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Lindsay Lohan Is Actually Doing What She's Supposed To Be Doing!

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Could it be?

We're not counting her mugshot collection our chickens yet, but maybe, just maybe, a little structure - and the imminent threat of serious consequences - was all that our Lindsay Lohan has so desperately needed these past few years!

As we've reported, the former actress has been court-ordered by Judge Stephanie Sautner to clock in around 12 eight hour shifts a month at the El Lay County morgue, as part of her community service sentence, but apparently, gurlfriend is FINALLY come to her senses and is taking her new job very seriously - and is even AHEAD of schedule!

According to sources with law enforcement, LiLo has gotten 10 out of her 12 shifts this month done, with another three weeks to spare, and even wants to get a head start on the hours she has due for her second status hearing in January!

Furthermore, she has been described as "polite," "hard-working" by her co-workers!

Well, we have to say - with some well-justified trepidation - we're impressed!

We just hope that she can keep it up!

Fingers crossed!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is Actually Doing What She's Supposed To Be Doing!”

  1. 1

    How is this even possible? To have already done 10 eight hour shifts, yet have three weeks to spare, that would mean she did 10 eight hour shifts in a 7 day period.

  2. 2

    I hope it is true, though I like the gossip, only about a tenth of this site is accurate.

  3. yeez says – reply to this


    Re: Hah74650 – Mario is a moron who can't even copy and paste properly. She has until Dec. 14 to complete them, meaning she has already done 10 and has 3 weeks to complete 2 more. I don't know where he got the idea that she has exactly one month to complete them.

  4. 4

    Badly copied and pasted from tee emm zee.

  5. 5

    Of course she is showing up regularly ! She just LOVES going and sniffing the embalming fluid - a REAL GOOD HIGH !

  6. 6

    By the time she is 30, this Bleached Blonde Bimbo is gonna have no hair left ! Look at how thin, and receding, her hair is ! Who is gonna wanna F@#K this … ? Gawd…she is FUGLY enuff as it is already !

  7. 7

    WOW , 12 eight hour shifts a month , pfff thats nothing , i do 22 ten hour shifts a month for 15 years now …can i have a statue ? .

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: lord flashheart – Presents statue to keep on the bathroom shelf.

  9. 9

    Re: Be-Atch – lol

    Hopefuly she will finish it this time… so I wouldnt talk that fast.

  10. 10

    She gets off on cleaning crappers !

  11. 11

    Does anyone notice that she started this when she was good and ready? All the other orders were comepletey ignored as business as usual. So now she is making an attempt and will probably be paid and given an Oscar for her performance. Don't get too impressed. It was her decision to listen to the judge this time. She could have just decided to igore it liek the other court visits and there would have been no consequence this time either. Wonder what the hidden agenda is this time.

  12. 12

    Some people look cute with freckles. Conversely, Lohan looks diseased.

  13. 13

    did she always have those chipmunk cheeks or has she had surgery?

  14. 14

    Structure is good! Maybe she should go to college where there is a routine and schedule to follow and maybe she would actually learn something!

  15. 15

    Who gives a fuck what this girl does. Stop reporting on her.