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X Factor Wins Wednesday; I Hate My Teenage Daughter Debuts Solid

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hate my teenage daughter

They can totally thank programming.

Placed right after X Factor, the new FOX comedy I Hate My Teenage Daughter held it's own in the ratings pool Wednesday night.

They held 6.84 million viewers captive, earning them a 2.8 demo rating for the night.

That's not too shabby! Especially for a new Fox show! But X Factor swill won with the largest audience of the night — 11 million!

Did U watch it? Whatcha think??

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9 comments to “X Factor Wins Wednesday; I Hate My Teenage Daughter Debuts Solid”

  1. 1

    I will never support anything on TV with the name Hate on it.
    When is "I hate my Gay son" coming to TV????

  2. 2

    This show is super funny! LOVE IT!

  3. 3

    Yes I think anything with that strong words ' hate ' is something that we should be not trying to promote it these days. ' X ' factor , I'm done with that… too much sad histories and crying crap that I'm tired to watch those type of reality shows !

  4. 4

    loved it……….

  5. 5

    This show was crap……we have enough problems with this generation "ME" not having respect for others without Hollywood making a show with two mothers who let their daughters run the house……

    Oh, and I love how both ex-husbands had exciting jobs like a rock star and golf pro…..really.

  6. 6

    The USA Needs more shows that are not shitty talent/beauty competitions.

  7. 7

    What a horrible title for a show. If that is meant to set the stage for the humour, I'll pass- it can' t possibly be funny.

  8. 8

    I laughed my ass off!!! It's funny! Hope they find a way to keep it that way!

  9. 9

    I found it funny and America needs to get over its self. This country is on a downward hill. You can't express anything these days without people feeling this is not ok. Have you ever watched UK tv shows they are the real and I love them. We are all different and this nothing to be ashamed of. Im just sick of they small minded people in this country get over it people.