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What Has Britney Spears Been Reading These Days??

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britney spears femme fattale tour mastery of love

We know Princess Brit-Brit has been working hard on her Femme Fattale tour, but a girl has to find time to relax, right??

And when she finds that time in her busy schedule, she likes to pick up her copy of Don Miguel Ruiz' The Mastery of Love!!

The spiritual self-help book is aimed to free readers of societal programming on what love is supposed to be and remember that real love is already inside all of us. So when readers do find that special someone, they're prepared to waltz through the relationship with a happy heart and a peaceful mind.

She says of the read:

It's basically an analysis of love and what it means to love. It goes through all the different aspects of love – who you are as a person, knowing yourself before you even attempt to love anyone else, that sort of thing. It's really well-written and thought-provoking.

Girl! We know people who have read this too, and they all gush about it!! Glad you're getting the gospel too! Ha!

[Image via Stephanie Methven/WENN.]

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14 comments to “What Has Britney Spears Been Reading These Days??”

  1. 1

    Brit is not reading it, people read to her :D

  2. 2

    she reads?????

  3. 3

    If It/she is supposed to be a fantasy…It looks like it got Zombified and morphed into a NIGHTMARE. I will say the Kardashians have old trashed her so…

  4. 4

    er…should be "out trashed her"…

  5. 5

    I was not aware that Brit Brit was even capable of reading, let alone giving such an eloquently worded statement. Hmm, she certainly seems mentally competent here…

  6. 6

    Hopefully lots of diet books Mommas look'in chunky….

  7. 7

    looks like the diet of cheetos and fries is finally showing up…really cant figure out why she is even an 'artist' - she cant sing and does not write her own songs I mean..WTF?

  8. 8

    Why do female artists nowadays think they have to wear these ridiculous outfits?

  9. 9

    i wonder who wrote that statement for her? I'm guessing it's not the same person who told a 30 yr old southern fried chunkster to dress like a $3 hooker.

  10. 10

    Re: HoneyBadgerGirl – Oh get over yourself, she is not a "chunkster" as you so eloquently put it but she DOES dress like a $3 hooker. What the hell is up with that costume and those gawdawful boots she always wears?

  11. 11

    She IS a chunkster!! Why are her boobs so weird?

  12. 12

    Re: teabaggy – Because they sag like a wet diaper and that top is OBVIOUSY ill fitting.

  13. 13

    Re: Anabella Smart – and you can read all by yourself bc you're a big girl now! Good for you!

  14. 14

    Re: kirknyc24 – Like you don't eat fries!