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Kardashian Divorce Getting Uglier! Guess Who's Wanting To Sue Kris Humphries Now??!!!

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jonathan cheban kris humphries

This year's Santa Ana winds have nothing on the winds of Kris Humphries' sh*tstorm!!

Amidst all the negative frenzy the divorce has already caused, it looks like his side is about to get even messier!

While he deals with the legal matters of the divorce, he's about to be suffer the wrath of Jonathan Cheban.

Audiences have always watched Jonathan cheer Kim Kardashian in the series, but they've never seen much of his personal life. Even on The Spin Crowd, he kept it mostly business.

But Kris, as aloof as he seems to be, decided to call Jon's privacy out by questioning his sexuality ON CAMERA! And since the show is aired internationally, Jonathan fears reputation damage. So he's looking to sue! BIG TIME!

Jonathan's friend reports:

Kris uses some seriously ugly and homophobic language. Jonathan was offended. He is not gay and Kris' comments were derogatory, a slur against his character, and given it's being broadcast on a program that airs internationally, it has the potential to cause serious damage to Jonathan's reputation.

There is a huge fight in the episode, between Jonathan and Kris. Kris repeats the slur, over and over again, so much so that Jonathan stops talking to Kris at one point during the series. The bottom line is Jonathan is not gay. This just goes to show how ignorant and immature Kris was during his marriage to Kim.

Oooh, Kris! What have you gotten yourself into now??? We wonder if the naked yoga instructor is going to sue you too!!!

[Image via C.Smith/WENN.]

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92 comments to “Kardashian Divorce Getting Uglier! Guess Who's Wanting To Sue Kris Humphries Now??!!!”

  1. 1

    I wished I could sue people everytime they call me names or curse at me, i would be rich!

  2. 2

    god hes worse than the Kardashians themselves

  3. 3

    I assume this was said on the Kardashian show. If it's such an issue, why wouldn't they just edit it out of the show? Has it even been aired yet? If not, this is ridiculous.

  4. 4

    Really? Everyone in the spotlight has their sexuality questioned by people at some point. The price of fame. This guy seems like a crybaby.
    Also, I just saw a magazine cover at the store that said something like "Kim claims Kris is gay" or something along those lines. So they can say what they want and he can't say anything?

  5. 5

    a little defensive, don't you think?

  6. 6

    I love how surprised you are about the "privacy of being gay". This coming from YOU who has pulled many unwilling celebrity stars out of the closet? You are such a hypocrite…I think I'm done with this site

  7. 7

    I guess he didn't feel like asking Kim to edit it out like she did for all her bad moments. This sounds like he wanted it aired so he could sue. Douchebags…I'm actually on Kris' side on this.

  8. 8

    I had no idea Jonathan claimed to be straight until I heard about this whole Kris debacle. And if Kim was such a good friend, wouldn't she have taken it out of the show?

  9. 9

    I thought it was ok to be gay? If so, how would his reputation be damaged? He does look gay, just sayin.

  10. 10

    On the Spin Crowd, this guy actually harrassed a female employee to get her lips plumped becuz, he said "she is homely". Glass houses buddy….

  11. yeez says – reply to this


    Re: Demode – They HAVE to air it because Kimmie HAS to come across as the biggest victim of all time even if it means hurting someone that is supposedly her best friend.

  12. 12

    WTF? I seriously thought Jonathan was gay lol and I thought that long before Kris said anything (I don't watch that shit anymore) And if you don't want your business aired out don't participate in a damn reality show, jesus, not that hard to do

  13. BZT says – reply to this


    Jonathan is gay and the fact he is claiming he is not is assinine.Kris shouldn't use ignorant slurs, that was disgusting, but how is being gay going to ruin his reputation? Do his clients care one way or other? Agree with everyone who asked why the hell KK didnt edit it out? Did his clients really think he was straight?

  14. 14

    Why didn't the KARTRASHCANS EDIT IT OUT? He should be suing E. I would never be w/ a HOMOPHOBE, she knew him a lot longer than the few days they were married.

  15. 15

    I hope a Native American group sues Kim's mom for her racist and derogatory comments that she made on TV. That should be worth at least 5 million or so. Oh, and for the record, Jonathan Cheban is totally gay.

  16. 16

    Re: ediepen
    I always assumed he was out and proud. Shame on him for saying it is such a bad thing for "being seen as a homosexual."

  17. 17

    Kris is lucky to be out. Now that the Kardashian Klan are officially the new and dying Speidi, Kris must be thinking he dodged a smegma-filled bullet.

  18. 18

    WTF? This guy isn't gay?! Uh….I have always assumed that he clearly seemed to be Kim's gay best friend. He's so flamboyant! Now I'm really confused…

  19. 19

    Jonathan is just trying to save Kim's brand and he'll end up looking like a manipulating fool..just like the Kardashian's. Jonathan will end up regretting it.

  20. 20

    DAMNZ the KK-Klan must be paying you big bucks Mario to trap Kris H like an insect

  21. 21

    Tram Kris. Ban K and Petez. Its all stupid crap and this guy needs attention, after all, his FRIEND Kk isnt getting any nor is her bank account growing. You know the KKlan is doing the same shit. Drama, drama, drama..annual it KH. She lied to everyone!

  22. 22

    Re: juicee_j – rotflmao….she needs to sue!

  23. 23


  24. 24

    who cares about these two fucking nobodies. ps he is so gay and so unattractive

  25. 25

    Re: Demode – I assume you are referring to Kris Kardashian saying Kim was not an 'Indian giver'. Come on, now… You can't really believe Kris could be sued for using this phrase. The term is used by school children to describe a person who gives something to someone and then asks for it back. It has nothing to do with being a Native American. You KNOW how completely idiotic this claim is or you would have cited it specifically in your post. Let's not waste each other's time here and get to the REAL issues at hand when it comes to race. The fact that you are trying to push this issue as a racial injustice is just insulting to the real injustices out there.

  26. 26

    Does this guy Jonathan really want to go down this road? Let's make one thing very clear, Kris H has a TON of money to investigate him. He will also be signing a Multi-Million dollar contract any day now. Does Kris H get to counter sue when it comes out he is actually gay.

  27. 27

    Isn't it interesting that PH is concerned about someone's privacy when he used to regulary "out" people!!
    Also got to love that he is now a punk and shuts off comments.

  28. kj591 says – reply to this


    how defensive is this crap? he's not gay. hes not gay. bottom line hes not gay hes definitely not gay. if he isnt gay than im lady fucking gaga

  29. 29

    Jonathon: another product of the Excitement! channel and C-Krest. Your over inflated ego is a product of too much time spent with the K Trashians. Please go away with your "besties". You will be missed just as much as the K-Trash machine. By the way, why would you fear the label of Gay? So what? Is it slander? Mario…where is your outrage; how dare Jonathon fear the Gay label?

  30. 30

    Jonathan may not be gay but he is a bitch! I don't believe this anyway. He could have went to the producers and had all that edited out.

  31. 31

    He's straight? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. 32

    Who cares if someone thinks he's gay?

  33. 33

    Gosh Perez, you make it too obvious!. We all know you are on Kim side because Jenner pays you!. But lets leave aside that. YOU were the one who not many months ago bashed an actor because he didnt want to declare to be gay since it was going to ruin his reputation… and yet, you are here defending the "privacy" of someone?. Come on!. You even were the one who many times got Ricky Martin out of the closet while he was still denying it!.

  34. 34

    OMG! just leave Kris alone like seriously! That is such a stupid reason to sue him. ughhh!

  35. 35

    I've got a question: should Jonatan be suing Kim instead?!?!?! Why you ask???? well here is a quote from your "Kim Kardashian MORTIFIED Watching Kirs Humphries' Behavier" post:

    "As soon as E! finished shooting Kim and Kourtney Take New York, they sent over the footage to Kim Kardashian for review."

    "She's not an executive producer, but somehow she has full editorial control. She chooses what does and doesn't go on air."

    Even though Kris asked the question isn't Kim to blame for having final say in what goes into the show???????????

  36. 36

    Oh puh-leeeeease! They're doing anything they can to make this failed "marraige" Kris' fault. The reality is that the Kardashians are a machine, eventually Kim's perky ass will drop and she will be a nobody, then none of these people that are her "friends" will need her and she will become (thankfully) irrelivant.

  37. 37

    If the gay guy's gonna sue anyone, it should be KimK since SHE'S the one who decides what's editted in her Krappy show.

  38. Sgirl says – reply to this


    There is no way on earth this guy is not gay. What a fool. If it is such a big deal why do they need to air it. Get over yourself HOMO!

  39. 39

    Hahaha this ridiculously stupid & probably another story the kardahians paid you to post. I love ya but I don't get you sometimes, first you were posting all these stories talking bad about her & now all of sudden you are on Let's Make Kris look horrible campaign. They must have you in their pockets, disappointing. Anyways suing him would be stupid. Umm Jonathan chose to be on the show so his life is no longer private. Second, E network are the ones who film the show edit the show, distribute the show and airs the show therefore, if anything he should sue them & not Kris although, his words may have been offensive, he is not the one who has control of how the show is distributed. If he wants to go after someone for his reputation being tarnished he should go after E & the people behind KKTNY DUH!!! This story sounds like BULL & if it be true I think Kris would come out victorious on this one.

  40. 40

    This Jonathan bitch seems like a bigger fame whore than the K-Klan. Get over it. The show has clearly been edited to make Kris seem like Satan, and Kim and her friends/family look like the innocent victims.

  41. 41

    I was afraid this was going to happen as soon as they aired the upcoming eps and you hear Kris ask Jonathan if he was gay because he never brings a girl around.

  42. 42

    Here we go another sensetive Gay person what else is knew by the way does anyone else notice that PEREZ is full of shit any chance he has to be on the Kardashians side he takes it thats not proper journalism thats called sucking the Kardashians Dick ohh sorry was that offensive too

  43. 43

    The shitstorm that fat cun*t Kim started. Rumor has it she eats her mother's turds.

  44. 44

    The rich and famous really hate it when someone doesn't kiss their arses….

    I thought he was gay, and I'm pretty sure the majority of people did too, if anything this debacle cleared things up.

    Looks like someones needs to get over themselves a bit.

  45. 45

    I'm gay and think this dude is gross. Ugly mug. Yikes!

  46. 7897 says – reply to this


    Jonathan GAYben is so F'n gay. He won't sue Kris cause a privated detective can definitly prove he's gay as hell, and ugly as fuck to boot.

  47. 47

    U guys do know this is all SPIN. this is bullshit PURPOSELY put out there BY Kim and her camp. More specifically this jonathon fuckin scumbag. He was on a show called SPIN CROWD FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!

    This is what he does for a living! So by quoting a 'friend' he gets 3 things out of it…

    1) people to think he is 'not gay'
    2) kris portrayed as a monster so the public will 'understand' kims decision to divorce
    3) more people will tune in to see what happens….

    Sometimes I hate this world we live in

  48. 48

    I don't believe for one second that that guy is not gay.

  49. 49

    Re: PhilipPreston – I agree with you, we'd have as much as those bitches.

  50. 50

    Maybe if Jonathon didn't have a dick in his mouth, he wouldn't look so gay

  51. 51

    This makes me genuinely angry. It's NOT homophobic to ask someone if they're gay. It IS homophobic to say that being gay would be a damage to your reputation and call it a 'slur'.

  52. Glen says – reply to this


    LOL….and calling Kris Gay in Star is okay as long as your not quoted right Mama Kris? I would love to see this guy win law suit because someone calling him gay damaged his reputation…reputation at what? Promoting a star who is know for a big ass and a sex tape? I think he could say you rape baby seals and it would not make you look any less of a piece of shit.

  53. 53

    Kim Kardashian is such a fucking manipulative bitch! You already know the KarTrashians set this up! Go to hell you simple whore.

  54. 54

    Is that a pitcure of Khloe Kardashian without make-up?

  55. 55

    No fucking way this guy isn't gay. So sad he's ashamed of himself.

  56. 56

    Since (1) Kris didn't edit the show and (2) this guy probably signed a waiver like everyone else, it seems that it would be Kim, her production company and E! who should be sued. People can say whatever stupid stuff they want to in their life, but it was the show that decided to air it.

  57. 57

    I bet Ralph, the yoga instructor, won't sue. He ain't a bitch.

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Funny that he's suing Kris H and not filing to get the episodes pulled off the air. Hmmmm?

  60. 60

    What's funny about this is first off dude looks and acts gay. And this little twat with his blowout thinks that calling someone "GAY" is a slur?? HOW is that a "slur"?? the word GAY is not a slur. and also whats REALLY funny is that EVERYONE knows that princess kimmie was the one to edit the footage before its shown, so why would she leave all of this in the show if she thought it would hurt her besties image as he claims it could? and also how could being gay hurt his image? his partner on the spin crowd was GAY?? everyone knows kim edited the footage to make kris look bad so we don't even know the real story behind this. and this dude is just trying to get attention and help kim with her PR drama, because HELLO he is her PR!! if anyone believes any of this bullshit then they are as fake as kims fat ass. LOLOL

  61. 61

    More spin from the trash clan

  62. 62

    Really Perez? Don't you find it awful that he's so 'offended' by being labelled a homosexual that he'd go as far as to SUE? Because apparently its so shameful and 'damaging' to be a homosexual (correction, to be CONSIDERED homosexual). Jonathon is clearly the fuck head here. You're just trying to paint Kris as a villain and im LOVING how everyone is just seeing right through you.

    By the way.. He's clearly a homosexual. I didn't even think that was a question.

  63. 63

    That Jonathan guy is cheesy. Gay or straight….who would want him? Dude is ugly and has an asshole personality.

  64. 64

    Now Kim and her lying ass family is saying Kris is gay. PLEASE make these people stop their lies. UGH! I can't take it. I'd rather have a root canal then hear any more of their lies. They will stop at nothing to keep their empire of lies going.

  65. 65

    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – Couldn't have said it better! Secondly, he is not that famous where anyone would care either way.

  66. 66

    Kris was just reading from the script, right? Isn't this one of the team that urged Kim to divorce Kris? Kris should have run off all of the hanger onners. Khloe did not return to K&K take NY after she married, why did Kim? Oh yeah, becuse Kourtney and the oh so bashed Scott can't carry their own show. So if Kim took a break and did a green acres themed show with Kris for herself, then Kourtney and all of her losers would slo be out of a job. The language was wrong, but we haven't seen anything yet. It could be just like when Kris abused Kim by bashing her about her Kake eating, lol~ FAIL. He could have just asked him if he was a homosexual, we'll have to see as the K&K Bash Kris H series Kontinues. Think about it, if Kim comitted herself to her marriage, she would have walked over hot coals to be with her HUSBAND! When will these vile people just go away?

  67. 67

    1. Perez- Quit sucking the Kardashians' teet. Its obvious you are in with them.

    2. Was Jonathan Cheban not aware that cameras were rolling when things got heated?? He should be selling E! if hes considered with his reputation, not Kris. Its not like Kris put out a public statement about Jonathan's sexuality, it was on a reality show that Kim edits. Tell her to edit it out! Idiot!!!!!!

  68. 68

    perez you're the biggest ass kisser ever. do you read these comments? if you do FUCKING LISTEN TO YOUR FANS IDIOT and stop kissing KIM'S ass

  69. 69

    LOL. Wow. That is so fucking stupid. Another whore at it's best.

  70. 70

    he has something against being called gay? he has something against gays?
    i been called gay plenty of times and im not gay but i didnt give a crap bec ause i have nothing against gays i embrace em . Let them be themselves whats all the hype about not allowing gays the life they deserve . Do the kk have something against gays is this a indicator of that. Why didnt they edit it out and he should be sueing them for leaving it in if he was worried about appearing gay being hes got a issue with it..

    so they not only destroy kris h emotionally by lying and fakeing being in love etc then they have the balls to try and destroy his reputation hes the one that should be suing them..

  71. 71

    Your take on this Perez is in direct opposition to other sites, and I wonder why that is? I'll answer my own question. Mama Whore is greasing the skids so that you paint Kris H as the bad person in the fame whoring fiasco. It's not gonna work.
    As Mama Whore tries to win back a delusional fan base by feeding ridic stories - "Kim will be alone for the holidays" (boo effin' who) - I am laughing to myself because she won't be alone IN HELL! Mama Whore, Giant Whore, and Tiny Whore will be there with her. And pushing out more spawn, Tiny, will not win the PR war.

  72. 72

    well with Kim phoning in tips to tabloids claiming Kris H is gay, it is going to make it harder for this guy to sue for 5 million dollars. I don't have a clue who this guy is but clearly he thinks he is a friend of the Kardashians. Probably as good if not better the Britnay Gastineau is. Hey buddy, you are gay, you probably hear gay slurs all the time don't be a Kardashian doll and run off and sue Kris just because Kim told u too. Another man who lost his balls to the Kardashians.

  73. 73

    Sorry in advance, but I double post on these stories because this family is just that bad. There aren't enough words to describe how much I want Kris H to bring this family down. The annulment, the story behind the plot for the show, I hope he is successful in all his endeavers to expose this family to the light of day. I hope they implode like the Wicked Witch when Dorothy threw water on her.

  74. 74

    kris h should sue krisk for saying hes a indian giver

  75. 75

    I can't believe this shit even though I thought he was gay too! He's an asshole, and I still feel really bad for Kris. I'm sure fucking Kim was just so fun he had no idea what kind of black hole he was getting sucked into! These ppl are toxic. I hope this lawsuit goes nowhere.

  76. 76

    Dumb. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If I had a dollar for everytime someone called me a name……Get a life Jonathan.

  77. 77

    I think jonathan is having an identity crisis… Its ok to be gay. Just admit it. AND the karadashians are talentless people famous of their daughters sex tape… OH AMERICA.

  78. KHL says – reply to this


    I always thought he was gay. and as said before whats wrong with been gay. Sometimes when someone tells the truth it hurts and if anyone looked at spin city or whatever its called would see that he is an ass hole and up his own ass

  79. 79

    OMG! Jon Jon is doing this to protect his relationship with Kim Kardashian. What a sad desperate act of a pathetic loser. We heard Kim K accuse Jon Jon of using her too. There relationship is on the outs. So this is his act of obedient dog. It makes me sick. Get a spine you whip boy.

  80. 80

    If Jon Jon's eyes were any closer together, he would be a cyclops. Everyone in the World thought he was gay. And the show is scripted by Kim!!! If Jon Jon cares so much about his reputation, sue the producer or the editor. Ryan Seacrest or Kim Kardashian. He only cares about looking good to Kim Kardashian. SUCK UP. Brown Noser. Whipping Boy. Fraudulent lawsuits are illegal and Kris Humphries should sue the pants of JON JON for this obviously fraudulent lawsuit.

  81. 81

    I hope reality TV dies down soon. I'm getting so bored of reading about all these people I have no idea about.

  82. 82

    Shut up already Cheban you are garbage as well as your BFFs the Kardashians…you just want to distract the press with your idiotic comments….go away already…you are such an idiot

  83. 83

    I believe perez is biased on this one for obvious reasons, however I did not and do not watch the show so I don't know what happened.

  84. 84

    I already thought he was gay, it's not going to ruin his representation. I wish people wouldn't sue for stupid things. That's why the court system sucks in the US

  85. 85

    No wonder I RARELY come to this site, YOU WON'T POST MY COMMENTS! It's nothing bad either

  86. 86

    Dang, the whole family Unfollowed Hump, except for pimpmom…she's gotta keep her eye on him & get ready for another lawsuit, betcha!

  87. 87

    Oh please Rene zellweger tried to start the gay rumors too. Then in that case Kim K definitely can't prove it wasn't fraud! Homosexuality is fraud and a reason to get an annulment then Kris Humphries can tell the truth. Kim never wanted an annulment thats a bold face lie. Her attorneys said it was negate the pre-nup and she wld have to get a divorce.
    Kim has been sponsoring and editing anti-gay comments on her show since day one. Jonathan Cheban is angry because Kris Humphries asked if he is gay and wants to sue. Kim allowed all the negative gave press on her show.
    The naked yoga teacher said it was all a setup for upset Kris. Done by Kim K herself.
    Brittny Spears was popular too once, as was Bruce Jenner, as was Michael Jackson, Jessica Simpson. They have all had there day. The Kardashians get 5 years on them and no one is going to care about a bunch of old ladies.
    Kim K and Jonathan Cheban were offended because Kris Humphries asked if Jonathan was gay. All the gays should be offended. Why aren't you offended, Perez? Why aren't all the gays suing Jonathan and Kim. Kim's show, which she edits, is hurting a whole lot of gays and their perception as an insult to the people.

  88. 88

    Well I'm on TEAM HUMPHRIES… Whether Kris is a sarcastic bastard or not that doesn't make him the bad guy…This is another angle to make him look bad.. not going to work with me. After the naked Yoga Instructor this family has go too far that was disgusting to the max!!! Kris has every right to be disgusted and not want to be apart of the K Family they are a bunch of idiots. Do you actually think us as the public would enjoy that episode with the Naked guy.. GROSS!! and Poor Scott if I was him I would have an affair or two too or just leave the bitch .. You can't treat a man like that and expect him to stick around Kourtney come on letting your kid sleep with you every night and having Scott in another room… You need help girl you have very serious issues you need to clear up.. no man should be subject to your thinking and expect him to live that way

  89. 89

    Obviously, Kris was a jerk, but I'm still not understanding how Kim fell in love with him. That's why you get to know people before you marry them.

  90. 90

    Since Kim is a producer of the show, why would she knowingly ALLOW such an offensive slur to be aired in the first place? Kris was in the wrong to start with,but Kim had the power to stop the scene from airing. Maybe Jon should choose his friends more wisely.

  91. 91

    Isn't Kris gay? Or did Kim just make that claim? I wish he were gay…Kris Humphries is so freaking hot! He is like a big beefy buck. Yum!

  92. 92

    I find it more than understandable that Kris is angry at the deception, Kim clearly wanted Reggie and made Kris pay for not being him afterwards by not having her heart into the marraige at all.
    Since she was clearly the one going into the marraige with less than honourable truth in her vows to Kris, she should at the very least return everything he gave her believing she was to become his wife, give him an annulment rather than a divorce since no 'real marraige' actually took place or accept the monocure of Fraud Queen 2011