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IT COULD HAPPEN! Michelle Williams Wants To Go Back To The Creek, Too!

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Oh boy, you guys. Oh boy. Oh boy.

The possibilities of this happening are getting greater and greater.

We've always secretly hoped for a ten year Dawson's Creek reunion movie, just one last splash at Capeside with all our old friends, but as time went on, and certain castmembers' careers, ahem, 'fluctuated,' it became less and less likely Kevin Williamson could wrangle the gang back for a little nostalgic fun!

However, the suspected biggest holdout was Katie Holmes, and she recently admitted that stepping into the role of Joey Potter "would be fun," and now, Michelle Williams, the suspected other, has also announced that she'd be down - even though her character Jen Lindley SPOILER ALERT died in series finale from a fatal heart condition!

She says:

"In a heartbeat I would go back, but I would have to go back as a ghost."

No, no, no, no! There are other, more creative possibilities!

Like old video footage! Or a flashback!

OR a dream sequence! Abby Morgan could come back too, then! Ha!

And seeing as she'd be the one having to juggle probably more projects and than anyone to accocomodate something like this, this would probably be the most suitable way to include her! Just bring on all the more GRAMS to make up for her!

AHHH! We're getting ahead of ourselves!

This just NEEDS to happen!

What do U think?? Are we right or are we right?!

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6 comments to “IT COULD HAPPEN! Michelle Williams Wants To Go Back To The Creek, Too!”

  1. 1

    Katie is so desperate to get away from her closeted & psychotic Scientology spermless freak of a husband she'd do anything; plus her Test-Tube baby by donated sperm has to go with her to the set; she won't let Tom anywhere near that child….

  2. 2

    Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson are the most busy you MORON…….

  3. 3

    Jen Lindley could come back; Tom cruise could be a special guest star and do his Scientology Voodoo Couch Dance to bring her back alive; considering DC fans believed the crap they pulled on that show anyways, why not this?

  4. Laura says – reply to this


    Michelle williams could come back as her jen's grown daughter….the gang would have to be in their 40s and she would have to pull off being a teenager….but weirder stuff has happened.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    great that they are all still working actors without any major drama that many other other teen stars went through
    and who would have thought that Michelle would turn out to be such a great actress- probably will be nominated for an Oscar this year for her Marilyn role from what I have been hearing