is unbelievably PATHETIC! Let me guess….the police's life was in danger.

  57. 57

    A couple of facts: This is on campus at UC Davis, on the quad actually. The quad is an open space so the police officers were not boxed in. The students were in fact blocking a pathway. However, that pathway is not necessary for students to get to their classes. In fact, last year it was under construction for weeks and caused no congestion or issues. Pepper spray is to be used only for self defense. All Americans are allowed to assemble for peaceful protest. After reading many of these comments, I realized that many were unaware of these facts.

  58. 58

    Re: Elron Hubbard - Con Man – Okay asshat. You know a part of me wishes a Republican was back in control of the white house that way when everything becomes a diarrhea storm, I can watch you drown in that sea of shit.

  59. 59

    Re: VadgeIsAHag – YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS WE ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN! Get use to the next four years idiot.

  60. 60

    Shame on you Perez. You posted details earlier about a celebrity accepting money from corrupt governments and when Angelina Jolie buys land from former Kmer Rouge officials you neglect to mention it.

  61. 61

    Hey assmaster, if you block one more of my posts i am going to file a lawsuit against you for violating my right to free speech!

  62. 62

    The police did nothing wrong.

    1-The protesters were there illegally.

    2-The police tried to remove them but were unable because their arms were interlinked.

    3-The police warned them if they didn't leave they would use pepper spray.

    4-The police used non-lethal means to enforce the law.

    If you break the law, you have to be prepared to face the consequences.

  63. 63

    You're such a fucking idiot PEREZ! These supposed peaceful protester have been wreaking havoc on college campuses. And preventing people who are they to actually learn get their education. Which by the way, they FUCKING PAY FOR!! It's funny how the person "documenting" this doesn't show all the stuff that has happened beforehand. Such as police asking them nicely to move and not block the roadway and other pedestrians. So, they got a little pepper spray in the face? Big FUCKING deal. They deserved and should stop being such whiny little bitches! Everything can be constituted as police brutality these days. It's ridiculous how the police can't even do their job anymore because of losers like you, Perez, giving them a bad name! BTW, you little bitch, who the FUCK did you run to when you got bitch slapped by WILL I AM, huh? That's right you little baby, the police that's who! So shut the fuck up with your Police brutality Bullshit!

  64. 64

    Re: x0lala0x – Honey there is no traffic on that campus.

  65. 65

    Re: gg1988 – Best post on this entire thread. Well said.

  66. 66

    Re: MaryMagdalen7 – Honey, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  67. 67

    They were told to leave by the police, warned what will happen, and for some reason their parents never taught them to listen. The pathetic part is they all are taking out student loans to pay for their education, protesting instead, and we will end up footing the bills when they default. Pathetic, they deserve it.

  68. 68

    I love how people immediately rip apart police officers. They are hard working individuals, who must deal with the hatred of the public on a daily basis. We are armed with things like pepper spray, tasters, batons and guns to protect ourselves and the public.

    Did you know that these people were told multiple times to leave? Did you know that they were warned that if they do not listen that they would have to use force? Of course not! People only tape PARTS of incidents like this…the parts that do not explain the ENTIRE story…usually not in favour of the police.

  69. 69

    Also, Pepper spray causes a burning sensation on a person which distracts the individual so that the officers can make the arrests they need to. It does not cause actual serious chemical burns. Police officers are pepper sprayed themselves as a part of their training so they know how it feels.

    Stop slamming police officers in the media. They are individuals who work very long shifts, often do not get their breaks, miss family events and holidays, and make the conscious decision to put their lives on the line for complete strangers every day they put on that uniform.

  70. Uruha says – reply to this


    I would say I'm glad I decided to go to UC Berkeley rather than UC Davis, but violent stuff is going on here as well, so I guess there's no safe haven from it, unfortunately. Of course I understand that the police HAD to do something, though it's still so difficult to watch it happen…I'm very shaken. I may not forget it for a long time.

    Re: VadgeIsAHag – Regardless of who pays for one's education and what its focus is, it's something that most people find value and merit in having. Except, of course, for you. So have fun voting for Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, or whoever. But people who have an education, as you said, will vote for Obama. Deal with it. :-)

  71. dlt17 says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous! Why don't you get all the facts before hating on the police officers for doing their job! Those protesters were asked to move their tents by 3 p.m. because of a campus policy. They failed to do so therefore the tents were removed by the officers. As to the people getting sprayed they too were asked to move since they surrounded officers and were blocking them from exiting the area.

  72. 72

    Re: filthypigs – Why? They were doing their job, and these teens are idiots for not listening to the SEVERAL warnings they were given.

  73. 73

    Re: Elron Hubbard - Con Man – If that's what you think, you must be a horribly ignorant person that is incapable of a single deep thought. Don't talk about what you obviously don't understand.

  74. yawn says – reply to this


    As a current UCD student who is very invested in this issue, here is what I have to say about this: To clarify, the reason these protests began was because of a likely tuition increase due to budget cuts. We all understand that tuition is always increased by 8% a year, normally. The regents want to raise it by 16% now, meaning that, if you compare this year's tuition to the projected tuition in 4 years, that will be an 81% increase. With such high tuition, it makes more sense to go to a private college, where tuition would only be a bit higher but financial aid would be MUCH more readily available to those in need. Currently, financial aid at the UCs is reasonably available to low income students but very difficult for middle class students to obtain. And paying full tuition when you're from a middle class family is quite expensive and requires several loans to be taken out.

    It's very frustrating to think of how the value of public higher education is becoming less and less of a priority in the government. In my opinion, healthcare and education are the two most important things our state government controls and should not be frontrunners for such severe budget cuts.

  75. yawn says – reply to this


    While these cuts are happening and tuition raises are being threatened, the regents are being given bonuses between 100K and up to almost a million. Those are bonuses, not salaries. The justification for these bonuses is to keep the "talent" from taking other positions away from the UC system. My question is: shouldn't the people in charge of such important decisions for the masses (thousands upon thousands of students) be people who genuinely care about what's best for the public and be passionate about improving public education rather than staying simply for money?
    Plenty of my professors have left higher paying jobs at private colleges to teach here for much less because they love what they do and believe in the UC system and want to improve it however they can.

    Finally, regarding the police brutality: It's the role of the police to PROTECT and serve? If the students were a real, physical threat, then I understand the need for self-defense. However, peaceful protest is not grounds for inflicting chemical damage. Isn't "do X or you will be harmed in Y way" a threat more than it is a warning if you think about it?

  76. yawn says – reply to this


    While I greatly support the cause of the protests, I am too afraid of police brutality to attend them myself. Isn't there something wrong if one feels more afraid of the police (again, who are supposed to protecT) during a protest rather than being worried about whatever harm the protesters themselves cause?

    It's detrimental to our students and faculty to live in fear here. We have the right to peacefully protest without being afraid of ending up in the hospital. I feel that the brutality is incredibly demeaning to those protesters who are attacked. After all, they are arguing for a good future for themselves and the rest of the young adults in our generation. Greater access to public university education at reasonable prices is what we ask for. Why would anyone oppose the idea of allowing us to learn in a comfortable environment so that we can graduate in a position to become productive members of a changing, improving society?

  77. 77

    Re: Meggie246524 – Hey Idiot, that is what is called a peaceful protest. There is no reason to attack them. They could have easily picked them up and arrested them if they wanted them moved. We have the right to protest.

  78. 78

    To people saying the protesters were blocking a public sidewalk- that is not true. They are on a walkway that cuts through the school's grass quad. There are two other walkways on either side of the quad and people walk across the grass all the time. The walkway being blocked does not get in anyone's way.

  79. 79

    The students were protesting tuition hikes, that many fear will force them to leave school. They were non-violent! The police could have arrested the students instead of pepper spraying them, which by the way they're not allowed to do to inmates, the truly violent!

  80. 80


  81. 81

    I don't even know what to think about this. On one hand, this was only to be expected. After ignoring repeated threats by officers, the "kids" refused to budge and ignored what they were being told by the Men in Uniforms. When they were told the first time that such force would be used to get them to follow orders, they then became aware of the consequence.

    And besides the point, that was some fucking UGLY crying in the background!! HAHA get a goddamn grip, girl!

  82. 82

    Re: yawn – Unfortunately, you don't understand the core issue here. The students were warned several times to move off the sidewalk. They were free to peacefully protest elsewhere. Regardless of "why" they were protesting, breaking the law and defying the police is unacceptable, and I fully support the police in carrying out the necessary action that they did. Being angry at budget cuts doesn't give anyone the right to break campus policy and or the law. There are legal forums through which to voice your issues and an illegal protest is not an acceptable one, and will be punishable. In this case, it was several warnings, followed up with pepper spray. I'm proud that the officers handled this situation in a professional manner and I give kudos to them.

  83. 83

    Looks like some of the losers living on the streets must have a laptop and be posting. It is obvious when all these people have the same avatar and are all stinking liberals. Obviously it is the same lunatic.

    These losers need to get off the tax payers streets and find another hobby since they don't want to work.

    The rest of us are working to pay taxes so theses pieces of shit can have parks to trash.

    GET A Freckin job and support yourself!

  84. 84

    Re: Alexima – They equal scum in your opinion until you're in danger and you need them there for your own sense of safety, right? Is that how it works?

  85. 85

    Re: light2you – If you had watched the entire video instead of this small clip, you would see that the police did try to physically separate the protesters in order to arrest them. They chose to link arms and defy the police. The police had no choice but to pepper spray them in order for them to unlink arms and they could then be arrested. Next time, try getting all of the facts before spewing your ignorance.

  86. 86

    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Just FYI They ARE allowed to do it to inmates if necessary… Get your facts straight before you slam the people who are just trying to do their job. I support my brothers and sisters in blue. If I was there I would've done the same thing. These people were warned multiple MULTIPLE times…and warned about the spray…again do your research before you start slamming those who keep communities safe, and put their lives on the line daily for complete strangers.

  87. 87

    You should, by law, only use force to protect someone’s life or to protect them from being bodily injured.
    'If you’re not protecting somebody’s life or protecting them from bodily injury, there’s no need to use force.

  88. 88

    Re: Uruha – Oh Please! I have a PharmD and so I would consider myself educated and I would vote for anyone besides Obama. He is a loser and a liar and a fraud.

    Democrats are so funny. One minute they are calling Republicans uneducated rednecks and then next minute they call the the rich jet owners. I have yet to see an uneducated jet owner! So which is it? Are they hillbillies or are they private jet owners?

    Last time I looked, every hood rat alive voted for Obama and I am not thinking they are educated. Which is their choice since we know they all could have had their tutition paid for.

  89. 89

    I support the police on this one. The protesters did everything in their power to make this happen

  90. 90

    Re: yawn
    Higher Ed is a privilege not a right…understand that first… if you can't afford it …than tough..try community college or Univ of Phoenix… I can't believe the entitled generation..get over it and grow up

  91. 91

    Re: lullzzzzz – What's funny is that a lot of police departments film things like this for "liability reasons." I don't know if this was made my a cop or a bystander, but still. What the fuck is wrong with America?

  92. artsy says – reply to this


    im currently a student at UC Davis and let me start off by saying this was utterly shocking for me to see. Im not going to go calling all police horrible like most people are because i have friends whose parents are respectful cops, but honestly this truly saddened me. These students were in fact not blocking any sidewalk or treet, they were on our quad, an open grassy area where students are free to roam so if you needed to get around the protestors you could. I personally did not involve myself in these protests and sometimes i believe yes protestors can go too far, the truth is though these protestors were simply sitting. I understand they were given the warning to leave and were warned they would be pepper sprayed, but still it is utterly fightening for me to see this happen to my fellow students. All i can say is i hope all of them are all right, and that no further violence like this will occur on my campus, from students or police.

  93. 93

    Re: Meggie246524 – You are the one who doesn't understand the core issue, and it is excessive force. Don't you get it? They could do this to you too!

  94. @v@ says – reply to this


    They're doing this to their own young. That's what they get for protesting 16% tuition hikes. Shakes head.

  95. 95

    these college kids got what they deserved. they're all so fucking pathetic honestly, it pisses me off. get off the property, you were giving a warning!! they think they are SO MUCH BETTER than everyone else, and to the chick who was ACTUALLY screaming while video taping, i'd like to punch her in the GOD DAMN FACE.

  96. 96

    Re: kappuhcheenoh

    What do you not understand…obey the law or suffer the repercussions…enough said..

  97. 97

    Re: josiecat – The cops can't go arrest real criminals because they have to waste their time with these dumbfu(ks. People have a right to protest as long as they do it in a non-obstructive way. They were blocking the sidewalk and were told to move. They didn't move. The police could have physcially draggeed them all off the sidewalk, which would have been called police brutality, or they had the choice of pepper spraying them. They chose to spray them. They also gave them fair warning that they would be sprayed yet the dumb@asses didn't move.

  98. 98

    Re: SeriouslyOMG – Oh and 30 lashes for adultery, is that ok with you too? After all, they broke the law.

  99. 99

    oh my fucking god that was the funniest thing i have seen all god damn week, it warms my heart to watch hippies get pepper sprayed ahahahahahahahaha

  100. 100

    this brute force the police is doing so yea just way crossing the line.

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