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35 comments to “Kim K Creates Twitter Storm During Kourtney & Kim Premiere”

  1. 1

    Perez, fuck right off with this Kardashian bullshit. I hope your site dies.

  2. 2

    Stop with the Kardashian crap. You are just helping keeping these swines alive. They are famous only because she let a man pee on her and SHE LEAKED the video and made millions off of it. QUIT acting like they are talented.

    She is a plastic pig as are the rest of the family. Bruce Jenner is the only one who is talented. God knows how he ended up with this group. Run Bruce, Run!

  3. 3

    The only one with less talent than the Kardashian's is you Mario. Useless bitch

  4. 4

    OH MY GOD I CAN"T TAKE IT ANY MORE…Someone please kill me…

  5. 5

    Kim please don't get this wrong, I don't celebrate you, your hateful whoreness or Slamming Kris( I didn't watch the show, I assume). Who celebrates this chick and her "pain"? We only root for you to go away. I want nothing bad to happen to your family(you are horrible people) just go away.

  6. 6

    The public has nothing but disgust for you Kim, and your krass klassless family, GO AWAY!

  7. 7

    Oh boo-hoo stupid, ugly, fake looking bitch! If that disgusting pig had an ounce of "feeling" in her SOUL-LESS body, we'd all be ice skating home! karTRASHian….

  8. 8

    Enough with the Armenian Gypsy Grifter PLEASE

  9. 9

    I did not even watch the show. Please. PEREZ your vintage pictures is to cute.

  10. 10

    Please STOP with the kartrashiana!!!! PLEEEEEEZE.

  11. 11

    I am on Team Kris Humphries. Poor guy, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. When he said he was leaving you could tell he wanted Kim to either say "Don't go" or "I will go with you. I love you". But NOPE.

  12. 12

    See Perez! Look at the comments here. No one likes these people. The back door porn star needs to take her fake injected ass and her plastic boobs and her fake hair, nails, cheeks, lips and eyelashes and GO AWAY! She has no talent and is a liar and a whore. Her whole family needs to stop this bullshit and disappear. BYE BYE K-trash

  13. 13

    Unfortunately their are lost young teenagers out there that are still following her and making her relevant along with this website. I did not watch her show and have never watched any of her shows. I wish people would just stop patronizing her and her family and they will all go away. I have to say that I do like her brother, he seems to be different from the rest of them. Don't watch their shows or buy their products and they will go away.

  14. 14

    she's more fake than a hookers smile .

  15. 15

    So is everyone supposed to think that Kim was surprised by the naked yoga? PuhLeeze Kim . . . first no one cares about you or your opinions and second everyone knows your show is 110% scripted. Not to mention totally stupid. You were not at all suprised by the naked yoga afterall you did sit around the table coming up with ideas of what to film right? So fake! Everything about you Kim is FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!! Oh and you are and always will be known as a stupid WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    Why are people still watching this trick? Probably because you keep writing about her,I'm beginning to think that maybe you are on Ryan Sea crest's pay roll.Enough already with this family please let them go away!

  17. 17

    Perez, I am officially leaving this site. This Kardashian bandwagon you are on, is perpetuating this train wreck, loser of a family and I am done.

  18. 18

    I found it very funny that Kim claimed Kris wanted to be famous, but at the party he didn't want to go on the red carpet and he didn't want to cut the cake in front of all those people. There PR team should really get there stories together.

  19. 19

    Hi Perez,
    I have never watched their show and never will. I'm so very tired of being bombarded by their images here and all over the net. Who are these people?
    Whore bags…show should be called K and K take it up the ass.
    Please stop blogging about them or I will not be a returning reader here. Thank you

  20. 20

    Please STOP GETTING PAID by these KardashiRATS, Perez. I think people tuned in to laugh their asses off at their goof ball marriage. We're on to you, and we're asking you NOT to post on ANY of these NO TALENT LOSERS

  21. Sgirl says – reply to this


    She is so gross! Her and her sister are total bitches. I can't believe anyone ever agreed to marry this whore. She is such an overbearing bitch. Her sister is just as bad. Actuall, worse. She sleeps in a separate bed with her son? What a freak. Scott needs to get away from this whore asap. Why are all the women in this family such overbearing nags? I don't understand how anyone can stand to be around them.

  22. 22

    lol u guys must not have jobs or lives to actually stop what ur going and write out a novel on how much u hate kim

  23. 23

    Stop posting about the Kardashians! No one cares!

  24. 24

    prewtty much all 23 replies so far dont give a rats anus about these people. me too.

  25. 25

    Celebrating other peoples misfortunes??? Yes, remember that as you throw Kris Humphries under the bus!! Remember that as you throw your wealth and privledge in the faces of Americans as they struggle to buy food and pay rent and clothes for their children. People who really work.

  26. 26

    PS! DONT vote for your favorite Kardashian!

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Re: Scoschr – Ha, very true. I wonder if she is really expecting for people to buy her story that Kris was such a bad guy, as will be further portrayed on the show. Too many holes in her stories and they're not believable anyhow! It won't be that easy for her to gain any credibility/respect back, not that she had a ton to start with.

  29. 29

    … who gives a shit??? feelings hurt??? I didn't even know she was on tv or saw her tweets… *yawn* next… lets hear news about actual celeb…

  30. 30

    The only reason people watched this shit was to see the train wreck that starts with K in action. This sham marriage/sham divorce is their last hurrah.

  31. 31

    The show Kourtney and Kim take New York is a joke..is fake.Kim is a whore as the rest of her family. I hope these people go away already..their 15 minutes of fame is more than enough. These family is dysfunctional from every angle…Kim your time is up… You are disgusting human being, and Kris was so tupid to think he can make you into a wife…you are a Whore nothing more than that..I hope the petitions to stop the Kardashians work✋

  32. 32

    I can remember when we were begging you to stop promoting Spencer & Heidi and finally they were put to rest!! I believe the same will happen to Kim K. and her bunch, their 15 minutes of fame is up!! When you have no talent and are just a reality "star" thats what happens:) Love seeing the millions slowly slide away from greedy, phoney people. The publicity stunt that Kim help feed the poor, please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good try put that won't float!!!

  33. 33

    What happened to all of this family? I enjoyed so much watching them the first couple of years, cute, nice, and also real. It's so sad that they changed in this way. Kourtney even with the baggage of Scott (mean and not worthy) appears to have held on to herself better than the rest of the girls. Snap out of it Kim, Khloe, Mom, get these girls back to being real people. You have 2 little ones that need you help. I'm scared for them!! You go Rob!!

  34. 34

    shes permantly glued to the limelight and noone else gets any attention not even REAL STARS just this vapourish kunt.. simply stop buying the junk and they should just slide away like the snakes they are

    she pulled a scam on everyone and now has the gall to do gypsy incantations on those who speak against it

    go away gypsys

  35. 35

    I am so sick and tired of Kim Kardashian news…this fame whore is nothing more than a fake. Please stop giving her press….she should just go away…disappear already. This woman is garbage as well as all her family….she is trash…their 15 minutes of fame are up GO AWAY KARDASHIANS.