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Bristol Palin's Reality Show Is Dead!

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But as we're all teen moms, we know that she has a plan B - and the "B" stands for beautician school! But more on that in a bit.

First off, it has come to our attention via the National Enquirer that Bristol Palin's reality show, the one she was shooting for the BIO channel, has been scrapped, leaving Bristol without work in La La Land. No official reason has been given as to why the network put the kibosh on the series, but if we had to guess …. because one Palin reality show is really enough?

Anyway, now that she is out of job, Bristol needs to find something new to do. While her "dancing" did improve after ten weeks on DWTS, there's not much of a career for her in that. And, we think she's milked the cow dry, so to speak, on telling teens they have to be abstinent.

So what's next for Sarah Palin's prodigy child? That's easy! Cosmetology!

Sources reveal that Bristol is looking into some beauty programs in the area, as her new life goal is to be a Hollywood hair and makeup guru. A "friend" of Bristol reveals:

“She plans to find a school near her home in Arizona so she can get away from the Alaskan winter. And after graduating next year, she wants to look for jobs in the movie industry. Bristol’s realizing that her bout of fame and big-money job offers in Hollywood is dwindling since her mother isn’t in the spotlight as much, so she needs a backup plan. Right now she has money from her ‘DWTS’ gig to live off of while going to school. Then she’ll try her luck in Hollywood again, this time behind the scenes.”

Damn! She is still living off that money! Must have learned a thing or two from momma about simple living. (Or more likely she was grossly overpaid!)

Well, there is something rather ironic about how this is all turning out. She's certainly living up to the high expectations her mother has had for her, hasn't she.

Just in case, we'r going to cue up our Grease soundtrack to Beauty School Drop-Out, just in case you change your mind!

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Bristol Palin's Reality Show Is Dead!”

  1. 1

    Perez the bully strikes again. Making a choice of cosmetology sound second rate huh? Do you have any idea how many people you bashed? Making a young single mom just trying anything and everything to pay the bills a loser, uhm, that is called BULLYING.

  2. 2

    she should get a agent and see if she can get some parts in zombie crowds movies stuff like that…

  3. REPUB says – reply to this


    why is it ok for your douchey ass to bash this girl because she is the daughter of a conservative republican, yet you shut off the comments to anything that closely resembles for any story that may or may not bash the Liberals? You bitch and moan on here about bullying on here but you are doing it to her, grow up loser.

  4. 4

    Getting technical career skills and supporting yourself and your child without the government = Loser

    Popping out kids you can't pay for, living off section 8 housing and food stamps and working at McDonalds = Patriotic Hero (as long as you're a minority voting for Democrats)

  5. 5

    What's wrong if she wants to actually get an education of some sort? I don't believe in what her family believes for politics but it's good of her to at least realize that the reality TV thing has been beaten to death.

  6. 6

    Mario = Gay Nazi BULLY

  7. 7

    When she pissed-off that Gay Man in that Bull-Riding Bar she didn't realize her fan base were gay men (just like Levi's fan base) & Gay Men want nothing to do with her now….

  8. 8

    Good riddance!

  9. 9

    Bristol Palin up here


    . Bully Blogger

  10. cika says – reply to this


    Time to get a real job, bagger.

  11. 11

    You are a huge piece of shit! I come here just to hate on you sissyboy!

  12. 12

    What's wrong with becoming a hair stylist? When I went to cosmetology school my peers gave me a hard time too! It was something I wanted to do for a long time and after going to college I decided to do it when I couldn't decide a major. Screw all the haters of this field, they're usually the ones that come knocking for free services.

  13. 13

    Also it feels much better making someone feel like a million bucks rather than bashing and pointing out their flaws. Just saying…

  14. 14

    Re: ForeverWyld – Oh please… you would probably sacrifice so SO much for Perez's job. Using the 'buzz' word of the moment, calling him a "BULLY" for this story… Y'all are thin skinned p*ssies, and I don't get the chance to say that much!

  15. 15

    Re: ForeverWyld – anything to pay the bills?????? this bitch has a shitload of money, quit maker her out to be this struggling victim of society, she rode the dick when she was young, lied about how it happened, and is now making a shitload of cash speaking out agianst sex, what a joke.

  16. 16

    Absolutely nothing wrong with being a make-up artist!

  17. 17

    You know, you're a worse bully now than you ever were. Not only do you still trash people, but you do it in a way that implies your readers are too stupid to see it. Subtle bullying is still bullying, you pig.

  18. 18

    Re: OriginalRecipe – Hey moron, Perez is the one who decided make this big stand against bullying. Your comment would be valid if he weren't a hypocrite. Alas, he is a hypocrite and your comment is idiotic. People tend to call out liars when they see them.

  19. 19

    She said she was going to go to college in Arizona. She was going to be on the radio. She claims to be a medical assistant. She claims to be a receptionist in a dermatology clinic. She was an over-paid speaker for the Candies foundation. She was going to start a clothing line. She has never lived in the home she bought with her DWTS winnings. It's up for rent. She cannot show a high school diploma. No one can step into a career doing hair and make-up for the film industry. She's a grifter just like her hick parents. FAILIN' PALIN. I doubt she could earn enough to pay for the air conditioning for the 5 bdrm house in Maricopa, let alone feed her 3 (three) bastards. Tri-G, Tripp, Tristan.

  20. 20

    Perez, you are such a spiteful BITCH, AND YOU ARE A FUCKING BULLY THAT WILL NEVER STOP!!!! You are so sad and pathetic………..When you pray at Thanksgiving, be sure to pray for forgiveness!

  21. 21

    I never understood how anyone thought this reality show had any legs, other than Bristol's. She's not got a dynamic personality and there seemed to be increasingly less emphasis on her for-pay "charity" work and more on her adorable son.

    Going into cosmetology is probably a good career move for her, although I doubt she'll get much Hollywood film work unless she's pretty damn good and works on her attitude. She's in the big time now and I think the Palin flash has left the pan…

  22. 22

    Here's a "Plan B" for you…How about some real (as in actual facts)reporting:
    1.Bristol's reality show costars the Massey Brothers so if her show is 'dead' then their show is "dead" too so why don't you report that story?
    2. The Massey's mother came up with the show concept ,pitched it to BIO ,and is a producer so her show is 'dead' too… so where's that story?

  23. 23

    Re: CindyC11
    3. How many stories have you generated about Bristol since the BIO show has been announced…from the dating Kyle gossip, the heckler, and more.Lots of gossip interest (and negative comments) from someone you say is of no interest…hmmm?

  24. 24

    4. Crazy me to ask but …Are we only allowed to bully people we disagree with on political or social issues? What are the rules for bullying so I'll know who I'm allowed to pick on according to you guys who are smarter and more evolved. Please educate me.

  25. 25

    Re: CindyC11 – You can make your own rules as long as you remain anonymous. A little bit of fame has gone to Perez's brain and he thinks he's an expert (sort of like Bristol). We can say anything HERE. It's ironic when he turns off comments on lots of touchy subjects, but lies about how many hits he's getting, when in truth, any loyal fan can see how far down the numbers have dropped.

  26. 26

    In the words of Nelson Monkhouse, "Ha Ha!" That is all…

  27. 27

    I HOPE SHE FAILS!!!!!!

  28. 28

    This Fugly C#NT has got to be the UGLIEST little TRAMP WHORE SLUT BITCH who spread her legs before getting married, and blames her sluttish behaviour on alcohol ! What a pioece of work…or SH#T ! As disgusting as the stupid mother ! Good riddance ! who WOULD WANT TO WATCH THIS SMELLY CREATURE GO ABOUT HER DAILY LIFE ?

  29. 29

    She oughta teach how to be a little SLUT ! She does that real well !

  30. 30

    I wish her well in school, but obviously if she is anything like her mother BRAINS is not a family strong suit!! Now if only every tv station in the world would agree to never let her mother on air again we could be fully and complete rid of the redneck Palin's forever!

  31. 31

    Re: Be-Atch
    NO ONE…NO WOMAN… even daughters of politicians you don't like, should ever be subjected to vile, sick, misogynistic language. Shame on you.

  32. 32

    Hey Perez…if Bristol is such a big nobody why do you have her name listed in the "Star Seeker" search window? Hmmmm?

  33. 33

    Perez, your source is the NE. Just sayin'. I don't know what the future holds for Bristol Palin, but I know whatever it is, she will excel. She graduated high school against all odds. And nearly with Honors! She made the finals of DWTS against intense criticism. Most importantly, she is a hopelessly devoted mom. (I love Grease!) So I don't think she needs to be looked down upon by a freaking entertainment blogger. She's already bested you on so many levels.

  34. 34

    Gee Perez a gossip website actually contacted the Producers and got a statement from them contradicting the NE story and all the regurgitations posted online.
    “There is no truth to these rumors. [The show] is still in production,” a spokesperson for BIO tells RumorFix. Kyle Massey, who also stars in the show, confirmed the rep’s statement, telling us exclusively that the show is set to air in the coming months.

  35. 35

    I would SO hit that! squirt my juice ALLL over her!