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More Sarah Palin LOLZ! (Enhanced By Pure Moods)

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Sarah Palin has put out yet another brilliantly genius political ad.

Watch as she soothes the minds of her zombie followers with, what thinkers would call, delusional messages set to the smooth spa jams of Pure Moods. LOL!

P.S! She says she's all about the constitution yet her YouTube videos don't allow comments. Hmm, wonder why she wants to hide all that free speech?

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19 comments to “More Sarah Palin LOLZ! (Enhanced By Pure Moods)”

  1. 1

    Yeah, she's so much different than you Perez, you only turn off the comments on Kardashian posts so you don't have to see anyone bashing your precious kash kows.

  2. 2

    She's 10 times smarter and more successful than you. How shitty does that make you feel?

  3. 3

    i don't like sarah but why do YOU turn off the comment on your site?? what happen to free speech is right? i don't know why i even come here anymore.

  4. 4

    Perez, while your having a good chuckle,
    dont forget these really DUMB things said /done by Obama
    That there are 57 states
    In Kansas telling the crowd about the loss of 10,000 lives, when actually onlt 12 people died
    Going to Westminter Abby and signing the book with the wrong date, might have been jet lag ?
    But instead of 2011, he wrote 2008

    And when it comes to really, really dumb
    just say Joe Bidden

  5. 5

    Re: maggiegirlRe: leesahlynn – I agree. Since when is talk of annulment and divorce about health and fitness. You keep trying to lure us onto your other sites, but it isn't working. You are better off with one good site, than 4 half-assed ones.

  6. 6

    comments on republicans are always left on while disgusting cases such as the penn state scandal are turned off. What are you worried about pedoperez

  7. 7

    .S! She says she's all about the constitution yet her YouTube videos don't allow comments" OH! kinda like YOU asshat. Seriously don't you see the irony??

  8. 8

    OMG will you get off her shit already!!! Why are liberals sooooooo obsessed with the Palins??? Get a fucking life!

  9. 9

    And once again, Perez proves his hypocrisy. Decries Pailin's lack of comments but turns off comments on most of his stories? Love it.

  10. 10

    Ah yes! The usual cadre of knuckledraggers commenting here. The closet case tea bagger class. Lovely. Well, I invite you to remember that this woman DID run against Obama. She and her elderly partner lost the election to a black man with a Muslim name because they HAD NO POLICIES. All she wanted to talk about was "pallin' aroudn with terrorists". They had NO economic plan beymond more of the same Bush policies. SO WHAT THE EHLL IS SHE ON ABOUT NOW?

  11. 11

    Re: MR Pete – That's IT? Seriously, the guy is in the public spotlight 24/7 for years now, every word recorded and poured over. And that little collection is what you've got? The guy must me a freaking genius, eh? I mean Palin can't utter 2 sentences without displaying her GENUINE lack of knowledge. Do you REALLY think Obama believes that there are 57 states? Really?! Really??! That may be one more example of how stupid YOU are.

  12. buck says – reply to this


    its funny how 'liberal' has become a 4 letter word and nobody wants to be associated with them. 11 short months away and it can't come soon enough!!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    She would be a better president than the ape we have now

  15. 15

    I can't stand that dope but you aren't one to talk, perez. You turn off the comments on a ton of your stories.

  16. 16

    I thought Failin' Palin went away!
    Go Away!

  17. 17

    she didn't put out this ad "conservatives4palin" did. read what you fucking post, moron.

  18. 18

    1 she is saying the same thing the occupy wall street morons are
    2 if you had actually viewed the video you idiot you would know that this was put out by an oragnazation that states is not affilated with Sarah Palin nor has it been authorized by Palin. So how exactly did Palin release it?
    3 If she did not release it, and it is not her organzation how is she responsible for comments turned off or on with youtube.
    Yet again your HATE and lack on integrity makes you look like an idiot and more and more you lose credibility.

  19. 19

    Lady please shut the F%$¨&!