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Kelly Osbourne Defends Miley Cyrus Through All The Stoner Drama!

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kelly osbourne laugh

Take a look at this video of Miley Cyrus admitting she's a stoner.

Obviously the film wasn't supposed to go public, but a "friend" made sure it did!

Now that it IS public, Kelly Osbourne is defending Miley, saying it was all a joke and calling out the "friend" who sold the tape:

let me make something very clear after @MileyCyrus salvia incident we started calling her bob miley as a JOKE! the cake was also A JOKE!

it makes me sick that @MileyCyrus so called 'friends' would sell her out and lead people 2 believe she is someone that she is not!

u guys if @MileyCyrus is not recording/filming/touring she is works everyday how could she possible do all that if she was a stoner! #think

oh for god sake are we really still talking about this what i meant by the #think tweet is everyone would know you cant hide being wasted!

Preach, gurl! LOL!

We think Kelly is really admirable for sticking up for her friend, but….

What do U believe??? Joke or no joke??

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[Image via Marcella Mark/WENN.]

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35 comments to “Kelly Osbourne Defends Miley Cyrus Through All The Stoner Drama!”

  1. 1

    When is this useless piece of flesh gonna go away?

  2. 2

    It's a joke obviously.
    Everybody knows that.

  3. 3

    What is the big deal? If Miley is comfortable enough to admit that she's a stoner, why can't we just accept it? Okay, so she's just like millions of other adults in this country. Hopefully one day we can all take our baby bottles out of our mouths and legalize this shit and quit turning regular people in to criminals…That's just my opinion. To those who call her a role model to the young, let's be real….she stopped being that when she declared "I can't be tamed"!

  4. 4

    Kelly O is as annoying as the Kardashians. I hope she gains weight and becomes an irrelevant, has been, reality star again. What is she hanging with a 19 yr old anyway? Isn't Kelly pushing 30? She is so desperate to stay in the spotlight, she is pathetic.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Kelly is one UGLY woman,
    and those huge piano legs ???

    Joan Rivers (who is in her 70s) hired Kelly for her show,
    she know sitting next to her, makes joan look good

  7. 7

    Anyone who thought she was smoking salvia (what is that, anyway??) out of a bong is an idiot. It was pot. Get over it. At least she's not like Nicki Minaj, who has a $2500 a day drug habit, and Paris Hilton, who sticks cocaine up her hoo-hah to get through airport security. I totally believe the Bob Marley cake was a "joke", but she still smokes pot, and it's no secret. Most states have realised that marijuana isn't a big deal and have legalised medical marijuana and decriminalised possession of small amounts. What should be illegal is alcohol and cigarettes, because those two drugs are killing millions of people every year.

  8. 8

    Of course it was a joke. And it's funny ’cause it's true.

  9. 9

    Who is Kelly Osborne and why would anyone give a shit about what she has to say?

  10. 10

    No one knows more about being stoned, or a fat little piggie, than Kelly Osbourne.

  11. 11

    It's really that big of a deal either way. PS I thought Miley looked soooo pretty in the video! When is she going to come out with a new album?

  12. 12

    Ugh! No wonder Luke Worrall cheated with a tranny.

  13. 13

    Re: MR Pete – I love how "people" like you put up the sunset pic by your moniker, then have the balls to knock someone else's looks. Hey there gutless, put up YOUR picture and let us see your perfection! Not going to do it? Didn't think so. I'm not a fan of Kelly's but stop picking on peoples bodies/faces. you are a bully.

  14. 14

    Why is Kelly so far up Miley's ass? (anyone remember that comment she made about Billy Ray Cyrus, when he was addressing his OWN daughter's issues). Is she on Miley's payroll? :/

  15. buck says – reply to this


    its a gateway drug…look out!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Kelly looked pretty stoned in that video.

  18. 18

    One thing that is not a joke is Kelly Osborne's face. God damn that's one ugly bitch. Just goes to show, you can lose as much weight as you want, but it won't change your ugly ass looks.

  19. 19

    Re: fairwindsandfollowingseas – I hate that fat ass, too! If E! hadn't given her that job on that fashion show — which is a joke as she dresses tacky, herslef — she would be out of the spot light.

  20. 20

    Whatever, she still has a fat person's calves . . . She has a big person's calves, as she was carrying around a heavy load for so long.

  21. 21

    Who cares? She's 19 and she's not Hannah Montana anymore. She needs to be careful not to be caught with any marijuana, though because unlike salvia, marijuana is illegal.

  22. 22

    This percocet pig oinks up massive quantities of prescription painkillers on a daily basis.

  23. 23

    who fucking gives a shit if a 19 y/o smokes fucking WEED???!?!??!?! WHO CARES, PEREZ?? it's not a fucking story, dipshit.

  24. 24

    I didn't realise it was a secret that Miley smokes weed, get over it…

  25. 25

    I am just so thrilled Miley has gone away I will believe ANYTHING she wants me to.

  26. 26

    There are plenty of productive stoners. Just look at Joe Rogan, he gets sh*t done and is always stoned :)

  27. 27

    A joke, it's so obvious. Just watch her face on the video..

  28. 28

    Re: Manda756 – miley can't realease a new album cause she's stuck in her contract with hollywood records, the only way she can is if she buys her way out of her contract with them which would mean she has no rights to any of her previous songs, and so far they are not cooperating and basically aren't allowing her to release anything.

  29. 29

    well it was obviously a joke and she was obviously being sarcastic if you actually watched the video… but i think we all know she is a stoner. obvious from her friends. but not a big deal, i'll always support her

  30. 30

    KELLYS USED to defending drug addicts …enabler

  31. 31

    actually there are a lot of weed smokers in rehab with symptoms similar to class a an b drug withdrawals because of chemicals put in the weed and also the strength of hydro vs wild growing weed thus the addictions are strong despite people thinking otherwise…

  32. 32

    Joke or not, who cares? "I'd respect her more if she said "yeah i smoke it AND?"
    Plus I don't know what kind of pot heads Kelly's been around, I know plenty of functioning hard working marijuana smokers that have their shit straight.
    People need to worry about their own kids and what they watch and be their own kids rolemodels.
    On another note, Miley needs to find herself some new friends, girl can't even queef without a "friend" ratting her out.

  33. 33

    please shut up about all these stupid things that dont even matter! we should be helping the poor instead of wasting time on what wouldnt help us in anyway.

  34. 34

    Ha,ha,ha, what a joke. A stoner defends another stoner. That's what friends are for, LOL. Police Fashion is a joke too. Kelly and G. Rencic who don't know how to dress properly critisize others? Please.

  35. 35

    Re: shallowlove – Aw that's lame! Thanks for the knowledge though :)