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A Royally Bad Hair Day!

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Phew! The winds are blowing across the pond, huh! We heard Brits didn't brush their teeth, but we thought at least the royal family would brush their hair!

We kid, we kid! Happens to the best of us!

The Prince of Wales visited the Lincoln Cathedral yesterday and obviously, Prince Charles could not keep his 'do under control! Where were his handlers when he needed them!

Gosh! He looks like Jeffrey Tambor in How The Grinch Stole Christmas! Whomp, whomp!

[Image via Abaca USA.]

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15 comments to “A Royally Bad Hair Day!”

  1. 1

    The hair says, "Windy Day."
    The nose says, "Heavy Drinker."

  2. 2

    I live in London, and YES, it was a VERY windy day!!

  3. 3

    ru mor has it they indeed brush their teeth and charlie has a special person to put the toothpaste on his brush 'correctly' i wouldnt annoy charlie if i was u look what happen to di

  4. 4

    Well here comes the BULLY OUT OF THE CLOSET ONCE AGAIN!!!!!! Catch yourself before you descend any further. I guess it is alright for you to write "we heard Brits didn't brush their teeth…." That is just ignorant. You even saw "we" instead of "I" … I guess you feel that if you pretend you are a group that it will have validity. Gee, maybe some of the Brits should say … hey…I guess all GAYS in the U.S. have aids AND bad teeth. Not smiling anymore … I didn't think so.

  5. 5

    That looks just like Camilla's hair…..kind of scary!

  6. 6

    A kinder, gentler Perez? You're a bully. You're just jealous because the Prince has more hair than you do.

  7. 7

    No Brits do not brush their teeth, and all gay men talk with lisps and swish about…hahahah just kidding. Except these dated and stupid stereotypes aren't funny when they're said about gays, even if you do follow them with an all caps LOLZ! Isn't that right you hypocritical pig?

  8. 8

    DUDES! Stop parting your hair that remains down to your ear so that you can grow out the greasy strands over your bald spot….Just allow your egos to embrace the baldness….because, you look like absolute fools trying to fool the world with looooong pieces of hair…..damn….seriously, you blind? I am not picking on Charles per se, just all the men in the world that walk around clueless.

  9. 9

    Actually part of the reason that the Brits have bad or yellow teeth is because they don't have fluoride in their water like we do in North America. It is a funny looking pic though, no matter what he says about it

  10. 10

    Re: sanfran1 – WTF? Why aren't you on a rant a bout Gay rights? Haven't you heard the rumours that Charles is Gay? Then, you of all people should keep him off limits, you hypocritical turd. BTW, I'm guessing from your comment that you're the best looking guy or gal in your so-called hometown of SF. (We both know you're not from The City by The Bay.) You're a bully!

  11. 11

    Re: Canadian_n_proud – Really? I didn't know that… And I'm English xD I don't live there though, but I still want to point out that the majority of people I bump into when I visit home have very good teeth. That is most likely a result of having work done on them though… we do have free dental care after all! (something we and Canada have in common, I think?) But that fluoride thing is interesting. I don't know WHAT is in the water in England (except a shit-load of calcium because it's so hard) but it tastes manky.

  12. 12

    Re: poodlewithamohawk – As an English citizen I have NEVER heard the rumours that Charles is gay… Not SERIOUS rumours anyway. There was a joking reference to the way he carries himself i.e. "He's sooo polite and talks all posh! He MUST be gay," but that's obviously a bit of satire considering he grew up as a member of a Royal Family.

  13. 13

    I am so offended by your racial stereotyping, how dare you advocate anti-bullying and then continue to bully in such an obvious and unapologetic manner! Clearly you don't see british people as a racial group because we may APPEAR to be similar to the US, but we are separate and your racial slur on us is very offensive.

  14. 14

    Hair by Wolverine! :p

  15. 15

    He looks like the Mayor of Whoville