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Frankie Valli Feels The Price Of Divorce…What's His Is Hers Too.

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Lead singer of The Four Seasons Frankie Valli feels the pain of divorce.

In his pockets.

Married for 27 years, Randy Valli is calling it quits from Frankie. In her legal documents, she's asking more money from Frankie, who is 26 years her senior.

But, she already makes a ton from him!

According to the documents, Frankie makes over $500,000 a month, mostly from his song Jersey Boys.

Randy makes $30,000 of that. 5K in spousal support, the other 25K in royalties!

That equals $360,000 a year!

On top of this, she makes $810 in public assistance for their children.

Randy is asking Frankie to pay her attourney fees as well.

She's taking him to the bank…or poorhouse.

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10 comments to “Frankie Valli Feels The Price Of Divorce…What's His Is Hers Too.”

  1. 1

    Grease is the Word! He must be ancient by now, but he looks great for his age.

  2. 2

    Big Boys Don't Cry

  3. 3

    $810 monthly public assistance for their children? what, $30k a month won't cover the kids' "lifestyle"?

  4. 4

    Why do you ask peoples' "Thoughts?" when you put the comments off?? (Pertaining to the story below this one that I couldn't comment on).

  5. 5

    I think you meant, "from his songs in the musical Jersey Boys". There is no song named Jersey Boys.

  6. 6

    Big girls don't cry, they just take all of your money.

  7. Wrenn says – reply to this


    $30,000 and receiving public assistance????????????????????? She should be in jail for taking welfare benefits.

  8. 8

    Uh, if he makes $500 000 per month, that's $6 million per year. How is his wife of 27 years taking him to the poor house by receiving support of $360 000 per year? That's less than 5% of his yearly income - WTF - do you think she contributed nothing to the marriage after all that time?

  9. 9

    Wow, is this story ever off base. Randy and Frankie Valli were married for 20 years, not 27. They have been divorced since 2007. Randy only has child support from Frankie, no alimony and certainly does not receive any public support whatsoever. Where do these horrendous mis-statements come from, that can very easily be proven wrong? Perez, you are usually better at checking out your stories first before just printing stuff that is so off base. Lawyers could have a field day with slander suits with stuff like this Perez, please be more careful in what you print, you really are a nice person. Randy was writing a story about Frankie's life while they were married, and struggling, she has a very small percentage of the show based on the pages that she wrote. She is a very devoted mother to Frankie and her's three children. She is a very devoted friend to her friends, and is involved in a lot of worthwhile charitable organizations. Perez, please do your homework in the future with any mean spirited article that is handed to you, check both sides first, and all the facts before printing. Thanks

  10. 10

    Re: WrennRe: Wrenn – Hi Wren, oops, the story has it really wrong. Randy does not take any money from public assistance. She donates her time and gives to public assistance as well as to many other worthy charities instead. How this was mixed up in this story is beyond anyone's imagination! She does not take any alimoney, and the divorce was settled back in 2007. This whole story is a bunch of baloney. When they divorced, it was before Jersey Boys waas a big hit. She never went back and asked for more money based on his new earnings for child support or asked for any alimoney. Frankie should be kissing her feet for being a rare women in the scheme of things in thee entertainment insdustry dealings of divorce settlements for Randy to only to ask for child support for their three boys after twenty years of a marriage … that was not always very kind towards her. But, I say no more, because of the dignity of the children. The stories of why they broke up back in 2007 tell a lot, around 99.9 percent of women would have left, and more even sooner, but she tried to work things out for the sake of the children and in hopes for their marriage. She is not the monster here. But once again, children's feelings are involved, and it is best to let sleeping dogs just sleep. Thanks