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Every GLEE-Tail: Let's Hear It For The Boys Girls

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As we mentioned last week, big things are happening on Glee in the coming episodes, and last night's show was just the beginning of that. A new love triangle was formed, a Gleek revealed a burdening truth about herself and a shocking twist at the episode's end left us dumbfounded over which Glee group will walk away a winner at next week's Sectionals. (Not so much. We have our suspicions…)


There is no denying that last night's episode was about the ladies. Quinn, Beiste and Rachel all had pivotal things happen to them, but the clear focus was on Santana. Truly, this was her episode as she finally came to terms with her sexuality and came out to her family. While we're told how her parents were open and supportive of her honesty, we're shown how her Abuela reacts oppositely and actually shuns her own granddaughter for being exactly who she is born to be. While a lot of people might riot against the writer's for this, we think it was actually really important for teens, particularly struggling gay ones, to see that it isn't so easy to come out. There are those who still don't understand - or chose not to understand - that homosexuality isn't a choice or something to be offended by. In a way, it was pivotal for Santana to have someone close to her have resistance to her sexuality, if for no other reason than to see how she learns to appreciate those who love her all the same. She'll be stronger because of this and that is the real lesson to be learned.

On that same note, we have nothing but love for Finn in this episode, who in our eyes totally redeems himself for whatever part he played in Santana's outing the week before. The speech he gives her in the hall before he croons out that slow Cyndi Lauper jam was really touching and we just hope there is someone like him for all the struggling teens out there who are having trouble figuring out who they are. We also relished in seeing the whole gang back in the choir room again. Yes, we love the Trouble Tones too, but things just don't seem complete without Mercedes next to Kurt and Brittany next to Artie, you know?

Speaking of the rest of the New Directions, the remaining ladies of the group had to face some serious music. For Quinn, it was finally time to own up to the fact that for the last year and half, her character has been a complete mess! She's up, she's down. She doesn't want her baby, she does want her baby. Does she still have that Ryan Seacrest tattoo? We don't know! What the what is up with her? Really, it all boils down to loneliness and what Quinn really wants is for someone to love her, crazy and all. When she reaches out to Puck at the episode's end, he seems pretty receptive to getting back together. Buuuut that might be because Shelby had her way with him in the bedroom and then told him to hit the road. His bruised ego might only be shipping for a rebound. But maybe we're over-thinking it. (We're not)

And then there is Rachel. Poor, naive, overly-competitive Rachel. We'll give her one thing - at least she is capable of wanting something for someone else besides herself. In this for instance, she wants a big win for Kurt in the class presidential race. However, when it looks like he won't be taking the top prize, she does the unthinkable. THE UNTHINKABLE. She rigs the race, stuffing the ballot boxes with more votes for Kurt. Problem is, she forgets to take some of the votes for Brittany OUT to balance things out and thus, she gets caught. The end result: a mark on her permanent record, a suspension and - DUN DUN DUN - being benched for Sectionals. In case no one is seeing the plot devices here, let's be blunt - now, all the secondary characters will get a chance to perform in a competition sans Rachel hogging the spotlight (happy Tina/Mike/Artie/Quinn/Rory fans?) AND this will hinder Rachel's chances of getting into NYADA. So maybe the spin-off won't be happening after all!

Finally, there's the Beiste, who is forever our girl, even when she is finger deep in a turduckin! Not only did she get her long-awaited (and worth the wait) solo performance last night, but she finally found herself a man she could love. But then Sue Sylvester pulled a sly Jolene maneuver to make Beiste's man her own. Now, a new love triangle has been formed that will obviously be played out with some HIGHlarious antics. We can't wait.

It was a fun episode - and an important one - but mostly, it once again was one of those episodes that reminded us so fondly of the first 13. Hell, even the storylines are similar (remember when Schue didn't go with the group to their first competition?). It was a perfect lead-in episode to next week's Sectionals, which is going to be just … HUGE! Did everyone else see the promo Chord Overstreet as a stripper?! YES! YES! YES!

Few Side Notes:

A) If George Washington had used Pixie Stix back in the day, we're sure the Red Coats would've have surrendered a lot sooner. Totally.

B) Snicks is totally invited to our next birthday party. Without question.

C) It kind of sucks that Damian McGinty only gets seven episodes and he wasted one of them last night. Did the kid even get a line?

D) Idina Menzel is not singing enough. We repeat, Idina Menzel is not singing enough.

E) Again, we like the Trouble Tones too, but was anyone else really upset that the groups didn't join forces at the end? Yeah, we know its going to happen eventually so that they can ALL go to Nationals, but it was kind of a bummer. Also, our money is on TT, but only if Sugar's dad makes a reappearance … and with his checkbook. You can quote us on that.

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11 comments to “Every GLEE-Tail: Let's Hear It For The Boys Girls”

  1. buck says – reply to this


    It probably good that Santana came out and told her parents. Now her parents can do the right thing and get her the help she needs through counciling and psychiatrict guidance.

  2. 2

    I wonder how long it will be before three of the characters end up having a threesome on the show? I wonder who those characters will be? Anyone want to place some bets?

  3. 3

    Re: buck – So, let me get this straight. If you're gay, you require counseling and psychiatric guidance? Really? Wow.

  4. buck says – reply to this


    Re: cyberninjasio – not required..but i would recommend it. counciling has proven to work, you will just never hear about it from out liberal media. really!! wow!! the liberals really do suck.

  5. 5

    I really hope Damien's character becomes a regular. They created him young enough, so it is totally possible. He adds a nice innocence that has been lacking. It brings the cast back to their roots a little bit. He is a nice foil from all of the drama of the show too. Plus he sings better than every other male, so why not give him tons of solos?

  6. 6

    I could see Brittany, Santana, and Puck having a 3-way. Rachel I could see having a 3-way with two dudes, cause she likes to be spoiled, and is too competitive with other girls to share a guy in bed. Quinn is a wild card.

  7. 7

    Hearing Dot Marie Jones (the Beiste) do "Jolene" was murder on the ears. I guess the principal is next for a solo.

  8. 8

    why don't ryan murphy just sell this show to the logo channel. finn didn't out that trick santana, someone just over heard him telling that witch a thing or two about herself after her constant name calling.

  9. 9

    I will never understand why everyone is metaphorically felating Finn on this. First he outs Santana in a really crude way (@r.steele82 what are you smoking?) and then he forces a gay intervention, or forces her to come out a second time, on Santana (although she specifically said: Don't I get a say in this?) ALL BECAUSE he didn't want to feel guilty if she ever came to kill herself. Wow. What a hero. Yes, every young gay lad needs a priviledged white heterosexual to come to their rescue.

    Second, @buck, seriously? psychiatrict guidance, as in PILLS? because someone is gay? 'the hell!?

  10. 10

    My question regarding the whole Sectionals situation is: what happened to the rule that ruled the first two seasons about needing 12 members to compete at sectionals/regionals/nationals? Neither group has 12 members. Anyone else catch this?

  11. 11

    There are a whole LOT of homophobes visiting this site. If Perez or what he stands for bothers you that much… THE GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!