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New Avicii!!!

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We'd make this an official "Listen To This" selection, but we don't want any music snobs harping about how this song has already been out for months!

However, if you don't know this song yet, you SHOULD! Know it and run to iTunes right now and buy Avicii's Levels!

It's the song that inspired Flo Rida's hit Good Feeling!

Well, the superstar Swedish producer/DJ/remixer has JUST released a music video for Levels and it's…. amazeballs!

Check it out (above)!

We heart a href="http://www.avicii.com/" target="_blank">Avicii!!!!!

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11 comments to “New Avicii!!!”

  1. 1

    lol inspired or he stole it…..

  2. 2

    It didn't 'inspire' Good Feelings, Flo Rida used it as a background sample (ie just raps over the song) without giving credit. Apparently this is a problem for Avicii (see Leona Lewis)…

  3. 3

    Once again people are oblivious to music. Both songs took their chorus from Pretty Light's Finally Moving, who took the sample from Etta James.

  4. 4

    Re: ltb1287 – No, Avicii didn't 'take' the chorus from Pretty Lights, they both just happened to use the same Etta James sample. Notice how the rest of the songs share no similarities. That's very different than Flo Rida using Levels as a background sample where he clearly incorporates it into his song.

  5. 5

    tim berg is bad ass!!!

  6. 6

    I love this song, I enjoy music because it gives me inspiration for writing songs from my own personal life experiences,

  7. 7

    This song has been out forever. I love that Perez loves Avicii. Flo rida definitely used Avicii's song. This is great though because this will garner more attention for Avicii. He is honestly the best live performer! Everyone should check him out in concert if they get the opportunity! His song sunshine was nominated for a grammy! GO AVICII!

  8. 8

    Perez-you should invest in XM radio, BPM has been playing this for months!

  9. 9

    UHM lets get something straight… flo rida did not get "inspired" as much from avicii as he did from pretty lights FINALLY MOVING … guitar rifts and everything are ripped from pl's song, learn your electronic music or dont talk about it at all

  10. 10

    Avicii is one of the greatest DJs to come out in a long time. Once again another mainstream, crappy artist will sample an excellent DJs track and people will start dancing around to it crediting the big named pop star and not realizing the effort that was put into the track by a DJ. Avicii has already blasted Leona Lewis for sampling one of his songs, so I'm sure he won't be pleased in this instance either. Good for him I say! There will be no electronic genre left at this rate.

  11. 11

    Avicii and all other dance producers steal and sample from everybody else too so they have no place complaining about artist using their music. Because its not even really their original idea! Both Flo and Avi have used the same sample so I dont see how either can complain coz its not either of theirs!