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The Face Of A Murder: Conrad Murray's Mugshot!

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Someone doesn't look very happy to be slapped with a maximum sentence!

This afternoon, Dr. Conrad Murray was officially charged and sentenced for the death of Michael Jackson. This picture was taken of the Doc moments after the judge sentenced him to four years in county jail for administering the drugs that led to the King of Pop's end.

He's certainly dressed nicely in his mugshot. Hey, how come Lindsay always has to wear that horrid orange jumpsuit when she takes her pics?

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21 comments to “The Face Of A Murder: Conrad Murray's Mugshot!”

  1. 1

    Somehow I find this very sad. I don't think justice was served here. This was sad for the Jacksons as well as this Dr.

  2. 2

    Kim Kardashian should never have kids. She would be an awful Mom. Oh yeah, nice mugshot.

  3. 3

    Yes he was guilty of negligence, but lets also face some facts. MJ was a fucking drug addict! Pure and simple. Murray was his dealer! Drug addicts do and say whatever they can to get what they need. Murray was a pawn in this whole thing. What doctor wouldn't jump at the opportunity to be MJ's personal physician. Im so sick of people portraying Michael as a victim. He was a pedophile drug addict that didnt pay his bills!

  4. 4

    Since when is a drug addict dying murder?

  5. 5

    So a drug addicted pedophile dies and Conrad Murray is a murderer? This hardly seems fair. I think we should have let Conrad Murray finish out his other 6 killings ala "John Doe" in Se7en. He was doing the world a favor.

  6. 6

    Dr Murry did not MURDER Michael Jackson you fuckin MORON get your facts straight hes been chgarged with involentary manslaughter not 1st or 2nd degree murder ….and plus anyways Michael was the one that did it to himself not the Dr

  7. 7

    I think you will find he wasnt found guilty of murder you fucking idiot.

  8. 8

    this is sad. I know the Jacksons dont want to face reality that their son was a drug addict, but looking to blame the doctor is not the answer. this poor guy has looked depressed since the trial started and i don't think he should be paying for the inevitable death of MJ..lets face it..MJ would have found the drugs elsewhere no matter what. the gjuy was seriously disturbed. This is just ridiculous.

  9. 9

    It's the face of a drug dealer, not a murderer. MJ Killed himself through drugs, this dude only supplied them. He was a grown man. Still, if his money hungry deadbeat family would have stepped up, he would be alive, but why disrupt the gravy train i guess.

  10. 10

    Michael Jackson was a drug addict.

    he contributed to his own death……

  11. 11

    Re: Les Miserables – Michael asked for the drugs and would have gotten them elsewhere……justice was served.

  12. 12

    He seems so diconnected, he's lucky he only gets 4 years

  13. 13

    You are a cretin and it's idiots like you and your mentality that let celebrities like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Lindsey Lohan and Kurt Cobain get away with the stupid things they do. Fact is, Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson. Murray was convicted on manslaughter, not Murder–you dolt– and if it hadn't been him, it would have been another doctor. Jackson used his money and his fame to avoid taking responsibilitiy for his own actions. His ego was huge and his entourage (including his ENTIRE family) are all to blame for his death. Every one of his brothers who sit there and judge are no better than Dr. Murray. Michael was their meal ticket and if they had done the responsible thing…the right thing….yes, their paychecks might be gone, but he would be alive. Now, he's dead and they are still bottom feeding off his estate…AND DOCTOR MURRAY IS THE CRIMINAL????? I DON'T THINK SO!!

  14. 14

    Mario can't even spell Murderer right….

  15. 15

    A SUICIDAL child molesting raging drug addict has taken this Dr.'s life.
    MJ killed himself.
    Why should he be allowed to take someone else's life? Especially from the grave.
    It took MJ years to finally complete his SUICIDE which he had been edging toward DECADES before he even met this guy.

  16. 16

    he should be charged with malpractice not involuntary manslaughter…jackson was a drug addict and no one wants to face the truth

  17. 17

    Re: nverforgetsept11 – Any doctor that chooses to do a medical experiment for money should be held accountable. Michael was probably addicted to propofol but just because he asks for it doesn't mean he should get it. This doctor took a risk, got burned. Now he has to own up to it. He had asked other doctors for propofol (before Murray) and they said no, that's why they weren't on trial!

  18. Bevi says – reply to this


    I thought I was the only one not foaming at the mouth and blaming the doctor. True, he shouldn't have been giving Michael that stuff, but Michael would have gotten it from someone, somewhere. Michael always got what he wanted. He went from one extreme to another and he finally went too far and died because of it. The doctor was only the supplier, and the supplier could have been anyone, it is Michael who demanded this madness. He was a very disturbed person. He claimed to love those children so much and look what he played with, life and death. Death won. I guess after the Jesus Juice stopped working, he turned to stronger and stronger sleep aids, until he was addicted to Propofol. The IDIOT!!! Play with fire and you will end up getting burned… And he died with a freakish face because he demanded that plastic surgeons destroy his natural good looks. Somebody would always say yest to all of Michael's insanity. It doesn't matter how many said no, he would always get what he wanted. I don't blame the doctor for his death. He was unprofessional, yes, but Michael obviously loved to flirt with death. Sick individual that he was, in soooo many ways.

  19. 19

    i think its sad how its sad how he died of drugs
    but he had a hard life he had no childhood and pepole accused him form sexual abuse
    and the did that for money michael was not guilty and i think that thats the reason that he used the drugs pepole where always negative of him and he did sush great things giving a lot of money to charity and vised hospital 's i just think he was lost verry sad

  20. 20

    So this is the face of murder? A suicidal black man? I thought it would be much more gory.
    In all seriousness, Michael Jackson was a pedophile, thus his death does not sadden me. Sexual abuse is evil, there is no sympathy for those without empathy.

  21. 21

    He's face is so sad, i will join his side even if i will be catch because of being a man from the side of DR.NAZI