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Uh Oh J.Lo! Have You Been Busted???

| Filed under: Busted!Jennifer Lopez

As J.Lo poetically tells us how much she loves the Bronx in this Fiat commercial, we see her driving through her old blocks with a reminiscent smile on her face.

…or IS she driving through the Bronx??

Sources are coming forward, insisting the commercial is a sham. According to them, J.Lo didn't make the trip to the home she says she loves so much.

Instead, she supposedly filmed in Los Angeles while Fiat hired a body double for the shots that couldn't be faked in Hollywood.

Now, a lot of things are faked in Hollywood, but the big deal with this one is how she's going on and on about how she personally loves the Bronx. But according to these reports, Jenny from the Block was too busy to visit that block!

Watch the commercial above and see what U think of it!

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28 comments to “Uh Oh J.Lo! Have You Been Busted???”

  1. 1

    seriously? Who cares

  2. 2

    It's a commercial. What evs.

  3. 3

    this story is only about a week old.
    besides..i dont get the big deal. maybe she didnt have time to actually go to the Bronx at the time of the filming. she works mainly out of LA and its not like shes not busy these days. alot of commericals that use celebs for cars dont have the actual person behind the wheel…incase something happens. this isnt the first commerical to do this and its going to be far from the last.

  4. 4

    Forget the commercial, someone needs tell teach her how to read…the delivery was terrible.

  5. jham says – reply to this


    Ha! That couldn't be FURTHER from "her world"

  6. 6

    Did you really put a commercial in front of a piece about a commercial? You are a fucking bottom feeder.

  7. 7

    this is an old story, and speaking of old stories…. JLo being a stuck up diva…. I mean, that's the oldest story in the books.
    She's a no talent POS, and has ass was an asset, now it's cheesy.
    She's awful, and needs to retire. Good luck with that happening.
    Keep in mind that she is probably a scientologist, and we all know how endearing that is to the rest of society.

  8. 8

    But in regards to the commercial. Lopez sold out years ago. She's a hack, poser, sell out and an untalented asshat.

  9. 9

    This is HYSTERICAL. Of fucking course she wasn't really there! That high maintenance bitch has NEVER looked back, are you kidding?!?

  10. 10

    its Hollywood people- EVERYTHING is pretend, fake and fabricated….good lord, you are surprised? They shoot tv shows in Canada and pretend it is NYC, etc…they shoot in studios and create whatever illusion they want. It is the business, it is not about being real.

  11. 11

    Everything about JLo is fake so no double is needed….

  12. 12

    We heard this from every other media source last week. That a way to keep on top of things. This is such a non story. It is a commercial. Who gives a shit where it is filmed. That is what hollywood is about, the world of make believe. I never assumed that this commercial was filmed in the bronx, I did not eve no it was suppose to take place in the bronx.

  13. 13

    Re: adg100 – thats funny lol! yeah perez and were you present when the programmer embedded the commercial tag into your html code? LOL….

  14. 14

    This POOR HOE REEK (garbage)CAN is filthy trash and has always been a fraud.

  15. 15

    why does she always find losers to bang her? I dont get it.

    her new lover looks like a latino redneck.

  16. 16

    I'm sorry, but that's actually quite funny. If this is true, she is busted indeed.

  17. 17


  18. 18


  19. 19


  20. 20

    well,duh! it says so in small print in the commercial-that's def not the bronx

  21. 21

    I rented one of these cars while on vacation… TRUST ME… JLO WOULD NEVER DRIVE ONE OF THESE! The inside seemed like it was literally made of plastic, the steering wheel was styrofoam, and it rode worse than a mountain bike! Within 3 hrs of renting it, the tire blew and had to wait for a tow truck. In over 15 yrs of driving… I have NEVER had a flat tire! We immediately returned the car after the tow truck came! This has got to be the cheapest, lowest grade, most unsafe vehicle that has EVER been put on the road! JLO must be getting an ENORMOUS payout for promoting this piece of sh*t because there is absolutely no way she would risk her life in one of these things out in the real streets.

  22. 22

    yeah, I'm so sure she's worried. Probably couldn't care less and everyone knows television isn't real…Except you.

  23. 23

    I hate this lying bitch so much.
    Who the hell believes that she would really drive something as lowly as a FIAT.
    As a matter of fact has anyone even seen her drive in the last 10 years?

  24. 24

    Really? So Jennifer Lopez wasn't really in the Bronx during the actual commercial. Big Deal! She was in L.A. where she was recording at the time. Spoiler Alert! Guess what? That baby on the E-Trade commercials isn't really a talking baby either!

  25. 25

    Why are we having to see this loser again? She is a no talent lip syncher who has F'ed her way into the spot light by hooking up with famous men. Everytime I see her make that "oh look at me making my sexy face" with her lips half opened and her eyes squinting, I want to vomit. Hey JHo, why don't you take your Fiat and go pick up Skankolina Jolie, and the Kartrashians and all of you can do a Thelma and Louise trip. Now that would really be news!

  26. 26

    she's a fake a** poser. thinks she can still walk/talk that street persona and the old neighborhood will still think she's one of them. she wouldn't last 10 minutes back in the bronx. once you go hollywood, you ain't going back to the bronx, thats for sure.

  27. 27

    Whose bright idea was it to make Jlo relevant again? Is it 1999 again? What…she's had one hit single… not a comeback…just A LOT of PR work!

  28. 28

    as phoney as she is