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Britney And Target Team Up For Special Edition DVD/CD Combo!

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Britney Spears has released an exclusive DVD and CD combo of her Femme Fatale tour with Target!

The package includes 10 remixes from her SIXTH ceritified platinum, Femme Fatale as well as all new track, Scary.

The remixed songs include Hold It Against Me, Til The World Ends, and I Wanna Go.

The DVD/CD combo drops Tuesday November 21, 2011!

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23 comments to “Britney And Target Team Up For Special Edition DVD/CD Combo!”

  1. 1

    "The DVD/CD combo drops Tuesday November 21, 2011! "
    Uh…shouldn't that be Tuesday, November 22?

  2. 2

    OMG! I need to buy this!!! I'm so glad she's releasing "Scary" on here. It's so JPOP sounding! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  3. 3

    she's so irrelevant these days. And she has the most annoying deluded fans. Think Chris Rocker…yeah THAT annoying.

  4. 4

    She also launched the release of her Femme Fatale tour DVD LIVE IN TORONTO yesterday. Why did you not mention that? IT's amazing and I already pre-ordered it. I saw both live concerts in NOLA and HOUSTON…totally amazing, captivating, engaging, hot, sexy, entertaining, and tons of audience interaction. She looks flawless and beautiful. I cannot wait to own this piece of monumental history.

  5. 5

    Re: Lasqueesha – Go play with you Chris Brown who lip synced his entire Dancing with the Stars performances (pitiful). His timing was so off his lips would move with no vocals or lyrics, then when lyrics would play in background, his lips wouldn't even move lol. Britney is far from irrelevant…she's the legendary queen of pop….9 albums, 6 #1 albums, 180+ million copies sold, 9 triple platinum albums, and widely massive sold out tour worldwide-where she had to ad more legs to North American and European sites. Yea…she's pretty irrelevant huh lol….GET LOST

  6. 6

    I love Britney Spears and was obsessed with her FEMME FATALE tour when I saw it live but this DVD has been stripped of its live vocals and pre recorded vocals where edited in. BIG FAIL BY BRITNEYS's team. It is almost insulting that her live vocals where not used for the DVD. I refuse to buy this on principal!

  7. 7

    Re: Lasqueesha
    And there's your Chris Rocker at #5.

  8. 8

    yawn…who cares….over been there lip syncs in concert…..= loser..why are we still talking about her,khardashians,lohans…wake up

  9. 9

    So…no Target bashing because it is Brit? That seems highly Perez-like. Can't make the pop star mad at you, can you?

  10. 10

    Bobsyerunkle you'r so right…!
    jusacritic, i'm sorry but your wrong, i saw her at PARIS BERCY (France) and she doesn't sing at all! She sings in playback her entires show!!!! What a shame for 62€ and 89,50€ !!!!
    SHE CAN'T SING ANYMORE, OR DANCE! And this is the ugly truth, i'm sorry too, i was a fan…

  11. 11

    I didn't realize that Britney agreed with Targets anti-gay marriage stance….bummer. Will not be buying. I guess Brit is cool with aligning herself with homophobes..

  12. 12

    Re: Lasqueesha – She's not to millions of caring and loving fans.

    This site is all about HATE it'S disgusting.

    And I'd say go get a life, but I'm afraid you won't. So whatever.

  13. 13

    Re: mvvvvvvv – right? She was so amazing live!

  14. 14

    Re: justacritic – totally agree! Plus who cares bout them haters? I have all her albums, singles, dvds, etc…. SHE'S NOT IRRELEVANT TO ME, and that's what matters, no?

  15. 15

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor – I don't think Brintey is in charge of choosing a retailer to sell her DVDs. She's singing and dancing, not making deals with Target, lol! :D

  16. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: mvvvvvvv – Actually according to Epix it was britney herself that made the changes to the vocals probably because she really isn't great singing live. When your're in the arena and caught up in the moment it sounds good to you but when your listening to an actual close up dvd of her live performances they almost always suck.

  17. 17

    Her fans are such dumb gullible idiots they pay over $100 just to watch her mime through a LIVE concert! Excuse me but isnt singing supposed to be her job? Truth is she's never recovered from shaving her head and she shouldve retired and raised her kids. She's really no great musical talent. Just another tragic pop puppet. Producers do 99% of her music.

  18. 18

    Re: Lasqueesha – you hood rats are just jello that no R&B artist in our generation has accomplished what Britney has. No R&B/Pop artist ever will either! this goes out to :Chris Brown Christmas is coming go HANG yourself on a fuckin tree you'll look better on there dude, after what u did to Rihanna, you need to kill yourself!

  19. 19

    Re: Lasqueesha – Shut it! Britney actually does sing live on this tour, if you watched the Blu Ray you would know! BTW a blu ray is a High Quality disc that gives off HQ video and audio! Beyonce can't sing worth shit, Chris Brown can't sing worth shit, Nicki Minaj is a better singer than Beyonce and shit that's sad cuz Nicki is a rapper, moreso than a singer. Britney is THE only artist, who puts out every album sounding better than the last one! I can't wait to hear what she comes out with for her new album, and it's going to be better than Femme Fatale! That's Britney, she will and always will Reign as the Queen of Pop! So what she shaved her head and went ape shit, what the fuck do you expect, SHE'S HUMAN! give it up chickie chick, it's BRITNEY BITCH!

  20. 20

    Re: Trinity7pay – you were NEVER a fan, you just hopped on the Bandwagon, i LOATHE so called "Fans" like you. You act like you love the artist or whatever, then when they "fuck up" or "show that they are human", y'all jump off the bandwagon and hate on em. You were NEVER a fan, I don't care what you say, a true fan sticks by the artist no matter what like the supposed Kelly Clarkson "Fans", that hated Kelly when she put out My December! ROTFLMFAO! Kelly is not Bubble Gum Pop! She's an proven artist who sang her way thru a competition and trust me if she had not won American Idol, it NEVER would continued, that's why it's failing right now because it's turned into a HUGE popularity contest, instead of who can sing the best and look good doing it. give it up punk, Britney's cold Diarrhea shit is hotter than you!

  21. 21

    Re: Sissy Burden – I don't think stating facts constitutes being delusional.

  22. 22

    yeeeeah i willget em for my brotherr brunooo love it!

  23. 23

    I got it yesterday and it's AMAZING! Yes, it sucks that they put the album vocals instead of the live (or pre-recorded) tracks with Britney's beautiful natural voice in most of the songs, but other than that, it's AMAZING! "Hold It Against Me" and "Big Fat Bass" have some live vocals over the track and "Boys" and "Toxic" are TOTALLY live (except for the chorus). I thought i would be HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED by this DVD, but I WASN'T AT ALL! The show is EPIC, her dancing is GREAT (Not EXCELENT as before, but this is a HUGE improvement), the props… It's a MUST HAVE. As for the EXCLUSIVE REMIX CD… IT IS PERFECT! ALL THE REMIXES ARE ORGASMIC! I love that they included the Pete Phantom and Vada remixes for "I Wanna Go", since those were the ones i liked the most from the UK Remix EP (it didn't come in the USA Remix EP) and we FINALLY got "Scary", one of the best songs from this era, co-written by Brit! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS DVD, AND IF YOU CAN GET THIS VERSION, DO IT!! You WON'T regret it! ;)